Pumpkin seeds. The benefits of pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds: properties

Pumpkins grow in tropical and subtropical climatic conditions. Homeland pumpkin is Latin America. Initially, they were used only for medical purposes in the manufacture of drugs fortifying action.

They were widely distributed in Eastern Europe and in Mexico. Even there is a Mexican sauce "Mole", which contains this product. Today, pumpkins are grown in almost all countries of the world.

It has long been noticed that pumpkin seeds contain many valuable elements. They are edible. Have an oval flat shape. Approximately 0.5-1.2 cm in length. Covered with a solid white shell. Used ripened, cleaned and dry.

Spheres of use of sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds are used both raw and fried, calcined in the oven, adding cinnamon, salt or sugar. Exposure to heat kills up to 50% of the useful elements.Pumpkin seeds

Grinding the seeds in raw form with water makes it possible to get something like milk. By taste it is similar to sesame or almond. Seeds are also suitable for cooking oil. It has a strong smell, so it is mixed with other species. Oil color becomes reddish or dark green. This oil has become widespread in Eastern Europe.

Composition of the product

Pumpkin seeds have their own ingredients: fatty oil up to 40%, essential oil, cucurbitol, resinous substances, organic acids, vitamins C and B1 up to 0.2%, carotene 20%.

Specialists called them a “small pharmacy”, because they contain a lot of useful substances that are necessary for the health of the body: protein, fiber, manganese, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, glutamic acid, calcium, selenium, potassium, folic acid. They also contain vitamin E, iron, zinc, choline, lutein, tryptophan, dietary fiber, and all this in its natural form.Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds: properties

This seemingly simple product can be called invaluable to the human body. The benefits of pumpkin seeds are indisputable. All elements contained in the product are able to regulate the activity of many body systems.

Pumpkin seeds have a beneficial effect on the state of the cardiovascular system.They strengthen the vascular walls and make them elastic, prevent the occurrence of cholesterol plaques, improve blood counts, positively affect the work of the heart muscle, stabilize blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels. Linoleic acid strengthens the arteries.The benefits of pumpkin seeds

Seeds have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, eliminating such an unpleasant phenomenon as constipation. They contribute to proper intestinal motility, help people who suffer from an aerobic disease. They are advised to use those who are prone to air and seasickness, as well as for motion sickness in transport. They perfectly remove toxicosis in pregnant women, eliminate the feeling of nausea.

Qualitative composition

Along with the B vitamins, they normalize the activity of the higher nervous system. The nervous system calms down, such psychological indicators as memory and attention are improved. In China, it is believed that the seeds are able to bring a person out of a depressive state.

Pumpkin Seeds Properties

The zinc contained in the seeds has an effect on the urogenital sphere of men and women. Thanks to this element in the body of a man, the hormone testosterone is produced. Lack of it causes infertility.It affects the reproductive system of women, being an excellent blocker of cervical cancer. According to doctors, pumpkin seed oil is very effective in treating the symptoms of prostate adenoma. It acts on the prostate by forming hormonal damage, thereby preventing the degeneration of this disease into a malignant form.

How can I improve health with a pumpkin?

Sprouted pumpkin seeds are advised to use when problems with urination.
Lack of zinc causes a disorder in the sexual development of adolescents, a rash on the skin of acne and an increase in blood cholesterol levels.sprouted pumpkin seeds

Scientists have concluded that a sufficient amount of zinc in the human body insures him against such problems as alcoholism. Zinc actively promotes insulin production.
Obesity is due in part to a zinc deficiency. Glucose is transformed not into energy, but into body fat.

A lot of zinc in the green peel of the seeds. The value of this element in maintaining health is enormous. Thanks to zinc, skin, nails and hair become beautiful. Without the required amount of zinc, the immune system is disturbed.With its shortage, new immune cells no longer form, and the old ones are not restored. With a lack of this element, people are prone to early aging, and children and adolescents - slow physical development. The human body is not able to produce zinc alone. The shortage can be compensated by the intake of food containing this necessary element.

Pumpkin seeds: treatment

Cucurbitin contributes to the expulsion of internal parasites from the body. For a person, it is absolutely safe, but for worms it turns out to be destructive. Kukurbitin paralyzes the nervous system of parasites, causing their death. The daily use of raw sunflower seeds protects the person from harmful organisms.

Doctors parasitologists often advise their patients to take 100 g of the product in the morning on an empty stomach, washing it down with water. The advantages of this method are that the seeds are a natural product and do not irritate the gastric mucosa.

Regenerative and antiseptic properties of pumpkin

Seeds have a beneficial effect on the healing of burn wounds. As a remedy for burns, dermatitis and wounds, traditional medicine proposes to make gruel from fresh pumpkin seeds.To this end, the seeds are crushed, wrapped in gauze, folded in two layers, and applied to the affected area. Within an hour, the pain begins to subside, and the wound heals.Pumpkin seeds treatment

Patients suffering from inflammatory processes in the joints and osteoporosis, feel a noticeable relief when included in the diet of this product. Seeds contribute to the restoration of bone tissue. Unlike drugs, do not cause undesirable effects.

Ways of use and storage

Seeds are best consumed dried. They can be prepared at home. Take the seeds, spread them on a tray and dry. On the tray it is necessary to lay the paper. When you feel that they have reached the desired state, they should be placed in a glass dish. Fabricated bags are also used for these purposes. Do not use cellophane. In it, the seeds will spoil.

When buying seeds and pumpkin flour, one should pay attention to an important fact: the seeds should not be cleared of the upper green skin, and the flour usually has a greenish color, which is a sure sign of the usefulness of the seeds.

Culinary Tips

Pumpkin seeds are able to diversify your menu. They fill the fried or steamed vegetables. Fresh vegetable salads will also acquire a unique taste if you add a few seeds to them.

You can make a great sauce. To do this, chop the seeds, add grated garlic and finely chopped cilantro and parsley. All this must be filled with olive oil and add lemon juice.

Contraindications to the use

To all of the above, add some contraindications to the use of seeds. Doctors do not recommend to eat pumpkin seeds for people suffering from high acidity of the stomach, as well as with various forms of intestinal obstruction.

For some people, pumpkin causes allergies. In the case of individual intolerance is also not worth the risk.

Consuming large amounts of sunflower seeds can cause negative effects on the joints, caries and obesity.

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