Rest in Georgia on the sea (reviews)

Rest in Georgia on the sea, some concern. First and foremost, people are wary of local people, expecting negative actions from them. However, this is not at all what it may seem at first glance. In Georgia, a very beautiful area. People are very friendly and hospitable. In addition, holidays in Georgia to the sea will not be extremely expensive for you. You will have a great time, both in a friendly company, and with children who require constant monitoring and attention.

A variety of recreation will appeal

vacation in Georgia

If you decide to visit Georgia, then in this country you will find a variety in recreation opportunities. Near the rocks you can admire real natural beauty. The mountains are covered with snow. On the slopes you can always get under the rain and snow, or wander in the fog. But near the sea is hot. Sometimes very much. If you decide to rest in Georgia at sea in the summer, then there are opportunities to capture all the seasons in your memory at once. This feature will appeal to children, so they should definitely be taken with you.

It is necessary to choose the best option for rest

You can visit the country on your own or as part of an excursion group. The first case is characterized by the fact that you can always get acquainted with the local population. And in the movement around the country you will be completely free. If you flew to Georgia as part of an excursion group, then planning a vacation will no longer be necessary. For you, everything will be decided. This kind of vacation in Georgia is good for having a guide with an interpreter. They will select the most interesting places to visit.

Family holidays in the country should not be considered expensive. All that is required is to choose the best tour. To date, the most popular tour called "Pearl of the country." It involves a trip to one of the regions of the country - Svaneti.

Benefits of vacation in the country

holiday in Georgia at sea private sector

A huge number of attractions located in Tbilisi. Therefore, do not refuse to visit the city. But it should be understood that children are able to get tired, viewing each point of interest separately. For this reason, a tour of the city is better to arrange without them. What remarkable places you can visit if you are interested in summer holidays in Georgia on the sea? It is mandatory to visit the mountain villages.In them, people still live in the same way as in ancient times.

If we talk in general, then the rest in Georgia is pleasant in some separate moments. Should give them some attention.

  1. Rest in Georgia on the Black Sea is pleasant with great service. No one will look down on you, showing only respect.
  2. In any period of the year, a relatively small number of tourists are observed throughout the country, except for places located near the Black Sea.
  3. Locals always show cordiality and hospitality, sincerely rejoicing to the rest.
  4. Prices are relatively small.
  5. Cleanliness in the state is followed very carefully, as well as order.
  6. You should know that a country like Georgia is not characterized by high housing prices. Even in the best areas you can rent apartments with furniture and appliances at an affordable cost.

What information is important?

What else should you know if you want to visit this country?

  1. Are you interested in Georgia, vacation at sea? Batumi (the private sector of the city is also able to offer housing at a relatively low cost) is the best resort of the state.
  2. In the winter, be sure to visit Gudauri and Bakuriani. These are snow resorts that will give a huge amount of impressions.
  3. New Year holidays should be held in Tbilisi. The city is really gorgeous. You will be provided with luxurious celebrations.

How can I get to Georgia?

summer vacation in Georgia to the sea

You can get into the country in different ways. It would be just great if there are friends or acquaintances in Georgia who will not only meet, but also contribute to the organization of leisure, find accommodation for you. But not everyone has friends in Georgia. Therefore, this option is not for everyone is available.

Currently, there are special Internet resources that are able to offer “exchange vacations”. At the same time you will go to Georgia, and a resident of this country - to Russia. In other words, this is a peculiar exchange of vacationers. You can take turns: first you relax in Georgia, and then the people who have sheltered you go to visit you in Russia.

If you yourself do not want to plan a summer vacation on the sea in Georgia, you can always contact travel agencies for help. They know for sure all the best ways to relax in the country.You will be offered a huge number of different options. After their consideration it will be possible to make a choice in favor of the most strongly liked tour. Then it remains only to collect things and prepare for the journey.

Do I need a visa?

vacation at sea in georgia reviews

Many say that in order to visit the country, it is necessary to issue a visa. But this is no longer the case. At the present stage, in order to get to Georgia, no documents are required. But the period of stay will be limited to 90 days. You can extend the visa already in the country. If there is such a desire, then you just need to go to the Civil Registry Agency. With a need to take two photos. To obtain / extend a visa you must fill out a form in the AGR, as well as pay a mandatory fee.

If you are interested in holidays in Georgia, then you should know that there should not be marks in the passport showing that you have crossed the borders of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It is best to go to these countries after visiting Georgia. Otherwise, you may be deported. The worst option implies arrest for illegal entry into the territory of the state.

Required to visit places according to reviews of tourists

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What can be remembered vacation at sea in Georgia? Reviews of numerous tourists claim that it is worth visiting absolutely all the attractions of this country. They are all beautiful. Among the remarkable places should be highlighted:

  1. The old and modern part of Tbilisi.
  2. The ancient capital of the state is Mtskheta.
  3. Fountains of Batumi.
  4. Numerous cave cities.
  5. Stalin Museum.
  6. Botanical gardens located in Batumi.
  7. Temples with monasteries. There are many of them in the city of Betania.
  8. Balneological, as well as mountain resorts of the state.

This is just a part of those remarkable places in the country that are required to visit without fail.

Where to live?

vacation in georgia on the black sea

Tourists pay attention to the numerous hotels in Georgia. After all, it is very important where you can settle during your vacation. It should be noted that the hotel business in the country is developing constantly. This is characterized at the present stage vacation in Georgia at sea. The private sector, rooms in hotels and hotels, boarding houses, houses - housing itself can be rented almost everywhere and at a relatively low cost.

Guest houses are quite popular.Not much behind them and rental apartments. In Georgia, there are a huge number of family hotels, which, as in the case of guest houses, have relatively low prices for accommodation. However, the package of services will not be high.

What you need to know when choosing a hotel?

When choosing a hotel for your stay, do not pay much attention to the number of stars indicated in the name. It does not always correspond to the European understanding of this sign. Therefore, it is necessary to be guided by the opinions of experienced holidaymakers, without relying on the "chance". Not everyone can rejoice overpay for small rooms.

However, it should be noted that in Georgia, namely in Tbilisi, there are also hotels whose stars you can believe. We are talking about hotels "Holiday", "Inn", "Sheraton". However, it must be remembered that in such hotels rooms must be booked in advance. And if you decide to rest in the country in the winter on the New Year holidays, then you need to take care of staying in hotels very, very much in advance.

There are simple pensions in Georgia. You can rent a house, apartment, room, room in a Soviet hotel or in the private sector.There is simply a huge amount of opportunities.

You need to know about nutrition in advance. This should be negotiated. Some expensive hotels do not imply such a service. But homeowners can provide a rest three meals a day.

Important points should be considered in advance.

georgia vacation at sea photos

Has your attention attracted Georgia? Rest on the sea (photos that can be seen in the course of reading the review, it is well demonstrated) can be remembered for a long time by the beauty of the landscapes, hot weather, good service and hospitality of the locals. But you need to deal with all the important points before the trip. As you can understand, rest is capable of being different. And it will be great if you agree in advance on accommodation and meals. You can make an excursion program immediately, so that later you don’t bother with your thoughts.

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