Recipe for homemade chocolates

Sweets like everything!Even people, contemptuously wrinkling their nose and declaring that sweets - this is for children and girls, will necessarily intercept at times a candy-another. It's just so nice to eat sweets that you can not resist. This is not necessarily the gingerbread house "Hansel" and "Gretel", behind the hospitable façade of which lies the wily sorceress. And not even oriental sweets, under which captivating "Scheherazade" leads you into the web of their stories, so skillfully and skillfully that you do not want to get out.

What they will not want to give up is nonepovreda - it's homemade sweets. The stores now have a huge assortment and the eyes "scatter" from the proposed choice, sweets and sweets of any make a screaming look at us from the shelves. It's good when a person has an alternative, but at the same time, this choice can cause satiety. And what is done in your kitchen, with love and joy, will never be bored. And even more so, if you can choose the recipe for homemade chocolates that your whole family will love, and at any moment you will please them and your sweethearts. And making candy at home is actually much more accessible and easier than you might think.

The first option is useful.

This recipe for home sweets goes back toAncient Egypt, where such a sweetness was invented for the first time. Instead of sugar, the Egyptians used dates and honey. In our time for these sweets will need 150 grams of figs, prunes, dates, dried apricots, raisins - any dried fruits. A little honey, a tablespoon high. For sprinkling, prepare a mixture of 150 grams of sesame and 300 g of coconut shavings. Dried fruits and soaked in boiling water for 20 minutes, after which we crush them in a blender at the slowest speed. From the mass we roll small balls, roll them in a sprinkler, put in the refrigerator for an hour and after that we are pleased with tasty and useful candy. All is ready!

The second option is gentle.

butter - 30 gr;

200 grams of milk and powdered sugar;

2 tablespoons honey;

a little vegetable oil.

Honey, butter, milk, pour into a saucepan, puton a small fire and not for long to cook, stirring constantly. The mixture should thicken and be seasoned. In the ice molds, lubricated with oil, pour our mass and put in the refrigerator immediately after they have become stiff.

The third option is chocolate. This recipe for homemade sweets is simple, you can even attract a child as an assistant. Take:

1 cup of milk powder;

3 tablespoons cocoa;

5 tablespoons Sahara;

butter about 30 g;

5 tablespoons milk.

Cocoa, butter, milk and sugar are mixed and seton the fire. Stir until it melts. After that, add the milk powder. The mixture should be difficult to mix, if it is liquid - you need to add more milk powder. Mass cool, nalepit candies, you can call for a company of the child, children usually like such pursuits. Make sure that he does not eat too early. Put chocolate candy for an hour in the fridge. The recipe is simple, as you can see, and the dessert will turn out to be unusually tasty.

The fourth option is from condensed milk.

1 can of condensed milk;

crispy biscuits - 400gr;

butter - 100gr;

a little cocoa, you can use nuts or dried fruits as a filling.

We scroll on the meat grinder our cookies, orslightly grind in a blender. We add condensed milk and melted butter. The mixture is very easy to mold, you can roll up stuffing there - nuts or dried fruits, and give candies any shape. This recipe for homemade sweets is also easy to perform - enough to hide them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

Here are just a few options that you canto take oneself into service. King Louis XV for his throne speech was presented with a huge dish of sweets in 1715. He was only five years old, and he deserved such a gift. But regardless of age, everyone can be pampered with a royal treat.

Now you know how to make candy at home. It is enough only desire and several recipes.

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