The best additives in the engine. Diesel Engine Additives

Technology in just the last few years has taken a huge step forward. This is noticed even by people who are very far from everyday use of technology. Not passed this path and the automotive industry. What can you not see on the shelves of modern automotive stores!

engine additivesBut today we are only interested in engine additives. Only lazy does not know about them now, but the attitude to this “chemistry” is surprisingly heterogeneous: some people like the additives very much, and someone considers them to be charlatans. It should be noted that they appeared on the automotive market about a dozen years ago. All this time between professional motorists there have been intense disputes about the appropriateness of their use, so the problem is not new.

So is it worth using these tools and how to choose the most suitable composition for your car? We will try to answer these and other questions in this article.

Basic concepts

By the way, what are the additives in the engine? So called special liquid funds, which (according to the assurances of their manufacturers) contribute to the extension of the life of the engine or gearbox. The choice of a particular tool depends on the characteristics of the engine of your car. More precisely, from the fuel that he uses. To date, there are additives in the engine of gasoline and diesel type, as well as compositions for adding to the oil (both of the engine and gearbox).

Gasoline additives

The range of such compositions is very large, but all their varieties can be divided into several types:

  • Funds "drying" the fuel.
  • Compositions for cleaning the engine.
  • In addition, there are additives to the engine that reduce the effect of detonation.
  • Substances that help clean the entire fuel system.
  • Funds for increasing octane fuel.

engine additives main roadAnd now we will discuss some of these varieties in a little more detail, revealing some of the nuances of their application.

Funds for "draining" fuel

As you can guess from the name, these tools are designed to remove moisture from the car's gas tank.In principle, all the compositions on the market do an excellent job. Here are just a penny isopropyl alcohol makes all the same no worse.

This substance adds water and burns along with it. In addition, isopropyl alcohol often helps to solve the problem of soot for candles, without the help of auto mechanics. Professional drivers say that about a hundred milliliters of this additive should be added to 20 liters of gasoline. However, if you have such an opportunity, it is better to use ordinary ethyl alcohol.

It will not only remove moisture from the gas tank, but also increase engine power. To do this, it should be added at the rate of 10% of the total fuel. In addition, ethanol is absolutely (relatively, of course) safe to use, while isopropyl alcohol is poisonous and should be handled with extreme caution.

Octane increase

If we talk about the popularity of certain means, then these compositions are extremely widespread.

HADO additives in the engineThese additives to the engine (“Main road” somehow discussed this issue) are extremely popular in our country, since the quality of fuel at many gas stations does not hold water.The following substances are especially well-known and have quite decent indicators: Totec, Cymantrene, LIQUI MOLY Octane Plus.


I would like to warn the “thirsty freebies”: pour a full tank of AI-76 gasoline and miraculously turn it into AI-92 fuel you won't get. More precisely, some of the additives in the engine (“Main road” somehow considered this question) are capable of such a “feat”, only you will not like the results.

Why do we need this class of additives? Manufacturers themselves emphasize that their funds - emergency. Imagine that on a business trip you poured a full tank on a single refueling within a radius of two hundred kilometers. And now think what awaits you, if instead of fuel with a normal octane number, it is not clear what? But if you have an additive, then you can at least get to the nearest town and wash the gas tank there.

Keep in mind that with regular use of such tools, you will not only have to constantly change the spark plugs, but also soon you risk “getting” on the engine overhaul. It will not be out of place to remind you that the cost of such an operation is rather big.

Additives in automobile oils for the engine

Currently on the market there is an unrealistically huge choice of additives for automotive engines. As in the previous case, there are several varieties at once. Let's analyze what they are and why they are generally needed:

  • Preservatives are designed for situations where the car is left in the garage for a long time.
  • Antifriction compounds. One of the most popular, as they significantly reduce the friction of engine parts.
  • Detergents that will help tidy up the engine of the old car.
  • Recovery compounds, which (according to the manufacturer) can eliminate scratches and rather deep scratches on engine parts.
  • Thickeners. May be required in particularly hot climates. In this case, the oil becomes too liquid and does not protect the parts from wear. Thickeners relieve this problem.
  • Anticorrosive compositions. Well, everything is clear with them and without decoding.

Good additives (“Hado”) to the engine can increase its power, significantly reduce friction and wear of engine parts, and also help accelerate the running-in of a new car.The advantage of high-quality additives is that they are able to remove from the internal surfaces of the motor tar overlays, which in many cases arise there due to the constant use of low-quality fuels.

engine oil additivesIn addition, the same additives "Hado" in the engine can be recommended to owners who have changed several owners of cars. Numerous reviews indicate that in the case of the simultaneous use of mixtures and oils from this company, the resource of even significantly worn out nodes really increases. Of course, it will not save it from overhaul anyway, but at least it will significantly delay it.

Important! Surely every more or less experienced driver understands this himself, but we’ll still remind you once again: if the engine "breathes its last" and works only thanks to additives, it will be the height of folly to plan long trips. It may well be that you find yourself in the middle of the road without a working vehicle.

Classification by type of composition

It should be noted that the composition of all the mixtures are divided into three large groups, the characteristics of which we now analyze:

  • First, based on fine powders compounds. It is believed that such additives for engine oil at high operating temperatures form on the surface of parts the thinnest cermet layer that protects them from further wear.
  • In another case, metal-cladding substances act as the basis of the mixture. When the composition enters the zone of active friction, they again form a rather thick protective layer on the surface of intensively erasable parts. He is not only really able to even quite unpleasant mechanical defects, but also significantly improves the overall performance of the crankshaft.
  • Other additives for engine oil, which include a lot of polyesters and chlorine paraffin active substances. They are cheaper due to more common components, and are also designed to align some mechanical micro-damage in the engine. But the layer that they form on the surface of the parts is not so reliable, it quickly abrades.

Engine restorators

This, for example, additives in the engine "Suprotek", the price of which does not exceed two thousand rubles.They are designed to restore compression, reduce oil consumption. As a rule, such compounds can somewhat improve the mechanical condition of worn engine parts, greatly prolonging their possible operation. It is not surprising that they are in such high demand from owners and buyers of used cars.

engine additives suprotec PriceFor example, the same additives in the engine "Suprotek" appear in almost every second discussion, and often they are recommended even by professional auto mechanics. This happens because they see the results of use, and therefore can confidently recommend really useful mixtures. Simply put, some brands can definitely be trusted.

What is the basis of their action?

As a rule, at high temperatures, they react with the components of the engine oil, forming a strong protective film on the parts of the engine. Some manufacturers claim that a kind of “micro-welding” takes place in a running engine, when even quite significant defects are simply made by reducing additives.This effect is achieved by incorporating niobium, cobalt, tantalum. In some cases, nickel and even platinum is used.

This includes some of the elite additives in the engine "Suprotek", the price of which in this case may exceed five to six thousand rubles for a small bottle.

Of course, the cost of such additives is by no means small, since the price of the components that are included in their composition sometimes exceeds all imaginable limits. However, they can often have a really good effect on the condition of your car’s engine, and therefore in many cases it makes sense to fork out.

Of course, you should not hope that additives in the Suprotec engine will also help you restore the damaged form of the parts. Reviews show that they only stop the processes of destruction of parts. Accordingly, with them even the old motor will be able to withstand quite significant loads that would otherwise be able to “kill” it completely.

Once again we draw your attention to the additives in the engine "Suprotek". Reviews say their respective varieties can soften old oil seals and engine gaskets, eliminating leakage through them.

The best additives for gasoline engines

As a rule, the mechanism of action of all these substances repeats one of those that we have already described above. And therefore we better list those additives that really give a good effect. Surely this information may be useful to many potential buyers who have just begun to think about the need to purchase such compounds.

  • "VERYLUBE Aquastop". As it is easy to understand, looking at the name, this mixture is designed for effective cleaning of the fuel system from moisture. It should be noted that it significantly reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases, reduces oil consumption and protects parts of the exhaust system from corrosion. Tip of the day: this composition is ideal in those cases when you need to urgently defrost the door lock, tightly wedged in the cold!
  • Secondly, the very additives in the engine "Suprotek". The manufacturer offers a huge range of products, among which there are compositions for restoring gasoline and diesel engines, for eliminating oil leaks and many others. Reliability and effectiveness of these mixtures have already been confirmed by numerous tests of reputable automotive publications.
  • Superoctane corrector. Additive increases the heat generation of fuel, engine power, neutralizes moisture in the gas tank, does not allow corrosion and the occurrence of water jams in the fuel system, cleans the engine parts from carbon deposits.
  • Octane corrector. Again, the name can be understood that the composition is intended to increase the octane number of not very high-quality fuel. It helps protect the engine from the effects of using such fuel, reduce fuel consumption, and not worry about the detonation problem. It greatly facilitates the cold start of the engine, improves its idle work.

engine additives suprotec reviewsIn addition, according to foreign automotive publications, the best additives to the engine are produced by two legendary companies: Liqui Moly and Castrol. The first is especially good with its series for cleaning the engine. Reviews confirm that with the help of these tools it is possible to put in order even the engine of the car, which for years went by low-grade fuel. If we talk about mixtures of Castrol, then they are great for those cases when you want to improve the quality of the fuel itself.

All of the additives we described in the engine (reviews say the same thing) are ideal for use in injection and carburetor engines, including those of them,on which the catalyst and turbocharging are mounted.

The best additives for diesel engines

Every domestic motorist knows that diesel cars began to appear on our roads en masse only in recent years. One of the reasons for this oddity is the low quality of domestic diesel fuel, some Japanese manufacturers did not supply their cars to Russia solely because they simply could not guarantee the normal operation of their engines on such fuel. Therefore, it is not surprising that the additives in a diesel engine are gaining increasing popularity every year.

In principle, they perform all the same functions that we described in the part about gasoline engines. Firstly, they improve the quality of diesel fuel, help prevent unpleasant consequences of a situation when there is still summer diesel fuel in the first cold in the car’s tank. In addition, additives significantly reduce the amount and opacity of the exhaust, reduce fuel consumption.

More importantly, the quality compounds from well-known manufacturers really contribute to the smooth operation of the engine at idle, prevent the fuel system from clogging up with poor-quality fuel and corrosive phenomena.If the engine "eats" the oil, the additives can also have a positive effect on it, allowing some to postpone the prospect of turning to automotive mechanics.

It is worth saying that the choice of such compositions today is simply huge. According to motorist polls, the products of the following brands show themselves best: "Energy 3000", STP Diesel Treatment, Comma Diesel and others. We add that when choosing an additive it is highly advisable to consult with a representative of your car company. This will help make a reasonable and safe choice.

So how justified is their use?

First, you must clearly realize one simple thing: there are no miracles in the world. Yes, additives can really help to stretch a little longer without an engine overhaul, they perfectly “dry” the fuel system from moisture and sometimes can even be able to increase the octane number of the fuel. But to expect that these mixtures will turn a dilapidated car into a sports car is definitely not worth it.

engine additives suprotecIn addition, the same additives intended to increase the octane number of fuel are not recommended to be used at all for a long period of time. We have already discussed the reasons for this.Thus, special formulations can actually be useful, but they should not be abused.

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