Sergey Stolyarov: biography, photos and roles of the actor

As often happens, an actor playing a noble hero turns out to be that bastard in real life ... Sergey Stolyarov was not like that at all - the actor who embodied many fairy tale characters on the screen. At one time for millions of viewers, he became a living embodiment of nobility and courage. And yet, his fate did not often indulge, however, despite all the difficulties that had befallen him, he managed to remain an equally worthy man to the end.

Family and childhood years Sergei Stolyarov

The future Sadko was born in 1911 in the village of Bezzubovo, Tula province. His parents were Dmitry Ivanovich and Natalia Ivanovna Stolyarov. In addition to the young Serezha, the parents had four more children.Sergey Carpenters

The family of the future actor was not rich, but hardworking. With the beginning of the First World War, one wealthy peasant from Bezzubovo was called up for military service. Not wanting to go to war, he offered to give his hut with all the good to those who go to war in his place.To support his family, Dmitry Ivanovich Stolyarov agreed to this proposal and went to the front, from where he never returned home.

Thanks to the “gift” of a rich fellow villager, the Stolyarovs lived in abundance for some time after the death. But with the beginning of the revolution and the coming to power of the Communists, the family was on the verge of starvation. The fact is that envious fellow villagers reported on Natalya Ivanovna, and within the framework of dispossession of the family, literally everything was taken away, leaving him to die of hunger.

In order to save the children, Sergey and her brother (as the oldest ones), the mother sent the “hares” to Tashkent, where at that time it was better with food.

Kursk orphanage

However, Sergei Stolyarov never got to the coveted grain city. On the way, the boy contracted typhus. When his condition became very difficult, his brother and his companions went down in Kursk and threw him under the doors of the local hospital, while they themselves went further. They had to do so, because at that time, if the patient had at least some relatives, he was not sent to the hospital, but sent home.

Despite the serious condition, thanks to a strong body and the care of doctors, the guy managed to defeat the disease.However, later he had some more time to live in the hospital until he was distributed to a local orphanage.

Sergey Stolyarov had to experience in his experience how difficult it is to live without a family in a shelter, moreover, during the famine years of the Civil War. Fortunately for him, one of the educators organized a drama circle at the orphanage. For the hungry, in fact, the naked inhabitants of this place, the staging of the performances was the only joy, and thanks to his participation in the circle, Sergei Stolyarov fell in love with the theater.

From driver to artist

When the boy grew up, he was sent to study in Moscow. He chose a profession of a machinist and entered the First vocational school. In those years, driving a train was a very prestigious occupation, especially for a street child from a peasant family.

After completing his studies, having fulfilled his time in the depot of the Kiev railway, Sergei Stolyarov decided to try his luck and applied for admission to the drama school of Alexei Dikiy. Of the 500 candidates, only two were accepted for study. Stolyarov was one of those lucky ones.joiners Sergey actor

After the studio, the aspiring artist continued his studies at the Proletkult Theater School, and after graduation he was invited to work at the Moscow Art Theater. Here, the talent of twenty Stolyarov appreciated and often gave him roles in productions.Although they were small, but for the young man it was a joy to play on the same stage with real theater stars.

After 2 years at the Moscow Art Theater Sergei Stolyarov (photo below) moved to the Central Academic Theater of the Russian Army, and in the early 40s. served in the Theater Mossovet. In 1944, the artist changed another place of work and began working in the Theater Studio of the film actor, where he remained until the end of his days.

The first movie roles

In addition to talent and a pleasant voice, Stolyarov also had a very beautiful appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising that he was soon invited to act in films.

The first two pictures with his participation (“Space Flight” and “Love and Hate”) did not represent anything special; moreover, in the first of them the name of the artist was not even indicated in the credits.

But thanks to them, the master of Ukrainian cinema - Alexander Dovzhenko drew attention to Sergei Stolyarov. He invited the actor to play one of the main characters in the film "Aerograd". The role of the noble pilot Vladimir Glushak glorified the young artist. In addition, thanks to her, Sergei Stolyarov, without trial, got the main role in the comedy film “Circus” with Lyubov Orlova in the title role.

As the film "Circus" put on the artist the mark of "unreliable"

In those years, starring in Grigory Alexandrov, especially in the title role, was an incredible success. After all, Stalin himself loved his comedies, which promised a huge number of awards and material benefits. However, Circus did not bring all this to Sergei Stolyarov, despite nationwide love.Sergey carpenters photo

The fact is that before the premiere, the artist discovered that the names of only a few actors are indicated on the billboard, the work of the rest of the film crew remained behind the scenes. This was done by Grigoriev on purpose, in order to limit the number of competing candidates for the prestigious awards that this film promised. As a protest, Stolyarov refused to go to the premiere, which was unheard of in those years.

For the willful act of the actor was fired from Mosfilm, and in his personal file there was a record of unreliability, as well as a ban on leaving for foreign tours.

Perhaps Stolyarov’s deed would have had more serious consequences for him, because the court was in the 30s, but thanks to Martynov’s role in the Circus, the actor became the ideal of a new generation of Soviet men whom the whole country began to look like.Sergey Carpenters biographyAnd when Vera Mukhina, the creator of the legendary composition “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”, gave the worker the features of Sergei Stolyarov, he turned into a legend.

Hero of folk tales and fairy tales

After the scandal with the comedy Grigoriev, it was not easy for an actor to find work in adult films. Therefore, he agreed to play the hero of Ruslan in the film adaptation of Pushkin's fabulous poem Ruslan and Lyudmila.Sergey Carpenters Movies

The role of the Slavic hero-hero after this picture was forever attached to the artist. And when the great Soviet storyteller Alexander Roe took it down in Vasilisa the Beautiful, for the whole country Sergey Stolyarov became the epitome of an epic hero from the people. Fairy-tale films with his participation began to regularly appear on the screens and incredibly loved by the audience. After “Vasilisa the Beautiful”, the artist played in yet another film by Row - “Puns Immortal”.

Although the roles of Ivan and Nikita Kozhemyaki turned an already well-known artist into a cult, Sergei Dmitrievich himself was closely within the same image. Trying to go beyond that, he never filmed at Rowe again.

With the beginning of World War II, the actor went to the militia.But he was soon returned back and, together with his family, evacuated to Kazakhstan. Being in the rear, the artist never stopped caring about his country. He organized a fundraiser for the purchase of a tank. To this end, Stolyarov staged the play "Russian People", with which he toured the country. The tank bought with this money was named in honor of the performance, and for this act Sergey Stolyarov was awarded personal thanks from Stalin.

The actor (his biography after the history of the tank was taken as an example to all cultural figures), covered with glory, returned to Moscow with the end of the war. In order to change his role, he chose Thaddeus from the “Old Vaudeville” as his next hero. This role, like the tape itself, was well received by the public.joiners Sergey actor

In subsequent years, the artist played in the paintings, telling about modernity. And for the film “Far from Moscow” he was awarded the Stalin Prize of I degree.

Sergey Stolyarov: biography after the premiere of "Sadko"

As the actor did not try to stop being a character of fairy tales for everyone, the audience still did not cease to see him as an epic hero. Therefore, in 1952 he agreed to play the legendary guslar Sadko in the fairy tale of the same name by Alexander Ptushko.Sergey Carpenters actor biography

This picture gained fantastic popularity not only in the USSR, but also far beyond its borders. Interestingly, because of the success of the ribbons, the authorities were forced to remove from Stolyarov the status of the restricted to leave the city, which he received after the scandal with the Circus. Thus, the artist traveled with Sadko all over the world, and also the only one among all Soviet artists was included in the list of especially prominent cultural figures according to the Cinema magazine. Sadly, in the homeland of the artist did not mention in any way for his starry role.

After 4 years, Ptushko again invited Stolyarov to act in the role of Alyosha Popovich in Ilya Muromets.

New projects of the artist and his recent years

After “Ilya Muromets” Sergey Dmitrievich played some more quite interesting roles in the films “The Secret of Two Oceans”, “The Tale of First Love” and “The Andromeda Nebula”, which became his last acting work on the screen.

In recent years, the artist received the "green light" in the shooting of the film "When the fog disperses," according to his script. However, he did not have time to finish it. The fact is that in the late 60s he was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma, and the artist began to fade with full strength and plans.He died a popular favorite in the arms of his son Cyril in the hospital in December 1969.

Stolyarov's grave is located at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery.

Olga Konstantinova - Sergey Stolyarov's wife

Throughout his acting career, Stolyarov enjoyed tremendous success with women. In this case, Sergei Stolyarov was never a lovelace. His personal life, although it interested many, but from the point of view of the yellow press, was very boring. There were no scandals and backstage novels in it.

Even while working at the Moscow Art Theater actor met a charming young actress Olga Borisovna Konstantinova. Soon the lovers signed, and after 3 years they had a son, Cyril. Despite the fact that Sergey Dmitrievich didn’t wait in his son, because of the constant travels, the mother of Olga Konstantinova was involved in raising the baby. But as soon as the artist had the opportunity - he spent time with his family and appreciated it very much.Sergey carpenters private life

When Cyril grew up, he also became an artist, and a very successful one, although he was very far from his father’s fame. He and Sergei Dmitrievich have a surprisingly close relationship throughout their lives, and therefore Kirill named his son after his father Sergey.He also has a daughter Catherine. Kirill Stolyarov died in 2012 and was buried next to his father.Konstantinova Olga wife sergey stolyarova

Interesting facts

  • Due to the fact that Sergei Stolyarov got into an orphanage at a rather young age, without any documents, he did not know exactly the date of his birth, so he always celebrated it on 1 November. However, the artist's biographers after years managed to find an entry in the church book of his native village and find out that he was born on July 17.
  • Upon entering Alexey Dikiy’s studio, the future artist read Paul’s monologue from Maxim Gorky’s play “Mother”.
  • The painting "Circus" due to the dethronement of the Stalin cult was redone and re-voiced. Most artists once again voiced themselves. However, Sergei Dmitrievich could not take part in this, so his hero was voiced by his son Kirill.
  • After the release of the Circus, the artist was sought by his own mother, as well as the only surviving brother, Roman.
  • 11 years after the death of the artist, Vladimir Vysotsky was buried in the neighboring plot.

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