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A modern resort is a high level of service, clean, equipped with all necessary beaches, ample opportunities for recreation and entertainment. One of these resorts is the Krasnodar Territory is rich in resort towns. Among them, Yeisk takes its place of honor. The city is located between Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. It is the center of the Yeisk district. According to the data of 2010, the population of Yeisk is 97,176 people.

Among the main directions of development of the city in recent times can be called the port complex and the resort sphere. However, in addition to using a convenient geographical location, the city authorities are focusing on the development of agriculture, which is bearing fruit.

A bit of history

The city of Yeisk begins its history in 1848. By order of Emperor Nicholas I, the main buildings were rebuilt as soon as possible. A new city was created with the aim of setting up sales of agricultural products abroad, which was supposed to contribute to the development of all industry in the Krasnodar Territory.

Since 1869, it was decided to grant the status of the district center to the city of Yeisk. Krasnodar region, thus, added to another regional unit.

Krasnodar region

The city built in a short time, however, was able to achieve incredible success in its development. Already during the second century, Yeisk has managed to remain the largest port city. And in recent years, it has become known as a resort, where a large number of tourists from different parts of the world arrive every year.

Resort city Yeisk. Opinion holiday

Rest in Yeisk in the reviews of many tourists is at a fairly high level. Thanks to the favorable steppe climate, the even gently sloping bottom of the Azov Sea and the successful wind rose, the town provides comfortable conditions for holidays. Both lovers of noisy and active rest, as well as true romantics, for whom rest is contemplation of beautiful nature, are sent here. This resort is suitable for families with children. Since there is everything necessary for the organization of children's leisure.

The beach season in Yeisk is the entire period from the beginning of May to the end of September. At this time, the air temperature here is about + 25-30 degrees.But, despite the high temperature, thanks to the sea breezes, the summer heat in the city is almost imperceptible. Yeisk in September attracts vacationers with discounts on hotel accommodation and service in general. At this time, here comes the velvet season. In general, September in Yeisk is characterized as a warm and favorable holiday month. However, torrential rains can ruin a vacation at this time of year.

her private sector

Over the past few years, the authorities of the city and the Krasnodar Territory began to pay more attention to the development of tourism. Especially in the central part of Yeisk there is a high level of development of tourist infrastructure. Here an aquapark, an aquarium and a dolphinarium opened, and the park named after I. Poddubny became one of the most beautiful places in Krasnodar Region.


Rest in Yeisk in the comments of tourists is also good because there are many opportunities to improve their own health. The town is a unique mud spa resort due to the presence of high-quality therapeutic hydro-carbonate-sulphate and magnesium-calcium mud. Their composition is not inferior to the composition of the Israeli Dead Sea mud.

Where to stay?

Every year in Yeisk increases the number of tourists. For the last season, there were about 400 thousand people having a rest here. But the city authorities are not going to stop at this. In the coming years, it is planned to create conditions for recreation for more than 1 million people.

shek hotel

Like any other resort city, Yeisk provides many options for places to stay. Private sector or comfortable hotel - every tourist can choose the most convenient option.

The choice of housing is huge. A more economical option is to rent an apartment or house in the private sector in Yeisk, and more comfortable is a hotel, hotel or private guest house.

To get to the resort city can be a variety of ways. In the seasonal period in this direction runs many types of transport. The most popular option is the train Moscow - Yeisk. The train is seasonal. In the summer, walks daily. A full journey will take 21 hours from a tourist on the Moscow-Yeisk train.

Climate features

The resort is located at the most distant point of the Krasnodar Territory, on the Yeysk Spit, washed by the Gulf of Taganrog and the Yeisk estuary.The territory of the city is characterized by a moderate continental climate, softened by the waters of the Black and Azov Sea. This climate is most favorable for humans. It has a healing and restorative effect on the body. Climatic conditions allow the city to develop in the resort direction.

Beaches Yeisk

The coastal strip of the resort town of Yeisk is about 20 km long. More than 80% are well-maintained serviced beaches. The most favorable place for a beach holiday is the Central Beach. It is located on the territory of the Yeisk Spit. The beach of the island of Yeisk Spit is also popular. After two leaders in the list are such beaches of Yeisk, as "Frog", "Kamenka".

Almost all of them are distinguished by a gentle descent into the sea, which makes it possible to arrange holidays with small children here. The water temperature in Yeisk is very comfortable for swimming. The seashore is warming up to the optimum temperature already in the middle of May and remains at the same level throughout the entire swimming season.

Popular beaches in Yeisk. Reviews

The largest and most visited in the resort town of Yeisk is the Central Beach.It is located on the territory of the Yeisk crust opposite the armored boat "Yeisk patriot" - a famous city monument. The beach is clean, sandy, with a small number of shells, gently sloping into the sea, the water is warm near the shore. You can drive to the beach in your own car. Nearby there are paid parking. The popular Yeisk hotels, as well as motels and private guest houses are located nearby.

in September

The level of service at Central Beach is considered the best in the whole city. For vacationers, there is a rental center where you can rent deck chairs, shady canopies, as well as equipment for active types of recreation - diving, surfing, scuba diving. On the beach there are volleyball and football fields, children's attractions, a medical center. You can relax and eat in one of the cafes, of which there is more than enough. Perhaps the only drawback of the Central Beach is the abundance of holidaymakers. At the height of the season here is very, very crowded, that not everyone will like it.

Beach sanatorium "Eisk" - the second most popular in this city. The beach area, attached to the health resort, is located slightly to the left of the Central.Resting here can only guests of the sanatorium, presenting special books, outstanding upon arrival.

Rest in "Yeysk" in the reviews of many tourists is an opportunity to spend a holiday in comfort, as well as to improve the body. It offers a wide range of medical and preventive procedures, the result of which can be fixed by swimming in a clean and warm sea.


The beach of the Priboy recreation center, located on the territory of the Yeisk spit, is modern and comfortable.

heryska beaches

There is everything you need to relax: sun loungers, deck chairs, shade curtains, changing rooms, showers and toilets. Constantly working rescue service and medical center. A wide variety of entertainment is presented: rental of water transport and equipment for outdoor activities, a volleyball court, attractions for children and much more.

Beach "Youth." Reviews

Rest in Yeisk in the reviews of numerous tourists and local residents of young age can be as comfortable as possible if you make a choice in favor of the beach "Youth". This beach got its name precisely because of the fact that here the bulk of holidaymakers are young people.Infrastructure is developed at a high level. Here you can take lessons in such sports as kiting and surfing, as well as book a trip on a boat or yacht. At night, themed discos and foam parties are organized right on the beach.

vacation hersk reviews

Nearby are popular hotels in Yeisk, where you can stay in a single room or in a room for a large company or family.


In the city there are many hotels for tourists. I would like to highlight the most popular. These include:

  1. Hotel "Pridorozhnaya". Here you can rent an inexpensive room. At the hotel there is a dining room. Located 4000 m from the sea. Distance to the center is 2.8 km.
  2. Hotel "Rest". The cost of living in the rooms is higher than in the "Roadside". It is located almost in the center, the distance to the sea is 900 m.
  3. Hotel "Verona". It is located 600 m from the center. Not far from the sea, only 900 m.

Sights of Yeisk

There are many places of interest in Yeisk district. You can visit them, both by moving under their own power, and as part of an excursion group. Yeisk district has 613 monuments on its territory. Among them are monuments of architecture, history and monumental art.

Moscow train

The most visited places in Eisk are the following:

  1. Island of the Seven Winds.
  2. Park named I.Poddubnogo.
  3. Khanskoe (Tatarskoe) lake.
  4. Monument to the dumpling.
  5. Fountain with greek goddesses.
  6. Museum "Kuban Compound".
  7. Dolphinarium "Theater of marine animals."
  8. Shark Reef Aquarium.
  9. Waterpark "Nemo".

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