"Seliger Zaplavie" - recreation center. Photos, reviews

The nature of the Valdai Hills is unique in its diversity. For many kilometers stretched a system of large and small lakes with the common name Seliger - a place of rare beauty. There are capes and bays, surrounded by pine forests, spruce forests, and somewhere willows, birches, oaks, maples and lindens. Local villages bear the names of the trees surrounding them - Dubrovo, Lipovtsy. There is a village Zaplave among them, and around it is a wonderful, cozy place to relax - “Seliger Zaplavie”.


This is a modern, popular tourist base recreation. It has everything in order to fully relax, swim in a clear lake, enjoy walks in the forest, go fishing and even hunt. And no less valuable, this is a tangible distance from the noise of cities, highways and bustle. Ostashkov is 57 kilometers away, and Moscow is 400 kilometers away. The nearest asphalt road is 10 kilometers from the base.Seliger swim recreation center reviews

"Seliger Zaplavie", according to reviews, has a beautiful design decoration.Paths, lampposts, lawns with flowers do not disturb the harmony of untouched nature. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Not at every recreation center you can find hammocks hanging between trees, in which you can lie down and swing. And one more detail. Since it often rains on Seliger, the administration prudently placed umbrellas in each house. There are umbrellas and at the entrance to the dining room, in case the rain hits the rest at the table. A pier is built right on the lake, from which you can watch the sunset in the evening.


On the territory of "Seliger Zaplavya" 18 log cottages were built. The houses are spacious, of different capacity and comfort: 11 of them are two-room, 6 - one-room and three-room two-storey. The housing stock of the base is gradually expanding. In 2016, several new dwellings styled as yurts were built.

In the one-room houses cozy furniture, mini-bar, satellite TV, large plasma TV, refrigerator. There is a shower. Hot water in sufficient quantities provide boilers. In the two-bedroom there is a large 2-bed and two single-bedroom, comfortable furniture.Everything else, as in the one-room version, for a good rest. These cottages usually rent families with children. One two-storey cottage in the "Seliger Zaplavie" is designed for 6 people and is suitable for a group of friends who have come to rest.

Seliger base reviews

The modern yurt is furnished with furniture and everything necessary for rest, just like in log cottages. It is planned to build a small detached corner with yurts, barbecue gazebos and a small beach adjacent to this area. At the recreation center, they always try to satisfy even the most capricious guests, giving them the opportunity to choose the conditions of living and service.


On the territory of the base area of ​​13 hectares are very compactly located:

  • a restaurant;
  • sauna with swimming pool;
  • bath;
  • SPA complex;
  • sports grounds;
  • playground;
  • sandy beach with a pier;
  • forest zoo;
  • boat station;
  • parking;
  • open pool.

The territory of the recreation center is guarded.


A cozy modern restaurant on the shores of Lake Seliger provides full board - it feeds its guests three times a day. Meals included in the price. Breakfast is a buffet.The menu for every day is customized, there is a choice of several dishes. Vacationers at the recreation center "Seligerskoye Zaplavie" thank the restaurant staff for their comments and note that the food is very tasty.Seliger swim reviews

Fishing and hunting

At the recreation center, every vacationer can find something for everyone. For lovers of fishing in the territory there is a fishing shop with everything needed for fishing, including bait. There is also a professional fisherman on the Seliger Zaplavie who can take a tour of the fish places and help, if necessary, with advice. Vacationers can rent a boat, boat and fishing rods. A lot of fish, up to 30 species: perch, perch, pike, bream, ruff and others. For a divorce in Seliger launched eels and carps. Therefore, even a beginner in this business will not remain without a catch.

For lovers of hunting, if they came to the recreation center "Seliger Zaplavie" in the permitted shooting of birds and game in the forestry season, huntsmen can organize a special tour by prior arrangement.

Leisure for adults and children

The leisure program includes the cultural program offered by the base administration.At the request of vacationers, an excursion to the famous Nilov Monastery Monastery, an extraordinary beauty temple located on one of the Seliger Islands, can be organized.

Seliger swim

For lovers of outdoor activities provided sports fields and swimming pools. There is a shooting gallery for fans of the competition on the label of shooting from a pneumatic gun, crossbow or bow. The base is equipped with an outdoor court for fans of tennis, as well as rooms with tables for table-top games and billiards.

You can participate in water rides, as well as ride on catamarans and rowing boats. On such boat trips you can watch the gulls and cranes nesting in these parts. Having rented bicycles, you can take a walk along the forest paths on them or go to the "hunt" for berries and mushrooms.

For children there are children's attractions. The playground has a trampoline, a swimming pool, a slide from the slide to the pool. In winter, kids go skiing on forest paths and ice skate.

There is a mini-zoo at the recreation center. This is a fenced large area, along which deer, deer (similar to moose) and guanaco, brought to Seliger Zaplavye (in the photo below), are walking.Seligerskoe photoThis is a llama that does not inhabit these places, but has adapted well to the living conditions.

There are not many inhabitants of the zoo, but among them there are raccoons, ostriches, peacocks and pheasants. They live in ordinary cells and are dispersed in the territory allocated for the zoo. All animals can be fed. They enjoy eating right out of their hands.

Spa & Wellness

Vacationers in the "Seliger Zaplavie" have the opportunity not only to relax the soul, but also to improve their body in the Spa & Wellness Center, which is located on the shores of the lake. Procedures in the center are the same as in the sanatoriums.

At the disposal of vacationers swimming, swimming in which contributes to quick relaxation. This sport is especially useful for those who have back problems. A specially equipped room with a temperature of 40 ° C and humidity up to 100% is intended for the normalization of thermal control, blood circulation and respiration.Seliger swim recreation center

Lovers enjoy a kind of sauna in a barrel made from Siberian cedars. This procedure is easily tolerated by people who do not soar in the sauna and the Russian bath due to overheating of the head. When the sauna is in a barrel, the head is not exposed to overheating, and the skin of the body is soaked with infusion of herbs.

There is also a lymphatic drainage procedure that helps restore normal lymph circulation. For the recovery of the body, vacationers undergo magnetic therapy procedures, inhale, take salt baths.


The base "Seliger Zaplavie" is in demand among holidaymakers coming with children. According to reviews of those who are accustomed to romantic life in tents on the lakeside, the recreation center, to which friends advised to go, seemed like a paradise. I really liked life in a modern yurt.

Seliger Zapaurie Description

For the ten days spent at the base, there was no case that something did not like or the service personnel did something wrong. The children were happy, as they had the opportunity to go to the zoo every day, the men fished, and the women spent the rest on the beach and took SPA procedures.

For some travelers, this recreation center has become a discovery. People came to swim in the lake for the weekend and were extremely happy that there is an opportunity to rent a house for a couple of days. I liked the rest by the lake, and the fishing, which was not dreamed of, and the sunset on the pier.

Everyone likes everything: the beauty of the location of the recreation center, the primordial nature of the surrounding nature, the procedures in the SPA center, the zoo, the attitude of the staff. And, of course, Lake Seliger.

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