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What should be the final essay? Examples of finished works of schoolchildren help teachers prepare their students for final exams.

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Direction "enmity and friendship"

In order to get a “credit” for his work, a graduate needs to write about 300 words. We offer a finished final essay on literature. Examples of essays can be used when choosing the theme "Friendship and enmity."

Version of the final essay on relationships

People always trembled with friendship, because it is a component component of life. Every person needs loyal and faithful friends. A true friend is not just the person with whom you can spend your free time. This is the one who can help in a difficult moment, share trouble.

In the poem by A. S. Pushkin, dedicated to the companion in the Lyceum I. I. Pushchin, the author recalls the joy that a friend brought to him when he arrived at Mikhailovskoye. The poet with gratitude speaks of the lyceum friend, who always helped him in the most difficult days of his life.Pushchin also always considered Pushkin to be his friend and appreciated their mutual relations.

In the book "Two Captains" Kaverin also traced the true friendship, able to overcome all adversity, to cope with problems. As an argument, one can cite the work of Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita". The author shows not only the love that has arisen between the master and Margarita, but also the real affection of Margarita to her chosen one. For her, she is ready for any tests, helps in difficult times to cope with problems and hardships.

Nowadays, it is rather difficult to find a true friend who will not only help in difficult times, but also be able to sincerely rejoice at the successes. People stopped communicating, instead of friendly meetings, they are ready to sit at the computer for hours. Friendly conversations over a cup of tea in good company, which we see in any work of the classics, have ceased to be relevant and in demand. They were replaced by short calls, messages. The real value of companionship has been lost, the genuine ability to sympathize and worry about a loved one has disappeared. What will the loss of friends lead to? To the fact that people will cease to be people.

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Destination "honor and dishonor"

We offer examples of the final essays on this topic.Reflecting on this issue, we note that this is relevant in the war years. For example, in the story of V. Bykov "Sotnikov" it is said about how two partisans were captured by policemen. Sotnikov is represented by the author as a true patriot, who is ready to die for the sake of his country. His friend Rybak is trying to escape by any means. He decides to go to the side of the enemy only in order to save his life.

The book shows the manifestation of the true feelings and qualities of people facing mortal danger. It is not only in war that similar qualities appear. In the work of Aksenov, “Breakfasts of forty-three years,” it tells how classmates constantly picked breakfasts and various things from the main character. He could not win over the enemies of physical victory, but morally defeated his enemies.

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Direction "mistakes and experience"

How to write a final essay? Examples concerning this direction are offered below. What are the components of life experience? From those actions that are committed by man, he must learn lessons. Not always actions are positive.Reckless actions, for example, as in the story of the Red Cat by V. Oseeva, help to understand that it is possible to cause grief to other people by their actions.

What else can be included in the final essay? Examples of literary works that will be chosen by the graduate as arguments may be different. For example, about experience and mistakes can be read in the story A. Mass "Trap".


It is difficult to guess what kind of final essay will be proposed. Examples of the work of schoolchildren can be found in ready-made collections. Despite the diversity of areas that are offered to high school students, there are several basic ones for which teachers of Russian language and literature prepare their pupils.

Guys can express their thoughts about love and friendship, good and evil. A prerequisite for obtaining all five criteria for the final essay is to bring at least two arguments to the stated position, supplemented by literary sources.

Many graduates choose areas that involve the use of the works of Leo Tolstoy. For example, the novel of this Russian classic "War and Peace" can be considered a universal work for writing a final essay on literature.

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