Thanksgiving in the USA

Thanksgiving is one of America’s most beloved holidays. He has repeatedly been reflected in films and books. So what is this holiday and what is it about?

history of the holiday

Everyone from school years knows that it was not easy for Europeans, the first to arrive in a new and unfamiliar North America. Many died of disease even while traveling by ship. Others did not survive the cold winter, which met their new land. The migrants did not have enough food. They could have all died if the Indians had not come to their aid.

Thanksgiving DayLocal residents shared with the English, who came to live in America, food. And showed what vegetables can be grown in a new place, how to care for them. The fruit of the joint work of the British and the Indians was a rich harvest, which was enough to feed everyone.

The Plymouth colony, the oldest of all, was saved from extinction. The first governor, William Bradford, decided to celebrate this event. It was called Thanksgiving. People thanked the Lord for the life given to him, and the Indians who had rendered help. This holiday was first celebrated in the autumn of 1621.

Europeans did not just decide to celebrate themselves. They invited the Indians to share their meal with them. Native Americans from the Wampanoag tribe did not come empty-handed. They brought to the table three birds unfamiliar to Europeans whose meat turned out to be very tasty. Later, these birds became known as turkeys. Since then, turkey has become a traditional dish that always appears on the table of Americans on Thanksgiving Day.

The first settlers were very religious people. On the great Thanksgiving Day, they put religious meaning. On this day, everyone thanked God for being alive, having the opportunity to work and raise children. Over time, the holiday has lost its religious meaning. But it remained a pleasant tradition, which continued to be respected.

After the young state was freed from the power of the British, new holidays were needed. And one of the first was Thanksgiving. Later, Lincoln set to celebrate this holiday on the last Thursday of November each year.

Festive table

Thanksgiving in the USAThis holiday, which is one of the most important for Americans, has its own traditions. First of all, it is worth noting that he is considered a family.Because residents of the United States on this day set a big table and gather for it with the whole family. It is accepted that several generations should gather at Thanksgiving Day.

On the table on this day, it is customary to serve all that was on the feast of the first settlers. Of course, Thanksgiving in the USA cannot be imagined without traditional turkey. In addition to her, Americans are cooking pumpkin pies.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving holidayTourists from all over the world travel to the USA for Thanksgiving to see the traditional colorful parade in New York. This procession will amaze even those who do not know the history of Thanksgiving Day and American traditions. Such a wealth of colors, a riot of sound and music can not be seen in any other holiday.

Despite the fact that Christian Thanksgiving has already become secular, some traditions remain. Many American families go to church today. In addition, it is customary to donate money to charity on Thanksgiving Day.

Why visit the USA at Thanksgiving

There are many reasons to time your trip to the United States of America for Thanksgiving. This moment will be remembered for a long time.He wants to repeat again and again.

Thanksgiving AmericansThe first reason is the parade in New York, about which it was written above. Tourists will be able not only to look at how Americans are having fun, but also to take part in the universal celebration. And no one will look askance at those who decide to dance in the street or sing a song. On Thanksgiving, the whole country becomes one.

Interesting events for tourists do not stop even after Thanksgiving was celebrated. Americans are starting to get ready for Christmas. And in honor of this, stores announce sales. The next day after the holiday, the Americans did not accidentally call “Black Friday”, as there is literally no free space in the stores. At extremely low prices you can buy beautiful and necessary things.

What give thanksgiving

Not always at Thanksgiving can all the family and all the close people at the same table gather. By tradition, Americans send postcards to those who could not celebrate this holiday with them. Specially for this celebration, postcards with images related to Thanksgiving Day are issued.

You can easily find charming souvenirs that will remind of Thanksgiving Day. It would also be a good idea to bring something tasty to your friends. For example, traditional pumpkin pie. Or a cookie.

Pardon turkey

On Thanksgiving, many turkeys are on the holiday table. But not so long ago there was a tradition to choose one bird, whose life will be saved.

Christian ThanksgivingSome time before the holiday, 30 turkeys are chosen, which they begin to prepare for work in public. They are fed with hands, they are taught not to be afraid of people. The Americans will have to choose the turkey that will become the symbol of the holiday this year.

That bird, which will take the second place in the voting, will become the main dish of the holiday table in the White House. Turkey, which received first place, will appear on television with the president. This bird will be transported like a real star. She will be fed the best food and will do everything to make her feel comfortable. After the holiday is over, the turkey will be sent to the zoo, where she will safely spend the rest of her life.

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