Strizhenova Alexandra: biography, photos and interesting facts

Alexandra Alexandrovna Strizhenova - a popular daughter of famous parents. However, the fame and recognition came to the girl not only because of the name of her father and mother.Strizhenova Alexander

Alexandra Strizhenova looks equally good both in the frame and on the podium. And yet, what kind of life the young princess will choose will remain an intriguing mystery for the entire show business.


Alexandra Strizhenova, whose biography and personal life is occupied by the minds of all those familiar with the national cinema, was born in December 2000, in the capital of the Russian Federation.

Parents of a young girl - a creative, artistic couple. Her father is a famous director and screenwriter, her mother is an unforgettable TV host and actress. Their marriage has been going on for thirty years, continuing to amaze others with the atmosphere of their love and tenderness.

Creativity early childhood

It is noteworthy that Alexandra Strizhenova met the camera lenses at the age of three months,when her parents decided to take part in the advertising of the company “Fidget” - the brand of children's cosmetics.

Since then, the girl's life has been determined - she has become the rising star of show business, endearing with its delicate beauty and childlike spontaneity of the hearts of millions of viewers.Alexander Strizhenova private life

Strizhenova Alexandra took part in the filming of several serious films, and for some time was the leading TV program on the TVC about the life of animals.


Young Sasha began her creative education at the age of three, when her parents sent her to the rhythmic gymnastics school of Irina Viner. The flexibility of the body and the beautiful figure that the girl has gained through the use of difficult, grueling exercises play an important role in the creative activity of the younger Strizhenova.

Along with the gymnastics, Alexander began to attend Alla Dukhova's dance ballet. School-Studio “Todes” helped the girl to acquire the necessary plastic, self-confidence, artistry and endurance. Performances and concerts, in which the younger Strizhenova participates, take a lot of time and effort, but at the same time help to realize their talents and prepare for an adult, successful career.Alexander Strizhenova photo

However, parents, fully developing the talents and abilities of their daughter, of course, did not forget about secondary education. Alexandra Strizhenova graduated from a prestigious Moscow school with an economic and mathematical bias and entered a well-known university.

It is not only parents who encourage the girl to study well, but also the legendary grandfather, and adults note that the most important thing in education is not marks, but knowledge itself.


Ekaterina Strizhenova - the mother of our young heroine - at one time received the diploma of a practicing psychologist. Therefore, she, like no one else, knows how to raise a responsible and successful person in a child.

According to the popular TV presenter, in education the priority should be taken not to achieve good grades, but to acquire practical information and skills.

In addition, the Strizhenovs adhere to their own, individual methods of raising children. For example, they encourage Sasha to give priority to personal communication. The whole family is sure to meet once a day at the table, and the parents strictly monitor that at this time no one uses electronic devices.Alexandra Alexandrovna Strizhenova

Alexandra, brought up in a warm and friendly atmosphere, grows up to be a kind and sympathetic child. Parents, despite their employment and workload, devote a lot of time and energy to the family. At one time, Catherine even had to sacrifice her acting career, rejecting attractive offers in order to see her relatives more often.

By the way, such upbringing has given good results - the Strizhenovs elder daughter has grown into a responsible, respectful person. Now she has her own family, but she still loves and values ​​communication with her parents and younger sister.

Strizhenova Alexandra is also a helpful and polite teenager. She listens to the advice of parents, does not rebel against their supervision and supervision. She often goes with her father or mother to social evenings and shows, relying on their experience and sophistication.

Film career

At the age of seven, Sasha made her film debut in the film “Love-Carrot”, directed by her father. The girl got a small cameo role, which she coped brilliantly, especially when you consider the early age of the beginning actress. By the way, the famous parents of the girl also took part in this picture.

Two years later, little Alexandra appeared in another picture of her father - the Russian thriller “Yulenka”. The film reveals the terrible secrets that occur in the fifth grade of an ordinary provincial school, and shows the importance of family loyalty and devotion.Alexander Strizhenov biography

At the age of ten, young Strizhenova, gaining invaluable experience and skill through filming father's pictures, decided to star in another director’s project, Zinovy ​​Roizman. The girl got the small but bright role of little Lena. The sixteen-part film “Everyone has their own war” reveals to the audience the story of the first youthful love against the backdrop of complex historical events.

Other works in the film industry followed: filming the comedies “Suicide”, “How to marry a millionaire-2”, “Grandfather of my dreams”. With each film, Alexandra's bright talent and acting skills improved and improved, so that in the near future we can expect from the girl the performance of bright and colorful central roles.

Model activity

Beginning in the fall of 2015, Alexander Strizhenov, whose photos began to appear increasingly in fashionable glossy magazines, began to appear on the runway.Along with other celebrity children, she took part in a ball gown from one modern glamorous magazine.

A year later, the pretty and photogenic Sasha was given the opportunity to open and close a well-known project - Moscow Fashion Week. Despite the envious languages ​​and evil gossip, young Alexandra looked effectively and brilliantly in chic outfits from Bella Potemkina.

Personal life

Alexandra Strizhenova, whose personal life has been interested in the media for several years, admits that she has a loved one and has been dating him for some time now.

Anton Churekov - Sasha's chosen one - is a charming athlete and student of Moscow State University (law faculty, budget department). The younger Strizhenova describes her boyfriend as a strong and serious man and at the same time a kind and gentle man. With him, a young girl feels confident and secure, knowing that she will never be offended and insulted.Alexander Strizhenova

Young people like to spend their free time together: enjoy nature, drink tea and even keep quiet.

Alexandra's father is not worried about her daughter's romantic relationship.He trusts his girlfriend and is always ready to be with her if she needs it.

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