Swag, what does it mean

Right now it's worth answering the question, what's this? This is how one of the youth trends is called in fashion, which appeared as a result of mixing several styles: sports, street and rapper.

Swag that this

Style Sweg is characterized by bright colors, unusualdetails and styles of clothing. This direction can be described by the expression "be steeper than the steep". Nicky Minaj, Riana, Lana Del Rey - all these stars dress in this style. What does it mean? This word appeared in the black American neighborhoods. After the rapper Jay-Z performed his hit "All I Need" for the general public, the word "swag" was widely used in many musical compositions in the style of rap.

Swag - what is it and how to choose clothes in this style

Spacious shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts, tops, shorts,wide pants, jeans. On a mandatory basis on the clothes must be present bright drawings, loud slogans, leopard print and colors of the acid palette. That's what a swedish style is. The image must be supplemented with massive costume jewelry, rings, chains and other ornaments. Of the headgear preference is given to knitted caps and kepi.

Shoes in the style of sveg

What does it mean?

Now that we have explained how the clothes look likestyle, it is worth considering the features of shoes that are used in this trendy direction. These are sports shoes: sneakers or sneakers, but without the slightest hint of classics. The shoes also use bright colors, rhinestones, shiny details, multi-colored laces and other finishes, catchy and attracting attention.

The girl in the style of sveg

A girl who knows, swig - what is it, and whichwants to create an image in this style, must first of all forget about the gentle tones in clothes, about fragility and sophistication. This trendy trend is characterized by bright decorations, catchy colors and freedom. When creating makeup in the style of sweg, lipsticks of bright colors, greasy eyeliner, colored mascara and false eyelashes are used. Great, if you can pump your lips with silicone, but this is a special chic, which every girl can not afford. Nevertheless, many girls, even knowing, swig - what it is, prefer not to use cosmetics at all.

Required style details

First, creating an image in the style offorget about catchy and massive decorations. The brighter and more expensive this inalienable attribute will be, the closer you will be to the desired image. Another detail - the tattoo in prominent places - the more, the better.

Sweg Style Clothing

It is also mandatory to use elements from the style of hip-hop. These are sneakers, sports jackets, spacious t-shirts and stuff. Details of style should be decorated with rivets, rhinestones and thorns.

It is worth noting that subtle girlscan forget about the style of the swag - this is not their direction. The body of girls should be pumped up, with chic and large shapes. In men, the body should also be sporty, with dice cubes and so on.

In a literal translation, the word swag (swag) means"extraction". Cro-Magnon people in prehistoric times decorated themselves with necklaces from the bones of dead animals, from teeth and stones. And the modern direction of swege adheres to the same principle: the more brilliant and bright decorations and details in clothes, the steeper.

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