Pumped press always looks amazing

The ideal figure depends to a large extent on thewhat condition are the muscles of the abdominal cavity. Therefore, the question of how to pump up a clear press, recently asked more often. In addition, performing a set of exercises, you can keep your body in proper tonus.

What exercises can I perform

inflated press

There is the following series of exercises, with which you will get a pumped press.

  1. Lifting the legs. This exercise will become a basic one, since it does notonly helps to improve the form of the press, but it has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. To perform the lifts of the feet it is necessary to settle on the floor. Hands should lie freely along the trunk. After this, you should begin lifting the legs at an angle of 45 degrees. Legs can not bend, they should always remain straight. For starters, there will be enough two approaches ten times, but with time, the load needs to be increased. With this exercise, you can ensure that you have a pumped press.
  2. Twisting. In order to proceed with thisexercise, you need to take a reclining position, hands to put under your head, pre-connecting them together, legs bend at the knees. Then you need to twist your body. In this case, the waist should be fixed, and the shoulder blades must be raised from the floor. Exercise should be done in two approaches. Ideally, you need to make up to 50 twists per approach, but beginners can reduce the number of twists. With the help of this exercise you will find the answer to the question of how to pump the upper press.how to pump a clear press
  3. Diagonal twisting. This exercise gives a big load on the slantingmuscle. It is recommended for those who are also going to give proper load to the entire group of oblique muscles. The position in this exercise will be the same as for the usual twisting. But at the same time it is necessary to make the slopes so that the right elbow touches the left knee and vice versa. The main difference between these exercises will be the fact that with normal twisting the body rises straight, and when diagonal - at an angle. But the pumped press should be perfect, and the oblique muscles play a big role in this.
  4. Lower twisting. This exercise is necessary for those who do not know how topump the lower part of the abdominal muscles. To begin the exercise, you must take the original position: you have to lie on the floor, hands freely positioned along the body. After that, you have to start lifting your legs off the floor, without bending at the knees. We must try to raise them as vertically as possible. Then you need to maximally tear the pelvis off the floor. This exercise is considered quite heavy, and beginners will have to start it from 5-7 times per approach.

A little in conclusion

how to pump the upper press

It is not recommended to do exercises every day,so as not to overstrain the muscles. In addition to exercises for the press, you can do aerobics and jogging. It is also recommended to monitor the correctness of food. And if you want to have a pumped press, then you need to approach the training regularly. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve any effect.

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Pumped press always looks amazing Pumped press always looks amazing Pumped press always looks amazing Pumped press always looks amazing Pumped press always looks amazing Pumped press always looks amazing Pumped press always looks amazing Pumped press always looks amazing