Student visa to Austria. Higher education abroad

Often young people dream of getting an educationabroad. However, the financial side of the issue does not allow the dream to grow into reality. In this case, you can try to get an education in Vienna. So, if knowledge is available, the language at the level, the student visa to Austria will not be a problem, then we begin the preparation.

student visa to AustriaWhere to go

According to the sociological survey of German"Der Spiegel", in the ranking of the best European universities there are 4 faculties of several Austrian institutions of higher education. If you are planning to study the law, then it is worth to go to Salzburg, for a good knowledge of the economy it is better to go to Vienna. Student visa to Austria for technical education will require you to indicate the place of your stay - Graz. Get a postgraduate education better at the University of Danube, located in Krams. Their qualification here is enhanced by students in law, management, economics, international relations in Europe, mass media, ecology, medicine.

Throughout the training in Vienna appearsthe possibility of an internship in various European companies. Even during the training is issued a work permit for the European project of the corporation "Leonardo".

visa for AustriaStudent visa to Austria

For its registration you will need to be patientand time, because the process is not quite simple. Registration of a visa to Austria is possible only in Moscow (for citizens of the Russian Federation) with an obligatory personal presence. Preliminary record in this case is not required, but it is better to do this process at least 12 weeks before the beginning of the school year.

Student visa to Austria will require to collect such a package of documents:

- original and photocopies of all pages of the passport;

- application for stay in the country as a student;

- color photography;

- confirmation of your studies in Austria;

- confirmation of the availability of housing;

- a certificate of sufficient amount of finance - from € 5 551.2 (€ 462.6 x 12) and up to € 10 051.56 (€ 837.63 X 12). And also confirmation of access to these funds.

- birth certificate;

- medical insurance policy.

visa to Austria independentlyStudent Aufenthaltstitel

To enter and leave the country only onceallows student visa to Austria. Independently and without time restrictions, you can move after the student Aufenthaltstitel is issued - a kind of temporary residence permit, which you will need to renew every year. Such a document allows you to move around the entire Schengen area, but it is not allowed to stay more than 90 days in a certain country other than Austria.

To obtain an Aufenthaltstitel after entry into the country within 3 days, it is mandatory to appear in the local magistrate and pick up the already prepared plastic card.

Cost of education

Hearing the phrase "free education", you canto think that studying abroad is really free. However, this is not the case. At Austrian universities, the cost of studying for foreign students will cost around 726 euros per semester. From 450 to 700 euros a month will be required to stay in this country. This amount includes accommodation (250 - 300 euros), food (200 euros), transport and small expenses (100 euros).

Therefore, before taking a responsible decision, weigh all the pros and cons.

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