Singer Lydia Clement: life path

Lydia Clement possessed the most beautiful one and is currently able to charge people's souls with kindness, honesty and good intentions. Her creative journey ended at the peak of popularity, not allowing to open up to the full unlimited singing talent.

Life facts

Lydia was born in 1937 in the city of Leningrad. Her mother took care of her upbringing, the girl’s father died even before the war. Lydia and her mother suffered the terrible days of the blockade of Leningrad.

The talented girl began to get involved in singing and music from an early age. Lydia attended music school and sang in the school choir.

Lida could not imagine her future life without creativity, but the girl’s mother held a different position. She believed that Lydia needed to choose a profession that would be able to provide her with a decent life. Father, who was an architect, agreed with his wife.

Therefore, Lydia Clement (biography of this indicates) agreed with the position of loved ones.After school, she went to study at the Civil Engineering Institute.

Lydia Clement: biography, photo, talent development

Music has always been with Lida in her student years, the girl sang jazz. She found time to study and to be creative. After graduation, she began working as a designer. The experience gained by Lydia in the institute's amateur art activities was useful to her in her future creative life. She began to perform pop songs in the ensemble of the House of Culture. Most of all the hearts of the audience won the song in her performance called "Neva fog".

Lydia Clement

She continued to work in her specialty until the period of maternity leave; after that she did not return to her previous job. Lydia Clement sought to implement in the works, the drawings and the paperman did not cause her interest.

Lydia Clement: a biography (personal life)

In her student years, Lydia married musician Boris Shafranov. In 1960, she gave birth to the lovely daughter Natasha. She was able to successfully perform their maternal duties, combining them with performances on the stage.

Lydia's husband since 1979 lives in the United States. Daughter Natalia graduated from the pedagogical institute in the city of Leningrad, taught history at school. In 1992 she emigrated to the USA.

In 2013, a documentary on the life of Lydia Clement was shown. He was filmed on the basis of the memories of those who were personally acquainted with the talented singer, including teachers of the institute, where she studied.

Lydia Clement biography

All colleagues, friends and close singers gathered at the premiere. Her husband and daughter came from the USA with their family.

The heyday of career

In 1958, Lydia Clement began to perform in the ensemble, which was organized by the head of the comedy theater V. Fedorov. The audience simply fell in love with this blue-eyed singer with dimpled cheeks and a pleasant smile. Lydia Clement (the singer’s biography is evidence of this) has never been so cold, no one saw her excited or angry, she emanated a special warmth. In this singer, artistic talent combined with vocal abilities.

Lydia Clement biography photo

On stage, Lydia Clement held herself in a dignified manner, her true passion for the song passed on to the public. She understood well the essence of the things she sings about. Thanks to her soulful performance, many compositions became popular. The songs performed by this Soviet-era singer warmed the souls of people like the rays of the sun, giving hope for the best.

In 1962, the young singer began working in the quartet of Rumyantsev. As part of this musical quartet, she visited Hungary. It was her first and last trip abroad.

Singer's repertoire

Lydia Clement, a singer endowed with charisma and an enveloping lyrical voice, attracted the attention of the composers of Leningrad. For her personally, many composers wrote songs. The song "Hello" by composer Andrei Petrov, which Lydia sang in 1962 on "Blue Flame", simply fascinated the audience. All-Union popularity of the singer brought the execution of songs: "Autumn", On the mound "," If there was not in the world of lovers "and others.

Lydia Clement biography personal life

Lydia Clement was a frequent guest on television, her songs were played on the radio. The song "Karelia" from its repertoire was included in the feature film. Lydia sang this composition, sitting on a large boulder near the decoration of the lake surface. The floor in the studio was made of glass, and the role of glare from the sun on an improvised surface of the water was played by rays of light. At the end of the song, the singer stood up and seemed to be heading towards the audience. This created the impression that a part of her soul dissolves in the landscape of Karelia.These shots were shown on television many times, but the film has not survived to this day. The song was destined to become the second hymn of the republic of Karelia.

Departure from the life of Lydia Clement

Ahead of the talented singer had to expect an even more intense creative life and increase in popularity, but in the woman's body has already developed a deadly disease. She traumatized the mole, but did not attach much importance to this. This injury led to the transient development of cancer.

Few people knew about the deadly disease that overtook the singer, she did not stop doing creative work. Lydia Clement left this world on June 16, 1964. She was only 26 years old. Many admirers of her talent have come to the variety theater to spend on the last journey this talented singer. Immediately after the death of Lydia, her first and last record came out, which she was not destined to see. The life of this singer was short, but very bright and filled with light.

Creativity Lydia is reflected in people's hearts. The songs performed by the singer, filled with purity and sincerity, affect the souls of people at the present time.

Lydia Clement singer

Lydia Clement was endowed with a special sense of the world, as if she foresaw her own fate and was in a hurry to tell the audience about important things.

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