Red Currant Wine

One of the most common alcoholdrinks made at home not from grapes, is considered to be red currant wine, due to the wide spread of this berry. It is well fermented, it turns out a beautiful ruby ​​color, peculiar and semi-sweet to taste. A distinctive feature of this drink, prepared independently, will be its 100% naturalness. Home-made wine from red currant is characterized by not very pronounced aroma, therefore it is accepted to blend with other more aromatic wines: cherry, blackcurrant, raspberry, etc. Its main advantage is exclusively natural bacteria for fermentation, which are found in the berries themselves.

Preliminary it is necessary to prepare the leaven. In order to make the wine from the red currant rich and delicious, we need the berries of raspberry and dogrose for the starter. We will need half a glass of sugar and dog rose and 1 tbsp. raspberries. The berries are not mine, so that the yeast fungi in them begin the process of fermentation. Fill all with water and leave, covering with several layers of gauze, for about 3 days. Periodically it will be necessary to stir the ferment. The gauze will not allow the entry of small midges, and at the same time, access to oxygen will be provided.

After 3 days we prepare the must. We dissolve in 3 liters. boiling water 2 kg of sugar and leave to cool. Unwashed currant in an amount of 5 kg is crushed in a combine. Note that there is no need to separate the stems from the berries, they will also go into the common flesh. You can use a wooden mortar. Meat grinder to make wine from red currant, do not use it, unpleasant aftertaste from its metal can spoil the drink. In the crushed berries, add the cooled sugar syrup and leaven.

We wrap the container with future wine with gauze inseveral layers. For convenience, it can be fixed with a linen band. Avoiding mold on the surface, the contents should be mixed several times a day. After 8 days filter the wort. To do this, we use a non-metallic colander and then pass it through the gauze again.

The remaining berry mash is well squeezed throughgauze, she will also go to wine from red currant. After filtering the must, we pour it into the bottle, close it with a lid and cover the edges with plasticine to prevent air ingress. Now we'll make an impromptu hydraulic seal. To do this, put a plastic tube in the center of the lid, put the second end in a jar of water. After 2-3 days, an active fermentation process will take place, and gas bubbles will flow into the water through the tube.

During the whole time the bottle is necessaryperiodically shaken. After 40 days, the home-made red currant wine is drained, filtered, poured into bottles, closed and set in a cool place. The wine will be ready in two months.

Having medicinal properties, berry bushesblack currant in the view does not need. It grows almost in every dacha or garden. It has fragrant and fragrant not only fruits, but also leaves. Thanks to the abundance of useful medicinal properties, pleasant and strong aroma, it is widely used in winemaking and cooking. Prepared with your own hands homemade wine made from black currant, has a delicate flavor with a pleasant taste. You can prepare it in a slightly different way, different from the previous one.

To do this you will need 3 kg of black berriescurrants. Go through, wash is not required. Grind it in the combine. Fill it in a 10-liter. bottle, adding 3 kg of sugar. Boiled water will need about 7 liters. Leave to ferment in a dark place, away from direct sun rays, putting a rubber glove on the neck and tying an elastic band.

The glove will dial the air, neatly, so that itsDo not tear, pierce 1 finger and release the collected air. If you do not do this, instead of wine, you will get vinegar. A prerequisite is to comply with the temperature regime of +22 - +24 ° C. Homemade wine from black currant will be ready in 3 - 4 months, merge it and put it on a cool place of the day for 3 for clarification. The longer the drink will stand, the stronger will be its degree.

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