Sulfuric ointment

A component such as sulfur is part of thea large number of cosmetics. It can be a cream, and soap, and ointments and lotions. There is a well-known drug such as sulfuric ointment. Indications for use: treatment of various skin diseases, such as scabies, seborrhea and others, where the skin is affected.

The composition of this drug includes one partmost sulfur, as well as two parts of the emulsion, consisting of water and petrolatum. When sulfuric ointment is applied to the skin, its main component comes into a definite reaction with organic substances, forming acid and sulphides. These data significantly contribute to the restoration of the epidermis, which is the main indicator in the treatment of diseases associated with skin.

It is necessary to observe certain conditions in the processtreatment with a drug such as sulfuric ointment. Instructions for use advise to wash with soap and thoroughly wipe off before applying the ointment on the skin. Before going to bed, it is recommended to rub the body or affected areas and try not to wash the drug within 24 hours. Before applying the ointment again in the evening, you must again take a warm shower or bath to clear the body of the ointment. Constant washing of the body after a daily walk with the drug applied is one of the main conditions.

Only if all recommendations are followedwill achieve a rapid effect of treatment with a means such as sulfuric ointment. Indications for the use of the medicine are such diseases as scabies, seborrheic dermatitis, acne. You can treat scabies in children even up to two months, as well as in pregnant and lactating mothers. The drug is prescribed for those who for different reasons can not use stronger medications. When treating skin diseases, sulfuric ointment is the safest.

But, despite the safety of thisdrug, skin dryness can occur - this is perhaps the only side effect of the drug. In addition to the absence of side effects, ointment has such advantages as high efficiency and affordable cost. There is one more unpleasant moment: sulfuric ointment has the property of spoiling clothes and giving an unpleasant smell to everyone. For this reason, it is recommended to wear only old clothes during the treatment period and use old bedding since the smell is destroyed and it is almost impossible to wash the stains.

On the basis of sulfur, there are other medicinalpreparations. These products contain elemental sulfur, which has the property to activate only when interacting with organic substances. For example, when applying ointment to the skin, sulphides and a special acid are formed, which just produce a fight with different microbes and parasites. In addition, sulfides have the property to significantly accelerate and enhance the formation of the horny, the uppermost layer of the skin.

In medical preparations sulfur is added,precipitated and purified. In itself, it looks like a fine lemon yellow powder, which is perfectly soluble in water. In the treatment of skin diseases ointment from sulfur is applied externally. But sulfur can also be ingested as an antiparasitic agent. Precipitated sulfur is almost completely odorless and does not dissolve in water. As a rule, it is taken only externally in the form of powders or the same ointment. Sulfur ointment, which is familiar to many, it is from such sulfur that it is produced. The precipitated version of sulfur can not be taken internally, since there is a risk of formation of a large amount of hydrogen sulphide in the intestine. At absorption this element can cause nausea, vomiting, headache and many other, rather unpleasant things.

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