Riccardo Daniel: A Success Story

For connoisseurs of Formula 1 from Australia racer number 1 and part-time national hero, probably for a long time will be Mark Uebber. And though Mark as a result did not manage to win at least one champion title, he with enviable stability pleased his fans with a hit on the podiums, and sometimes won the Grand Prix.riccardo daniel

Another Australian F1 pilot - Riccardo Daniel - so far can not boast such a number of awards as his famous compatriot, but his racing career is in full swing, and, therefore, it all depends solely on the mood of the rider. Ironically, it was Daniel who replaced Mark Uebber in the Red Bull team when the latter decided to engage in professional sports.

Performances at amateur level

The first racing car, behind the wheel of which Riccardo Daniel got into the seat, was an ordinary car. Already at the age of nine, the boy was driving in a circle with his peers, and at the same time he realized that the speed track was his vocation.

At sixteen, Daniel took part in the local Formula Ford championship, but failed to earn credits in any of the three races. Despite this, the Australian won the right to compete in the Formula One BMW Championship in Asia, where he won his first motor sport victories. According to the results of the championship, Daniel Riccardo earned 231 points and took the third place among all pilots. Two more seasons the australian spent in Formula Renault, where he defended the colors of the team RP Motorsport. By the way, in this series of races side by side with Riccardo piloted another future F1 participant - Finn Valtteri Bottas.daniel riccardo rise

Formula 3

In 2008, Riccardo Daniel accepted the invitation of the team Carlin Motorsport and moved to the British Formula 3. Aussie quite successfully debuted at the circuit in Nuremberg, taking the final sixth place. Then followed a series of final podiums, thanks to which the pilot Carlin won the championship with an 89-point advantage over the closest rival. Since performing in the championship of another Australian, David Brabham, Daniel Riccardo became the first representative of the Green Continent, who resigned to the champion title.

Formula 1

In the main racing championship Daniel invited Christian Horner - the boss of the team Red Bull Racing.Initially, Riccardo together with another debutant served as test pilots, but after successful performances of the Australian rider in the subsidiary Toro Rosso he was offered a permanent place as an RBR pilot, replacing his compatriot Mark Uebber in the team. It is noteworthy that after this castling one of the highest riders in F1 was just Daniel Riccardo. Australian height - 180 cm.daniel riccardo

The number one star in the team at that time, of course, was German pilot Sebastian Vettel, but the Australian’s debut could well be called successful. He immediately became the second at the home Grand Prix, and this despite the technically imperfect car of the 2014 model. In general, Riccardo convincingly spent the debut season in the RBR, scored three wins and seven times on the podium. As a result - the third place in the championship and a lot of positive feedback from reputable avtoizdaniy.

In the championship of 2015, the Australian racer competed with a new teammate (Russian Daniil Kvyat) and in the composition of hard times, Red Bull took the eighth final place. A year later, in the championship-2016, the Australian managed to repeat his best achievement and take the third place in the season. It is noteworthy that in this championship, Riccardo only once raised the Grand Prix winner’s cup over his head.

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