Some useful tips on how to become a DJ

Such a concept, as a DJ, has become firmly entrenched inour life only in the last couple of decades, before that we did not know what kind of people they were and what they do. The development of the club movement has made this profession very fashionable and desirable for many young men and girls. On how to become a DJ, we'll talk today.

how to become a DJ

A little about the profession

If you are puzzled by how to become a DJ, thenknow that this field of activity is one of the most promising in the world. For example, almost half of teenagers from the UK at the age of 15 declare their desire to devote their lives to this profession. And this means that they are going to strive for career growth and improving their well-being, not sitting out all day long in a stuffy office with a hard work schedule and an annoying dress code. By the way, the financial benefit of this profession is very obvious: for example, the average monthly salary of a domestic professional DJ can easily earn overnight.

how to become a professional DJ

Is one desire sufficient?

Many young people, concerned about how to becomeDJ, after all, assure themselves that one desire is enough. There is some truth in this: at first it is really very important. However, later the desire must be supported with sober calculation and a developed plan of further actions. It is necessary to clearly realize that popular domestic and foreign DJs have long gone to fame and high fees. Many of today's youngsters, having barely learned to mix, already believe that they are quite ready to conquer the world charts. As a result, such "upstarts" and can not recognize the entire creative component of the profession, and their works do not find a response in music lovers.

No musical education? No problem!

If someone asks a question about how to become aprofessional DJ, will tell you that without knowledge of musical literacy can not do, do not believe it. After all, not all people who gained fame in this field, had behind the shoulders of music school classes. However, this fact did not prevent them from starting dance floors with their sets and selling albums with multi-million copies. All that is required from the DJ at the initial stage is the presence of a sense of rhythm. Of course, musical literacy will also be required, but somewhat later, when you start writing your own tracks.

how to become a DJ on the radio

How fast you can succeed

Unequivocally answer the question of how to become aknown DJ, is impossible. Everything will depend on your abilities, as well as on the time that you devote to this cause. Of course, the more effort you make, the faster you can achieve the desired result. Unequivocally, you can say that a lot of time will have to spend on creating your unique and memorable "I", which would allocate you from a large gray mass. Remember that a DJ is a public person who is in the center of attention of journalists and club visitors. Therefore, he should look like that, respectively. By making a grain for a grain of your unique image, in two or three years you will be able to achieve certain heights in this profession.

Do I need a mentor?

Many, arguing on the topic of how to become a DJ,they assure us that it will not work without the teacher. However, professionals insist that it is possible to master this science independently, if there is a desire and certain abilities. Of course, if an experienced mentor is next to you, he may share with you professional secrets and point out mistakes. But if there is no such person among your acquaintances, then you should not despair. Perhaps, you will take a little more time to understand all the nuances, but you can still succeed.

how to become a DJ in the club

With what to begin?

First of all, it is necessary to understand in detail theIn what environment you will get after your dream to become a DJ will come true. Since club life is part of the show business, you need to try to find out what it is. What are the rules and laws in it, as well as who puts the emphasis and sets the tone for one or another process. First of all, analyze the situation in your city. Find out what clubs and promotional agencies exist here, who are in them and for what reason. Also find out which DJs are the most popular and try to understand how they managed to achieve this. As soon as you can answer these questions, the prospect of your professional future will become more or less clear.

Now we can proceed to the development of a phaseddevelopment plan. To begin with, it is necessary to take a couple of months for training. Despite the fact that there is nothing complicated in the mixing of records, this process requires certain skills. Another three months will go by selecting the right musical material and recording a quality promo mix, which will later become your business card. Also, some time will have to spend on upholstering the thresholds of night clubs and booking agencies before you are given a chance to prove yourself. And here you just can not hit your face in the mud. It is necessary to prove yourself a true professional, who knows and loves his work.

how to become a famous DJ

How to become a DJ in the club: the financial side of the question

Many advise newcomers in this case on the firstpores to purchase the cheapest DJ equipment. However, some professional DJs categorically disagree. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of clubs all over the world have a standard set of equipment. In addition, once you have purchased inexpensive turntables, sooner or later you will want to replace them with a professional DJ kit. Therefore, if you seriously decided to devote yourself to this cause, then do not skimp on the corresponding equipment.

How to become a DJ on the radio?

The work of the DJ on the radio differs significantly fromthe same activity in a nightclub. In addition to the ability to select an interesting and satisfying music that suits the target audience and the format of the station, you will also need a pleasant voice and ability to speak a variety of topics, as well as dialogue with listeners. If you are confident in your abilities, then go straight to one of the local radio stations and boldly offer your candidacy.

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