The drug "Menovazine" (ointment)

Menovazine (ointment) belongs to the categoryantipruritic drugs. The drug in its composition is a combined, its properties are associated with the mechanism of action of active substances in its composition. Active ingredients: racemic menthol, anestezin, novocain.

Ointment Menovazine. Instructions. Description

Due to the properties of menthol the preparation renderscooling effect on the corresponding receptors. This sensation of irritation is replaced by a mild anesthesia. Menthol is capable of reflexively changing the tone of the vessels of organs and tissues, located both deep and more superficially.

Novocaine has a fairly pronounced anesthetic activity. In this case, it does not affect the vascular tone.

Anestezine has superficial anesthetic properties.

The combination of these components in the preparation"Menovasin" (ointment) allows to provide a reversible disorder of conduction and excitation of conductors and nerve receptors in direct interaction with them. The drug has a distracting and irritating effect.

The drug is used for dermatoses, accompanied by itching, arthralgia, myalgia, neuralgia.

Menovazine (ointment). Instructions for use

The drug is applied twice or thrice a day externally. Rubbing the painful areas of the skin. The duration of application will depend on the patient's condition, the form and nature of the pathology, concomitant treatment (if available). The maximum dosage is no more than nine grams.

As a rule, Menovazine (ointment) is transferredpatients well. However, with prolonged use, dizziness, a sense of weakness, lowering of blood pressure, contact dermatitis, allergies are likely. As practice shows, manifestations are of a short-term nature. If symptoms persist, it is recommended to stop using and consult a doctor.

Contraindicated Menovazine (ointment) with increased sensitivity.

Overdose can occur if tooprolonged use of the drug. As a rule, in such cases there is peeling, dermatitis, other skin reactions. When these signs manifest, menovazine should be discarded.

The drug should not be applied to the affected areas of the skin.

The effect of the medication during lactation and pregnancy, as well as on young children, has not been adequately studied. The expediency of appointment is decided by a specialist.

It is not recommended to use the product at the same timewith other locally acting medications (anesthetic properties may increase). The active components of Menovazine (anesthesin, novocaine) are able to weaken the antibacterial effect of sulfonamide drugs. About the use of any other drugs should notify the doctor.

Patients who have been using Menovazine respond tomeans is positive. Most of all, the cost of medicine. Together with this, Menovazine is a very effective drug. Often it is used by "meteodependent" people, sensitive to weather changes. They often have pain in the joints of the aching, as a rule, character. In such cases, menovazine often comes to the rescue.

Despite the fact that the drug has enoughliquid consistency, it is rubbed without any particular difficulties. Many patients claim that relief comes after the first-second application. The first sensations after application - easy tingling, irritation. Gradually they are replaced by cooling. After the pain begins to gradually pass.

Menovazine eliminates soreness quickly enough. However, we should not forget that the drug does not relieve the disease.

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