Winter overalls "Reyma": customer reviews

Reima products in Russia have been known for a very long time. It can be called the most popular winter clothing for children. The climate in many regions of Russia is unstable. In winter, frosts can be replaced by wet snow, puddles - snowdrifts. These drops adversely affect health. This is especially true of children. For them, you need to pick up winter and demi-season clothes that can be comfortable, regardless of the vagaries of nature. Children's winter overalls "Reyma", reviews of which are given in the article below, this is exactly what every caring mother dreams of. They are able to perfectly warm the baby, not constraining his movements and not causing sweating, which helps to avoid various colds ailments.raim overalls reviewsMany people know about the advantages of Reims. Overalls of this brand are incredibly popular, as they are reliable, durable, waterproof, closed on all sides, equipped with a comfortable hood. New technologies make it possible to create modern materials, thanks to which the clothes made from them become unique.So, at first glance, the Reim’s winter coveralls are too thin in the feedback from consumers, as clothes that can perfectly warm a child in winter. Overalls are both breathable and windproof.

Difference of overalls

In the overalls "Reyma-Tech", reviews of which it is difficult to find negative, there is a membrane. In the series "Kiddo" and "Kezhual" it is missing.


The TEK series can be spring-summer, winter and demi-season. For example, Reims jumpsuit (down 60, feather 40), reviews of which are only the best, more suitable for winter. The numbers show the percentage of natural ingredients in the filler. In the models "spring-summer" it is missing.

Winter models go from + 10 to -30. "Demi-Reim" is not suitable for winter, because there is no filler in it. Such models are created to protect the baby not from the cold, but from puddles.lassie raim romper reviews

The entire line of the brand is divided into "Kezual" (high-quality, gryaze-, water-repellent fabrics, etc.) and "Reymatek" (membrane fabrics that also have mud-, water-repellent properties, while "breathing").

The dimension of winter overalls "Reyma", reviews of which are easy to find today, are divided as follows: "Kei Baby" - up to 98 cm, and "Kezhual Kids" - up to 152 cm child's height. Fabrics are applied exactly the same.

It should be borne in mind that the label indicates the smallest height of the child, which should be so that the baby does not "drown" in the overalls. They are more than the size indicated on the label by 6 centimeters (if the size is 80, then we add 6) - this refers to Casual overalls. In the "TEC" and at all you need to add 7-8 cm.

In the winter overalls "Reyma" (reviews about them, as mentioned above, are given at the end of the article) there is a subsection "Kiddo" - models with the lower part, made of a more water-repellent fabric.

The fabric itself “Kezhual” has a huge number of species (it depends on the content of polyurethane, which is responsible for the level of water resistance, strength, etc.). All this information is always indicated in the fabric description on the labels.

Let us consider in more detail varieties of overalls.


Reviews of overalls "Reyma" (winter) Reimatec say that it is comfortable for children to be in them regardless of their age. Structure: heater: polyester. Top Reimatec, Cordura - high-strength polyamides. Temperature: up to -25 ° C, subject to layering. Traditional sports styles. In the pants there are no internal seams, thereby increasing the water resistance and wear resistance. Washable plastic straps. Durable fabric, one hundred percent impermeability to wind and water.Most models are not designed hood: no sinks, open throat.winter raim overalls reviews

Reviews about overalls "Reyma Tech" on the down say about the following:

  1. Glued seams do not let the water through.
  2. Windproof and waterproof overalls.
  3. Have a detachable hood.
  4. Equipped with a large number of reflective parts.
  5. They have detachable strips.
  6. In the trouser legs and overalls there is no internal seam.

Reimatec +

Perhaps this is the same as the usual Reimatec, but from a much more durable material. In jumpsuits, the lower parts are made of Duraplus material.

Reimatec X

Model "Reima Tech X" is a product intended for skiing. All parts are exactly laser cut, have ultrasonic treated seams, waterproof zippers.

Reima casual

Such overalls “Reimo”, reviews of which are quite good, belong to casual clothes (not sportswear). The insulation here is polyester (100 g in trousers, 150 g in a jacket), high water resistance (from 3000 mm jacket, from 8000 mm trousers), taped seams, polyurethane impregnation. Non-membrane clothing, does not require any special layers. Sports and urban - more interesting design.More suitable for heat-loving and less mobile children.

Reima kiddo

About such overalls "Reyma" reviews say that they are made of two-layer fabric with a thin polyurethane layer, in other words, using membrane technology. It does not use a full three-layer membrane, and a two-layer. "Kiddo" - more durable and waterproof clothing than the same Casual. Kiddo’s pants are made of a different material called “Light Leaked”. In overalls, the lower parts are waterproof, while the upper ones repel water and let in air.raim overalls winter reviews

Reima fun

Reviews of overalls "Reyma Fan" say that it is comfortable casual clothing "good mood." In it, all the colors, patterns and patterns radiate a wonderful mood.


Reviews of overalls "Reyma" of this type suggest that these products are designed for the fall and warm winter. The clothes are provided with Bemberg lining. In these overalls, there is no insulation layer, but a sufficiently thick lining is used, which distinguishes them from warmer models. They are quite suitable for warm winters, but they are not designed for extreme cold.


This line was created specifically for newborns and infants. These overalls "Reyma", reviews of which are very good, more elastic, soft and flexible fabric.At Minitek, quality indicators are as high as those of Reims as a whole. The seams are taped, the backing is warmed, as crumbs often sit in the snow.

Brand information

Joint-stock company Reima appeared in the town of Kankanpää in Finland in 1944. It should be noted that the group includes Reima Oy, Reima Holding Oy, and Clothing Plus Oy. At the present moment, Reima-Tutta Oy is a large company with more than 2000 different representative offices on the entire planet. The company employs 100 people living in Finland, as well as 280 living in other countries. The largest importers of products are the Scandinavian countries, Switzerland and Russia. The main brands of overalls “Reyma”: “Lessi” (reviews about it are very favorable), TUTTA, ENSTEX, REIMATEC, YOKO, PROGRESS.raim tech overalls reviews

What is Reimatec

This windproof and waterproof material, which at the same time "breathes." From the skin, it removes moisture, while the water does not pass inside. In addition, Reimatec is a durable and stain-resistant material. On the seamy side, it is treated with polyurethane, which has micropores. Reviews of the overalls "Lessie", made from it, say that the products have high wear resistance,while they are not desirable to buy for sedentary children. Such overalls will protect in those moments when ordinary get wet from the rain and harden from the cold.

Material properties:

  • Breathable - 500 g / m2/ 24h
  • The material's water resistance is about 5000 mm (the fabric is considered waterproof with parameters not less than 3000 mm).
  • Wear resistance of 7600 turns.

Breathability is determined by measuring the passing water vapor through the fabric. The total is presented in grams per 1 meter² during the day.

The durability of the fabric is measured by Stoll test. The material during the test is subjected to friction with fine sandpaper until the threads begin to wipe and break. The result of such a test indicates the friction speed until complete damage to the sample.

Applicable materials:

  1. Kevlar is one of the most durable and reliable fabrics. It is used in extreme sports. Products from such fabric are distinguished by the best wear resistance and durability.
  2. Cordura is one of the most durable fabrics on the planet.
  3. Reimatec is a windproof, waterproof material that removes moisture. This fabric is used in models that are waterproof, in which all seams are taped with a thin film, and zippers are hidden by 2 folding flaps. Since the Reimatec fabric conducts air well, the laundry always stays dry.
  4. 3M Scotchlite is a reflective material that is used in most Reima overalls and jackets. It increases safety on the road, especially on cloudy days and at night.
  5. Reima foam padding - foam pad, which is laid in the dorsal region, shoulder and elbow of some models. The use of foam creates convenience, ease and flexibility in clothing.
  6. Reimaloft insulation is a material that creates insulation using air voids that arise between a huge amount of fine fibers. By its qualities it is tempting, needed for a more comfortable trip and a walk. Reimaloft, tested in the cold winters of Finland, is practical and easy. It is applied in all warm trousers and jackets.
  7. Thermostat is a user’s temperature controller. It dries immediately and maintains the necessary temperature conditions in the most efficient way. At the same time, “Thermostat” instantly reacts to any changes in body temperature, preventing overcooling or overheating of a person. This is due to the use of a hollow inside, a special fiber, which immediately acquires body temperature, keeping it like a thermos.

When overheating (prolonged physical exercise),when the sweat evaporates, the “Thermostat”, without absorbing moisture, enables it to easily leave the surface of the clothes, therefore in it a person always feels comfortable, dry and raim overalls reviews

The main advantages of the “Thermostat” over the other materials used in this field (for example, mixed fabrics and 100% cotton, polypropylene):

  1. Thanks to its hollow structure, it is weightless.
  2. It effectively maintains heat and is the best insulator.
  3. After washing does not shrink.
  4. It dries quickly (moisture, due to the peculiarities of the fibers, comes out without lingering).
  5. Due to the rapid drying, it prevents chills after classes.
  6. It keeps its shape well after very frequent washes.

Principle of layering

Please note that Reima Play Layers are multi-layered clothes designed for children. It was first introduced in 2008. Similar decisions were often used earlier in the adult models intended for playing sports. The main idea of ​​the concept is the functionality of several layers of clothing. In addition, each of them has its own task:

  • Moisture from the skin removes the lower layer (BASE).
  • Warms intermediate (MID).
  • Protects against cold, rain and wind external (COVER).

Some parts of things of the intermediate layer can be fastened with buttons to the top, due to which the process of dressing the baby is simplified and becomes much quicker.

Play Layers can be successfully used in the offseason. He also proved to be excellent in harsh winter conditions. The air that remains between the intermediate layers of clothing provides convenience and comfort and does not allow frost to get close to the body of the child. Moderately light and loose multi-layer linen keeps the heat more efficiently than the usual dense clothes.

Terms of use

The layers that protect from the cold are selected in a certain order - the underwear, then the intermediate and the upper. Each has its own function, which is important for a complete set of clothes.

The main principles of layering:

  1. THERMOLITE underwear for removing moisture from the skin.
  2. Microfleece for thermal insulation.
  3. The top layer protecting from dampness and wind.

Such clothes can help in many situations. Wet or wet, it cools 5 times more than dry. So, the bottom layer of clothing from the skin removes cold moisture.If desired, you can reduce or add insulating layers, which increases the heat savings. At the same time in such clothes on the skin is always a pleasant and dry feeling.children's winter raim overalls reviewsVery light and soft intermediate clothing effectively protects against cooling. For intermediate layers, it uses high-quality microfleece. On the wrong side of the fabric of the upper layer there is a membrane that provides reliable protection from the wind. At the same time, the material retains heat, allowing moisture evaporation to the outside, and therefore, suitable for difficult weather conditions.

Thermal underwear

Underwear made of THERMOLITE fabric effectively removes moisture from the skin and thereby eliminates the feeling of cold. The material retains a pleasant and dry feeling on the skin during sweating and active movement. It prevents moisture and overheating, as it instantly reacts to a change in the temperature of a person’s body.

It is worth noting that the collection, which protects the owner from moisture and cold, also includes intermediate warm clothing for wear, worn between the upper things and underwear. Using the principle of layering, you can cope with any bad weather and reliably protect yourself from the cold.

Extremely light and soft intermediate clothing provides additional protection through the use of modern high-quality Calamai material.

Children's overalls "Reyma": reviews

Reading reviews of children's overalls of this brand, one can understand that they are loved by many of our compatriots. Like many years ago, they are happy to buy their children because they are able to provide heat and dryness. Yes, and look quite decent. But each type of jumpsuit should be used according to its purpose. So, feather-feather models are more focused on warming a child on frosty days, and not on protection from rain. Therefore, they can pass moisture. Reimatec coveralls are more suitable for moving children. For kids who have not yet learned to walk and are constantly sitting in the stroller, it is advisable to select other options for clothing.

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