The most expensive alcohol in the world. Review of alcoholic beverages

It is difficult to believe in it, but there is such an alcohol in our world, the price of which is such a sum that you can buy some luxurious mansions for it. For some, binge is only an “attribute” that blesses the celebration of an event pleasantly. But for others - a whole cult, and they are ready to put a whole fortune for one bottle of your favorite drink. And now just about this speech and go - about the most expensive alcohol in the world.

the most expensive alcohol in the world

D’Amalfi Limoncello Supreme

This liqueur is the undisputed leader of any ranking and top. After all, a bottle, the photo of which is presented above, costs 43.8 million dollars! And this is almost 2.6 billion rubles!

This price is offered to pay mostly not for the contents, but for the bottle itself. It was designed by the famous specialist Stuart Hughes, who worked together with the famous Italian brand Antica Distilleria Russo.

The neck of the bottle is decorated with three flawless 13-carat diamonds. Rare diamonds with a total weight of 18.5 carats are distributed over the rest of the area.

The drink has a pleasant yellowish tint with green reflections. The taste of citrus - very fresh, clean and rich, with an invigorating aroma.

There are only two such bottles in the world. One was bought by an Italian aristocrat. The other is still available for sale, but no one has yet wanted to buy it.

Isabella’s Islay

And under this name is known the most expensive whiskey in the world. It was released by the British company Beverage. The price of a bottle is 6.2 million dollars. In rubles it is about 367 million.

Again, the price is due to the high cost of the bottle. More precisely, the decanter. It is molded from white gold, the neck is made of crystal, and the inscriptions are made of diamonds.

On the inside, the carafe is filled with elite, old Malt Isle malt, considered the best in the world. This drink is produced on the eponymous island, located on the west coast of Scotland. It has a long and oily finish. Having drunk some of this whiskey, a person feels unusual notes of smoke and iodine. Such a specific taste is due to the process of creation, which involves natural water containing sea minerals and salt.

You can buy this drink for a much smaller amount, if in a regular, standard bottle. Isle of Jura Prophecy, for example, costs about 7,000 rubles for 0.7 l.

Jamaican rum

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage

This is brandy, which ranks third in the ranking of the most expensive alcohol in the world. He is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The bottle was sold for two million dollars in Dubai in 2009.

The most expensive cognac in the world, the price of which equates to the cost of a great apartment in any developed metropolis of the world, is placed in a truly precious decanter. It is made from the highest grade platinum and yellow 24-carat gold. In total, the decanter took 4 kilograms of precious metals. But that is not all. It is also decorated with diamonds in the amount of 6,500 pieces and other precious stones. The decanter was created by the French jeweler Jose Davalos.

Drink, of course, is also good. It is based on the best cognac spirits 100 years of aging. And insisted drink in barrels, which dried for 5 years in the air. By the way, this cognac is one degree stronger than all the others. Tasters say that its taste is very delicate and refined. A soft unobtrusive aftertaste lasts about half an hour.


This is the name of vodka, which costs $ 1,060,000. It is manufactured by the Scottish company Blackwood Distillers. The company is known for making triple purified vodka. First, the drink is passed through the ice. Then birch charcoal is used for cleaning.And then - diamond dust.

However, vodka, the photo of which is presented below, is even more special. Indeed, in each such bottle there are precious stones (diamonds including), which raise the price of the drink from $ 70 to the above-mentioned mark.

how much is tequila

Elite Champagne

Perhaps this drink is the most favorite. So it is impossible not to mention the most expensive varieties of champagne. So, here is a small rating:

  • Heidsieck The price is 270 000 dollars. This champagne was intended for Nicholas II himself. But unfortunately, it did not reach the emperor. The Swedish ship on which it was being transported crashed. And until 1997, the bottles rested on the bottom of the sea. Get out of it was only 200 pieces. All were sold at auction in Russia.
  • Pernod-Ricard Perrier-Jouet. The price is 50,000 dollars. This is a set of 12 different bottles sold only together.
  • Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam. The price is 40,000 dollars. The highlight of this champagne is its exclusive packaging design work. The "standard" version of the drink costs $ 350.
  • Krug. The price is 21 000 dollars. This champagne is produced from the harvest, harvested in 1926, which is one of the most successful of all time in winemaking in principle.
  • Cristal Brut. The price is $ 17,000.This six-liter bottle was sold in 2005 at auction in New York.

There are also other expensive alcoholic beverages. The most interesting thing that collectors and true connoisseurs behind them are satisfied with a real hunt, since some of them are really hard to get. Take, for example, the Bollinger Blanc de Noirs Vieilles Vignes Francaises. The price of a bottle of champagne is $ 650. It is produced only from the 1997 crop, from Pinot Noir grapes. The cost, in comparison with previous drinks, is low, but it is not easy to find it.

the most expensive alcoholic beverages


You can not ignore this drink. How much is tequila, which is the most expensive in the world? About 3 500 000 dollars per bottle. Such is the price of elite tequila called Ley 0.925 Pasion Azteca.

This drink is made from a blue agave juice aged for 6 years, and it is placed in a unique author bottle. It is made of pure gold and inlaid with diamonds. There are two more cheaper, if I may say so, versions. Their price is 250,000 dollars. These bottles are made of gold and platinum.

Asombroso Reserva Del Porto is next in the ranking of tequila. How much is this drink? An order of magnitude less than the previous - $ 2,800. This tequila is aged for 11 years. Such a long infusion gives it a mild flavor.

And the third place is occupied by Barrique Ponciano Porfidio. Tequila of this brand is available in a limited edition of only 2,000 copies. The taste of the drink is rich, tart, invigorating, somewhat sweet. The price of one bottle is $ 2,000.

alcohol review


Another type of alcohol that has hundreds of thousands of connoisseurs around the world. Here is a brief price rating for this drink:

  • Bottle J. Wray & Nephew. The price is 54,000 dollars. The cost is not so high because of luxury packaging or designer bottles. The essence is in the drink. This Jamaican rum was produced in 1940. Age, exclusivity, quality and “origin”, originating on the island of pirates and adventurers - these are its main features. There are only 4 such bottles in the world.
  • Legacy by Angostura. The price is $ 25,000. The real treasure of the Caribbean islands. In the world there are only 20 bottles made on about. Trinidad. You can even try it - in the Playboy Club in London, where a shot glass costs $ 6,000. Both the drink itself and the bottle that is decorated with sterling silver are unique. Comes complete with a leather case and a handmade box made of natural wood, which is trimmed with silk and velvet.
  • 1780 Barbados private estate. The price is $ 10,700. This is an even older drink than the notorious Jamaican rum.A few years ago, a basement with bottles was discovered in the English estate of Harwood House, which looked as if they had lain there for hundreds of years. The layer of mold was such that it took half an hour to remove it from one bottle. It turned out that the assumptions are correct. All bottles were made in 1780.

Rum, of course, is not the most expensive alcohol in the world, but there is still the Jamaican 55-year-old Appleton Estate for $ 6,630, the British British Royal Navy Imperial for $ 3,000 and the Spanish Ron Bacardí de Maestros de Ron for $ 2,000.


Not to mention it in the review of alcoholic beverages. The really elite list includes the following names:

  • Screaming Eagle, vintage 1992. This is the most expensive wine. How much is? About 500,000 dollars was sold for the same amount in 1995 at an auction. The uniqueness of the drink in the recipe is made from the grape varieties Merlot, Franck and Sauvignon Cabernet.
  • Montrachet Domaine de la Romanee Conti, 1978 crop. This elite white wine of a pleasant golden hue is made from grapes grown on a plantation that began in 1600. It has a delicate aftertaste with hints of peach, lily of the valley and forest herbs. The price of a bottle is 170,000 dollars.
  • Massandra sherry, 1775 harvest. This wine is made of three varieties - Albillo, Sersial and Verdello. The price is 150,000 dollars.

Also the list of the most expensive alcoholic beverages includes wines Chateau Lafite ($ 27,000), DRC Romanee Conti ($ 25,000), Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley ($ 21,000), and many others. All of them are unique not only because of their taste and age, but also due to a rich history.

how much is the most expensive wine


Talking about the most expensive alcoholic beverages, it is impossible not to note the attention and beer, which is popular in almost any country. Here is a brief TOP:

  • Antarctic Nail Ale. Beer, whose strength is 10%, costs about $ 1,815 per half liter bottle. It consists of the purest melt water of the Antarctic glaciers. A total of 30 bottles were released.
  • BrewDog End of History. This beer has an incomprehensible fortress mind - 55%. It is made on the basis of a mixture of juniper berries and nettle. Before packing the drink passes multiple distillation and freezing. But another feature is packaging. Bottles placed in stuffed squirrels, hare and affection. There are 12 pieces in total, and the price is $ 765 each.
  • Carlsberg Jacobsen Vintage No. 1. This is an exclusive beer, whose strength is 10.5%, released in the amount of 600 pieces. It has a pleasant dark brown color, due to the use in the preparation of caramel. In addition to its hue, a pronounced malt flavor has notes of dried fruit and smoke. Price - $ 400 for a 375-milliliter bottle.

I would also like to note the attention beer Schorschbock 57, which is the strongest in the world. Yes, the notorious 55 percent is not a winner by this criterion. The fortress Schorschbock is 57.5%. This beer has a characteristic taste of raisins, walnut and smoke. Price - $ 275 per bottle, with a volume of 330 ml.

the most expensive varieties of champagne

Jin watenshi

I would like to complete the theme of the most expensive alcohol in the world with this elite drink. This strong, spicy, even "dry" taste of the drink connoisseurs less than all previously listed. But they are, and they are enough. It was for such people that the Japanese gin Watenshi was made.

Bottles only 36. The price of one - 3 000 dollars. The drink is so expensive because it is made during the 50-fold distillation, which was carried out at -50 ° C. Plus, only 1% of all the distilled mass enters the bottle. So a unique recipe - the reason for the high price of gin. Although it is difficult to deny that the bottle looks beautiful. You can be convinced of its attractiveness by looking at the photo attached above.

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