Rezalut: indications for use. Description of the drug, price, analogues

Unfortunately, liver problems are not uncommon in the modern world. Many patients go to doctors complaining of digestive disorders and other unpleasant disorders. Cirrhosis, toxic lesions, fatty degeneration are all extremely dangerous diseases that require appropriate therapy.

And a fairly effective drug in this case is Rezalut. Indications for use of the drug - a violation of the structure and functioning of the liver. But what is a drug? What is its composition? Are there any contraindications to receive? Answers to these questions will be interesting to many readers.

The composition and form of the drug release

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This drug is produced in the form of capsules with a soft gelatin shell, which are filled with a viscous, translucent liquid of golden-yellow, less often yellowish-brown color.They are packaged in blisters of ten pieces. The pharmacy can buy packages of 30, 50 or 100 capsules.

The main active substance is a lipoid complex, which consists of glycerol monoalkonate, medium chain triglycerides, as well as polyunsaturated phospholipids (this component is obtained from soy lecithin) and tocopherol. The solvent used is purified soybean oil. The capsule shell consists of gelatin and 85% glycerol.

Basic pharmacological properties

It is worth saying that the Rezalyut tablets are a very effective hepatoprotector. This drug is designed to quickly restore the structure and functioning of liver cells.

After ingestion, phosphoglycerides and phosphatidylcholine are rapidly absorbed into the walls of the digestive tract, after which they enter the bloodstream. Here they bind to lipoproteins and albumin and reach the liver tissue. Due to the completion of endogenous phospholipids, the cell membrane of hepatocytes is restored. Thus, in the presence of certain diseases, this drug suspends destructive processes in the liver cells.A few days after the start of therapy, the restoration of the work of the cell organelles can be observed, as well as the start of the regeneration of the hepatocyte membranes.

The drug provides some other changes. In particular, during therapy, the level of cholesterol in the blood is reduced and lipid metabolism is normalized. The active components of the drug improve the processes of intracellular respiration, stabilize oxidation reactions in hepatocytes and suppress the production of collagen fibers in the liver. The drug also significantly improves the functioning of enzyme systems, which has a positive effect on the processes of digestion, and also on the metabolism as a whole.

It has been noticed that during therapy, the process of detoxification of the body is significantly accelerated by improving the liver.

Rezalyut drug: indications for use

rezalyut indications for use

The main indication for taking this medicine is one or another pathology of the liver. In particular, it is regularly recommended to take people suffering from chronic forms of hepatitis. The drug is effective in combating toxic lesions and fatty degeneration of the liver.It is also prescribed for cirrhosis, including those cases where the pathology is caused by chronic alcoholism. The drug helps to restore the structure of the organ in lesions due to the intake of a drug.

When is it recommended to take the drug "Rezalyut"? Indications for use - it is also psoriasis (often accompanied by impaired normal functioning of the liver), as well as neurodermatitis and radiation syndrome. An unbalanced diet is also an indication for preventive therapy with this medicine. As part of a comprehensive treatment, tablets are prescribed to patients with hypercholesterolemia (along with diet, physical activity, and other drugs).

Medicine "Rezalyut": instructions for use

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Immediately, we note that it is not necessary to self-medicate, - only a doctor can prescribe a particular drug after a thorough examination, tests and additional diagnostic procedures. The instruction contains only general recommendations.

So, what is the dosage of Rezalyut? How to take it right? Capsules are best consumed before eating.They can not be crushed or chew. As a rule, doctors recommend patients to take two tablets three times a day. The duration of therapy is determined individually, depending on the patient’s condition, the goal of treatment, the type of disease, etc. Treatment can last from several weeks to 2-3 months.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is necessary to completely eliminate the negative influence of environmental factors on the liver. In particular, you should consult with your doctor about the diet, to exclude from the diet fatty and fried foods, as well as to completely abandon alcoholic beverages.

Are there any contraindications for treatment?

In fact, the Rezalyut pills can be taken on almost all categories of patients. Naturally, some contraindications still exist, like any other drug. To begin with, it is worth noting age restrictions: the medicine is not prescribed for children under twelve years of age.

Contraindications also include an increased sensitivity of the patient to the phospholipid preparations, as well as allergies to legumes and soy.The drug is not prescribed to people suffering from antiphospholipid syndrome.

We should also talk about treatment during lactation and pregnancy. To date, there is no evidence of whether the active components of the drug can have a negative effect on the child’s body. Therefore, the decision about therapy during pregnancy is taken by the attending physician. In addition, it is recommended to stop breastfeeding while taking the medication.

Are side effects of treatment possible?

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In most cases, Rezalyut is very well tolerated. Nevertheless, some adverse reactions in patients may still occur, so you should read their list. In some people, this medicine may cause indigestion, accompanied by diarrhea and other stool disorders, as well as discomfort and pain in the epigastric region.

Some allergic reactions are possible, including urticaria, skin rashes and itching, as well as redness and swelling. In women, therapy may be associated with the appearance of vaginal bleeding during the period between periods.

How much is the drug?

Today, many patients with liver problems, doctors recommend the drug "Rezalyut". Price - an important issue that interests almost every buyer. Of course, it should be understood that the exact cost depends on many factors, including the price policy of the pharmacy, and the manufacturer, and many other points.

So, how much will the packaging of the Resalut drug cost? The price of thirty capsules ranges from 400 to 500 rubles. But packing with 50 capsules is more expensive - about 750-800 rubles. Do not forget that the process of recovery of the liver takes a long time, so most likely, one pack will not be enough for you.

Are there any effective analogues?

rezalut or Essentiale

What to do if you do not have the opportunity to purchase the Rezalyut hepatoprotector? Analogs - a fairly logical way out. After all, not everyone can afford a similar course of therapy, and sometimes this medicine is simply not available.

Of course, there are many drugs that have about the same properties. For example, well-known analogues are Essliver, Essentiale, Livolife, and Phosfonciale.The same effect can be provided by such drugs as Galstan, Allohol, Hepatophyte, etc.

By the way, today many patients are wondering what is better - Resalut or Essentiale? There is no unequivocal answer to this question, since both products have pronounced protective properties and restore the function of the liver. We can only note that Essentiale is a bit more expensive.

rezalut analogs

Do not forget that you can not independently stop or cancel taking Rezalyut pills. Analogs can be selected only by the attending physician.

Reviews of patients and doctors

If there are any problems with the liver, doctors prescribe suitable hepatoprotectors to patients. And a pretty good choice is Resalut. Indications for use, dosage, contraindications - these issues are extremely important. But it is worth asking and the opinion of experts. Doctors speak positively about this drug, as it copes with its main task. There are not so many contraindications to therapy, and side effects are extremely rare.

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Patient feedback is also mostly positive.Many patients have noticeable improvements already a few days after the start of therapy. The treatment is well tolerated, the drug is convenient to use. As for the shortcomings, then, perhaps, the only negative point is the relatively high cost. On the other hand, improving the condition of the body is worth any money, so do not need to save on health.

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