Swimming pool "Radio wave" (Ryazan): description, address, reviews

Swimming is a sport, very usefulfor the health of any person. There are practically no contraindications to such exercises, only a positive effect. Recently, this sport is gaining huge popularity, due to which the number of pools in major cities is growing every year.

Swimming pool "Radio wave" Ryazan

It should be noted that five years ago,swimming in the city of Ryazan was little, but in recent years, their number has increased significantly. To date, every citizen can choose the most suitable option for themselves.

In this article, we will talk about the openRGRSTU pool "Radio wave". This is a new complex with modern equipment, which must be taken into consideration when choosing a place for swimming in Ryazan.

Description and characteristics of the basin

The pool "Radio wave" (Ryazan) is a bowl measuring 16 by 25 meters with six tracks, the approximate depth of which is from 1.2 to 1.8 meters.

Water in the bowl is prepared according to modern technologies, contains a minimum of chlorine. It should be noted that this is the only place in the city with ozone water purification.

pool "Radio wave" Ryazan price

Around the pool around the perimeter of the warm floor, which creates additional comfort.

From adults, when you visit the Radio Wave, you do not need medical certificates, just an examination at the doctor's place.

Contacts and location

"Radio wave" has a good location in the city center. The pool is very easy to find, it is in the immediate vicinity of the Central Park of Culture and Rest Ryazan on the street. Gagarin, house 59/1.

The swimming pool is open daily, without breaks and weekends, from 7 am to 10 pm, on Sunday the working day starts at 9.30 and ends at 18.30.

To clarify the necessary information, you can contact the administrator of the company by phone.

Also, you can get acquainted with the schedule of sessions, coaching staff and detailed prices by going to the site that has the "Radio wave" pool (Ryazan).

ul. Gagarin

The services

In addition to free swimming, daily hereclasses are held on aqua aerobics, and mini-football games are organized. There are spacious changing rooms and showers for visitors. There is parking for cars.

Also, the "Radiowave" (Ryazan) pool holds special classes for teenagers, women with babies and expectant mothers.

Additional Information

The duration of the lesson in the pool is thirty minutes.

Adults for a visit do not need a certificate from a doctor.

For classes in the complex, you must have a swimming cap, bathing suit and rubber slippers.

"Radio wave" pool Ryazan reviews

The cost of classes in the "Radio wave" on the street. Gagarin

The price of visiting the complex is quite acceptable. Those who want to save the most profitable will get a subscription for a long period. In this case, the more classes you pay, the less they will cost.

The cost of training for children:

  • one lesson - 200 rubles;
  • four - 620 rubles;
  • eight - 1240 rubles;
  • twelve lessons for 1860 rubles offers a pool "Radio wave" (Ryazan).

Price for adults:

  • one lesson - 310 rubles;
  • four - 1060 rubles;
  • eight - 2120 rubles;
  • twelve - 3,180 rubles.

Four individual sessions with the coach will cost 1380 rubles, one-time individual training will cost 390.

Discounts are given for pensioners upon presentation of the certificate.

Opinion of visitors about the organization of work in the pool

Many citizens like the "Radio wave" (the pool, Ryazan). Reviews about this swimming complex are mostly positive, with words of gratitude.

RGRTU pool "Radio wave"

The pool itself was built relatively recently,so everything here is new. In the premises is light, many benches, the condition of showers and locker rooms is excellent. In the locker rooms comfortable lockers with clothes hangers, there are mirrors, excellent hair dryers. I am glad that everywhere on the floor are anti-slip mats, it is immediately evident that the administration has taken care of observance of safety precautions.

Judging by the opinions of visitors, the water in the poolvery warm and clean, with a low content of chlorine. The bowl has a beautiful backlight, the floors are everywhere with heating, there is a nice buffet. The room is well ventilated and air-conditioned. Everywhere on the territory of the institution, posters with the words of appreciation of the United Russia party are hanging, thanks to which this pool appeared in the city, which is a little embarrassing.

People coming to classes on their own car, respond positively about parking - very convenient, a lot of place. The complex has a good location, democratic prices.

As for the minuses, then, according to somevisitors, in the pool there is not enough skirting in the shallow part, this creates obstacles for professional training. The girls at the reception are very slow, so it should be 10-20 minutes before the start of the session. In addition, many say that the hall at the entrance, where the wardrobe, reception and cash desk are located, should be expanded, since it hardly can accommodate all those who came.

Why is it useful to visit the pool

The benefits of swimming have long been known. Classes in the pool contribute to the development of muscles, strengthen the heart. Swimming relaxes, helps to cope with depression. In addition to pleasure, the pool brings relief from various diseases, reduces blood pressure, reduces pain in the spine, helps in the fight against joint problems. Swimming exercises stimulate blood flow and saturate cells with oxygen, improve appetite and normalize sleep. Swimming gives health and beauty. Therefore, people who care about appearance and physical form, should regularly visit the pool.


Swimming pool "Radio wave" (Ryazan), perhaps, it is possiblecall one of the most modern and best in the city. If you keep track of your health, want to learn how to swim, plan to visit the pool in the future or are currently looking for a suitable option, pay attention to the "Radio wave".

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Swimming pool Radio wave (Ryazan): description, address, reviews Swimming pool Radio wave (Ryazan): description, address, reviews Swimming pool Radio wave (Ryazan): description, address, reviews Swimming pool Radio wave (Ryazan): description, address, reviews Swimming pool Radio wave (Ryazan): description, address, reviews Swimming pool Radio wave (Ryazan): description, address, reviews Swimming pool Radio wave (Ryazan): description, address, reviews