"SangYong Kyron": specifications and reviews

Quite often, Ssangyong Kyron cars can be seen on our roads. He looks attractive and immediately attract attention. Many motorists when buying a car are increasingly preferring this particular brand. And those who have not purchased, but are only going to, try to find out as much as possible the complete and comprehensive information about the Sang Yong Kyron cars: reviews of their owners, advantages and disadvantages, ease of maintenance and repair. And it is not surprising, because Korean cars have proven to be comfortable and reliable, and most importantly, not prohibitively expensive. Thus, motorists had an alternative between cheap but weak in all respects Chinese and expensive and high-quality Japanese (in this topic we will not touch upon the European and American auto industry).

Sang Yong Chiron Diesel

Chiron. Start

Sang Yong Kyron is one of the very popular SsangYong crossovers.His debut took place in the fall of 2005 at the Frankfurt am Main motor show. Deliveries of the model to the CIS began in spring 2006. The car unveiled an amazing hybrid of unusual design solutions and the classic design of an SUV: the latest technical advances, coupled with an unsurpassed level of convenience and safety of operation in all kinds of road conditions. The designers took as a basis the already tested and positively proven platform from "Rexton". The car turned out what you need: the five-door "Sang Yong Kyron" combines high off-road performance, moderate fuel consumption, as well as convenience, functionality and spaciousness of the cabin.


Sang Yong Kyron Characteristics

Lead car designer Ken Greenlee emphasized and singled out this model among other SUVs, attracted the attention of the automobile public with the futuristic look of his brainchild.

Front "Chiron" looks original and, in general, very modern. The streamlined grille shining with chrome and non-standard stamping elements on the body draw attention to the car, highlighting it in the city traffic,and impressive wheel arches give the car solidity and respectability.

Not only interesting outside

Sang Yong Kyron

The interior of the car is quite in line with the appearance. The salon executed in uniform style will pleasantly surprise with a variety of interesting decisions. As the designers themselves assure, the car's interior is made according to the principle of “peace and comfort”. And indeed, both the driver and passengers feel comfortable and comfortable in the cabin. That is why the center console and dashboard are made of an unusual shape, and the interior is ergonomic and provides the most comfortable conditions for the driver and passengers to board. The trim in the basic version is made of high quality materials that are resistant to wear and pollution.

The heart is a fiery motor

Sang Yong Kyron engine

Most often, the hood Ssangyong Kyron hides under a two-liter turbocharged diesel power unit, which produces 141 hp Its power supply system Kammon Rail ensures the lowest consumption of diesel fuel not only in mixed, but also in urban traffic cycles. The manufacturer offers a choice of motorists cars with both automatic and manual transmissions.Despite the fact that "Sang Yong Kyron" exists in twenty (!) Modifications, cars with the 4x2 formula and a 2.7 l diesel engine are not common in the CIS countries.

In addition to diesel engines, the engine range is represented by a 2.3-liter gasoline engine with a power of 150 hp, which meets the highest standards. The SangYong Kyron engine, a classic four-row engine built under a Mercedes-Benz license, ensures the well-known reliability of a car, less susceptibility to vibration and greater service life than V-shaped analogues.


As you already understood, the engine "Sang Yong Kyron" differs manufacturability and reliability. Under become him and PPC. Motors are equipped with 5-speed manual transmission (also licensed "Mercedes Benz"), or 6-band automatic transmission T-tronic with the option of manual gear shifting.

Additional options

Even a machine of basic completeness, or, as they say, "in stock", has a wide range of all sorts of options and bells and whistles. The simplest modification is equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS), power windows, mirrors with electric adjustment.In addition, it will be equipped with climate control system and 2 airbags.

And if you fork out for the richest collation, then to all of the above, a genuine leather interior, a rain sensor, an automatic light control system, directional stability and electrically adjustable front seats are added.

Among other things, "Sang Yong Kyron" can be additionally equipped with Active Rollover Protection, which helps prevent a car from turning over, and also install a help system for descents from large slopes of Hill Descent Control. Since this is still a crossover, and not a super-all-terrain vehicle, that is, design restrictions on cross-country ability, namely, low ground clearance (the manufacturer claims 210 mm under the front axle and 199 mm at the rear), and there is no protection of the engine and gearbox.

Kyron Sang Yong Specifications

Kyron Sung Yong: technical specifications

The main feature of this car from other similar crossovers from other manufacturers is its frame layout. That is, the load from all components and assemblies is not a flimsy stamped body, but a full-fledged steel ridge, which the difficult situations of our roads, often similar to combat conditions, do not break.A summary comparative table of parameters of diesel and gasoline variants of machines, weight and size characteristics and other information can be seen in the table below.

Model D20T G23D
engine's type Four stroke
Fuel Diesel fuel Petrol
Number and arrangement of cylinders 4, inline
Working volume, see cubic 1998 2295
Maximum power, kW (hp) at rpm 104 (141)/ 4000 110 (150)/ 5500
Maximum torque, Nm at rpm 310/ 1800 - 2750 214/ 3500 - 4000
Compression ratio 17,5:1 10,4 : 1
Fuel supply system Pressure Fuel Injection Electronically controlled fuel injection
Transmission 5-speed manual 5-speed manual
6-speed automatic gearbox T-Tronic with manual shift 6-speed automatic gearbox T-Tronic with manual shift
Gear ratio transfer case 1: 1 - 2H / 4H;
2.483: 1 - 4L
Gear ratio of the main transfer (front / rear wheels) 4,27
type of drive System all wheel drive (Part-Time)
Front suspension Independent, spring, lever, with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers, with stabilizer bar
Rear suspension Dependent, spring, with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers, with stabilizer bar
Steering gear

Gear-rake with hydraulic booster

Brake System (Front Axle / Rear Axle)

Ventilated disc / disc

Wheel disks

16 "x 6.5J

235 / 75R16

Curb weight, kg

1878 - 1983

1862 - 1971
1905 - 2010 1928 - 2000
Gross weight, kg 2500
Overall dimensions of LHW (with roof rails) хШ, mm 4660x1740 (1755) x1880

Sang Yong Kyron: owner reviews

According to the reviews of car owners is quite difficult to judge the quality and performance of the car, especially if the reviews are studied on the Internet. Not spared this trouble and "Kyron Sang Yong", the technical characteristics of which, in principle, correspond to the price and quality of this class of car. However, not all buyers, and even more so - Internet users, understand the difference between diesel and gasoline engines (except that some "eat" diesel fuel, and others - gasoline).

For drivers who have subcultured on the Sang Yong Kyron diesel engine with a gasoline car of the same engine capacity, acceleration with a sharp push of the gas pedal will seem weak, however, the tractor traction will be surprised at low revs when off-road driving.Drivers who have replaced a diesel engine with a gasoline engine will be pleasantly surprised by the dynamics of acceleration on straight sections of the road.

sang yong kyron reviews

In general, most often the complaints of the owners regarding the Sang Yong Kyron diesel cars, the characteristics of which are in no way inferior to gasoline, are reduced to problems with the fuel system. Tellingly, complain those who pay little attention to what to fill in the fuel tank.

In addition, quite often speak badly about cars assembled in the Russian Federation, and not in Korea.

Someone complains of a weak suspension, forgetting that this crossover in most cases drives along the roads (not always good, but, nevertheless, roads), and not through the swamps, limp in the autumn-spring thaw of the tractor track in the Central Black Earth Region or deep snow virgin.

Thus, in conclusion, we can say that Kyron has its own niche for use, and if you do not demand the impossible from it, then it is completely entitled to a place in your garage.

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