Sample business plan, its definition

Probably everyone at least once in his life dreamed of opening his own business and becoming a successful entrepreneur. Perhaps you had a ready-made idea that you had been thinking about for a long time, or simply wanted to repeat someone’s success. But what usually stops people? Diffidence? Lack of initial capital?

Many successful entrepreneurs were afraid to open their first business. Although they were not sure of themselves, they still reached great heights. Others did not have enough initial capital, or none at all, but that didn’t stop them either. So what will help to become a successful businessman?

business plan sample with calculations

As we found out, the most important thing is not a person’s indecision or financial prosperity, but the right approach to business. What is the difference between a dream and a goal? A dream is simple thinking, and the goal is detailed planning, careful calculations. In this article we will discuss how to make the first sample of a business plan and how to implement it.

What is a business plan?

Before we look at a sample business plan, let's begin by exploring this concept.You can find many different definitions, which to some extent reveal the meaning of this concept. Here is one of them. A sample business plan is a sample document that details the steps necessary to achieve a goal.

In other words, this document is more like a manual, which clearly shows what needs to be done, what the results and possible threats will be. A sample business plan shows how much profit the project will bring, what funds need to be spent, future prospects, market size, etc.

how to make a business plan yourself sample

As you can see, the creation of such a document may take more than one day. To create a ready-made sample business plan with calculations it will take from several weeks to a month. This is a very hard work for which they pay a lot of money.

Sample business plan with calculations for external and internal persons

A business plan can be of two types: for personal purposes and for investors. What is the difference? A sample business plan with calculations for personal goals is characterized by practical guidance and a clear plan. That is, he must answer such questions:

  • What activities will I do?
  • What product or service will my company offer to the market?
  • What goals do I want to achieve?
  • Who will I assign responsible for the various tasks?

When you make a personal sample of a business plan with calculations, you must rely on the real state of affairs, on the amount that you already have. Only in this case, this guide will bring positive results.

business plan for small business sample

A sample business plan with settlements for external persons (investors) is significantly different from the previous one. It is important to take into account every figure that is recorded in the report, every action that needs to be done. Everything should be logical and consistent. If investors demand to answer any question, then you should be prepared for it. Ideally, after studying a properly outlined business plan, investors or other persons should not have doubts and inappropriate questions.

Business Plan Structure

Before you make a sample business plan yourself, you need to keep in mind a clear structure, from which you should then start. It consists of 8 parts:

  1. Company. Here you specify the name of your company, a brief history, the founders, the industry and the achievements.
  2. ProductsIn this part, you describe the product or service that you will sell or provide. You can also talk about their properties and benefits.
  3. Marketing. The most important thing is to describe the position of the industry in the global market, potential consumers, etc.
  4. Production. What equipment you use or what you want to buy.
  5. Organization. Here you describe your commanding staff, schedule and other issues.
  6. Finance. Planned expenses, expected profits and other settlement elements.
  7. Efficiency. This is an important point for outsiders. In this part, you make a table of investment performance.
  8. Risks. An equally important part in which you must determine the possible consequences, risks.
What is a business plan

This is the most recommended business plan structure. If you describe each item in detail, then your document can be safely submitted to investors and creditors.


Thanks to this article, you learned how to create a sample business plan yourself, and now you can safely get down to business. It is very important to treat this with all seriousness, and if difficulties arise, it is better to find specialists who are well versed in this matter.It is worth noting that this article will help draw up a sample business plan for small business. If you decide to open a large enterprise, then keep in mind that the manual for it will look completely different, and you will not be able to make it yourself.

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