The happiest people on Earth: features and interesting facts

Everyone, perhaps, will answer this difficult and multifaceted question in different ways. And even the same person at different periods of his life and in different moods can give different definitions of this state. And all because it is deeply subjective.

Scientifically, happiness is defined as a state of satisfaction or a reaction to the satisfaction of a need. Everyone's needs are different, so the concepts of happiness are also different.

Based on scientific definition, sociologists are constantly trying to figure out which particular country of citizens who feel happy are the most. So where do the happiest people on earth live, who are they? Are their level of happiness, material factors, or something else determined by their level of happiness?

the happiest people on earth are they

How to measure happiness?

To determine the happiest place on earth, you must use a conditional measure of happiness. What is he like?

Based on the scientific definition of happiness, you need to look for the happiest people on earth where people’s needs are most fully met. As it turned out as a result of research, the needs of people are not so much, and they can be systematized into groups:

• social guarantees of the state;

• level of material well-being;

• environmental Safety;

• life expectancy;

• freedom.

The happiest nations of the world according to international statistics

The latest studies of international experts were conducted in 2017, they used data from 155 countries for 2014-2016. So where do the happiest people in the world live and by what criteria do sociologists determine this?

They evaluated, among other things, the level of GDP, average life expectancy, a sense of government support and confidence, as well as anxiety, anger, sadness and other negative feelings of the country's inhabitants.

According to the results of these studies, the happiest people on earth live in Northern Europe. And the happiest country is Norway. This state in terms of social services is in first place in the world. Norway has the largest per capita GDP in the world, as well as the most equitable finance distribution system in the world. 95% of Norwegians are satisfied with the level of freedom.

Last year, this country was only in fourth place. And the leading position was occupied by Denmark, and in the first place it appeared three times in a row.

where the happiest people in the world live

Denmark is known for its fairly strong family institution, a strong bond of children with their parents. The basic right of citizens of this country is quality free medicine. The priority of the Danes and gender equality.

The top five countries where the happiest people live on earth also include Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland.

In them, the standard of living of the population is quite high, there are more people rich and healthy. But material well-being is not the only indicator of happiness ...

Friendship and cohesion - the key to life satisfaction

As it turned out, in order to feel happy, it is important for people to feel support - both the state and their fellow countrymen.

In countries officially named the happiest, helping one's neighbor is "in the blood." There is an opinion that in the countries where the happiest people on Earth live - Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Sweden - people feel themselves satisfied with life thanks to the unspoken code of rules governing life in a society that does not recognize the right to individualism - the so-called Law Jante.This "law" actually helps in creating a friendly and very cohesive society. Maybe it is in this cohesion and the feeling of elbow that the main reason why people in Northern Europe feel so happy?

the happiest people on earth

And citizens feel satisfied when they realize that society needs their activities. In other words, if the citizens of the country consider themselves to be an important link in their life, they feel a surge of enthusiasm and happiness. Participation in the life of the state, the true power of the people develop in society mutual trust, which is a component of social capital. And such capital is no less important than material.

Keep a delicate balance

Material well-being, undoubtedly, is very important for a person to be comfortable and convenient. But this is not the most important factor by which you can feel happy. Even a very prosperous person who lives in prosperity is extremely unhappy. And a resident of a poor country can feel completely happy only because the sun and close people are shining nearby.

the happiest people on earth

By accumulating wealth, according to the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people of the Dalai Lama, external happiness can only be achieved. But it will be fleeting without inner happiness, spiritual.

An unspiritual person loses the ability to perceive the world in all its versatility, and even with all the riches of the world, he cannot feel happy. This feeling is available only to those who combine the spiritual and material. Everyone should take care of his body and his needs without fail, but he should be treated as a container of the soul. The Dalai Lama perceives the soul as a subtle matter, giving meaning to the physical existence of the body.

Only those who manage to keep this balance of spiritual and material can be safely called a happy man.

The happiest people on earth: who are they?

We already know about the happiest countries and nations, but there are also some individuals who are all called lucky.

known as the happiest man on earth

Buddhist monk Matthew Rickard, officially known as the happiest man on earth, received this status as a result of a study whose goal was to identify the effect on the brain of meditations.

Hundreds of people took part in the research that was led by the neurologist Richard Davidson. As magnetic resonance imaging has shown, during the meditations Matthew’s brain produces a level of gamma waves that has never been described by science before.

The Buddhist monk Matthew Ricard - a friend of the Dalai Lama - scientists also found high activity in the left cerebral cortex, which is responsible for a positive view of the world.

A man who has eight lives is he not lucky?

Known for his good fortune, which never left him, and Frano Selak from Croatia. This man was a close touch from death 7 times, but he always managed to deceive her. The first time it happened in the 60s. Frano Selak rode the train, which derailed and went under the water. Since this catastrophe occurred in the chilling cold, passengers had little chance of surviving. But this man managed to be among the few who survived.

A few years later, Frano Selaka again threatened mortal danger. The plane on which he flew, during the landing touched the top of the mountain with his tail. The blow was so strong that the door opened. On the plane at that moment there were only two unstuck people: a pretty stewardess and a passenger who decided to follow her and followed the girl to the tail end. This passenger was our hero. Through the opened door, both flew out when the plane was 600 meters from the ground.The life of Frano, when falling from such a height, retained a large snowdrift, into which he landed. The girl also survived, caught on a tree branch. A year later, the two were legally married and feel the happiest people on earth.

 the happiest people on earth who are they

Frano not only miraculously avoided death many times, but also won the lottery, as befits a pet of fortune. And he won as much as a million dollars! With this money the happy Croat reconstructed the Temple, built the chapel of the Virgin Mary. He spent the remaining dollars on travel or simply distributed to family and friends. Frano is sure that at his age you need to get maximum pleasure from money!

If the criterion to take smiles

If the criterion for measuring happiness is to make the opinions of the people themselves, then the picture will be different from the official one. The happiest people on Earth, in their own opinion, live in the far from rich countries of Latin America: Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, and also in Asian countries - in Fiji, the Philippines, in Indonesia, Vietnam.

Interesting conclusions were made after analyzing 150 million photos from the popular social network "Instagram".The criterion of satisfaction with life analysts made the number of smiles in the pictures.

Most often in the photo smiling residents of Latin America.

the happiest nations of the world

In Asia, the residents of the Philippines turned out to be the most smiling, with the residents of Kazakhstan second in smiles. And the most sullen in Asia are the Uzbeks.

In Europe, judging by the smiles in the photo, the people of Macedonia live the happiest, and the Romanians are not far behind them.

Happiness is in us.

Everyone wants happiness. But for some unknown reason, many people believe that happy people live somewhere far away in rich countries. And dreaming of living in one of these happy states, they do not know how to find joy and satisfaction in the most important things that fill a person’s life with meaning: in love, respect, support, creativity, spirituality.

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