The most useful cheats for Warcraft 3

At one time, the Warcraft series of games gained incredible popularity. The first two parts were exclusively strategic in the classic sense of this genre, while the third part received an impressive role-playing game element. It was this step that led to the appearance of Doty, one of the most popular games of our time. However, this article will discuss Warcraft 3 cheats. They can make it much easier for you to complete these missions, but you should remember that all your achievements will be canceled. Therefore, use codes only if you do not play for the result. Cheats for Warcraft 3 are not very numerous, but all the options that are at your disposal, will allow you to significantly expand opportunities. So, it's time to find out exactly how they need to enter, as well as what they generally are.

How to enter cheats?

warcraft 3 cheats

Cheats for Warcraft 3 are introduced very simply. You need to press the Enter key, and then start typing the text of the cheat itself. When you finish and check the spelling, you need to press the same key again and your code is activated.Please note that in the article examples of cheats will be written in upper and lower case letters, since each of the codes is a phrase in English. This way you can more easily understand the meaning of the code and remember it. But in the game itself, you can use only lowercase letters, since the system does not attach importance to the registry. Well, now you know all the basics, so it's time to consider the most useful cheats for Warcraft 3.

Most Popular Cheats

warcraft 3 frozen cheats

First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the cheats in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne correspond to the codes that can be entered in the original version of the game. This means that all the cheats that will be considered in this article will fit every version of the game.

The most popular code, of course, is WhosYourDaddy, known from the previous parts. This is a god mode code that makes your character and your units invulnerable, and also allows you to kill opponents with just one hit. The second most popular cheat is GreedIsGood, which will allow you to get a specific amount of gold and wood. This amount you need to enter after the code itself through the space. Well, another cheat that almost every gamer uses is IseeDeadPeople.He turns off the so-called “fog of war”, which hides those parts of the map that you have not yet explored.

Naturally, Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne and Reign of Chaos cheats are not limited to this, but the following codes can be divided into small subject groups so that you can more conveniently study them, as well as choose the ones you need.


warcraft 3 cheat codes

One of the cheats to obtain resources has already been described above - he entered the top three most popular. However, there are two more codes, each of which gives you the right amount of one particular resource. Accordingly, you need to enter KeyserSoze to get gold, and LeafItToMe - to get a tree. As you can see, in Warcraft 3, the cheats and codes are very interesting. Each of them does not constitute a usual set of characters, but is a full-fledged phrase, and in many cases it also has its own humor, as is the case with the latest code built on a word-play (leave it to me, "I will take care of it" but at the same time the word leave is replaced with a consonant Leaf, which is translated as “sheet”). This is both fun and allows you to more conveniently memorize the necessary codes.


This game also has some pretty interesting cheats,which will allow you to speed up the passage. There are quite a few such codes, so this article will discuss the most popular ones. For example, you can use the WarpTen code to make your buildings instantly. It also affects units that are manufactured in barracks and other buildings, so you can rebuild the base and create an army in a matter of seconds (especially if you use cheat for money and wood before). You will also need a PointBreak cheat for this, which disables the limit on the number of soldiers based on the available food.

Do not forget about the cheats that affect your hero. For example, the ThereIsNoSpoon code gives him an endless supply of mana, so you can endlessly cast various spells. To do this, of course, you will not interfere with the cheat TheDudeAbides, which makes the cooldown of each spell instant, so you do not have to wait until you can use it again.


cheats on warcraft 3 frozen throne

There are also cheats that can be used to actually influence passing. What is meant? This means that with the help of these codes you will be able to work not on the details of the mission you are going through, but on the mission itself.For example, the code AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs allows you to instantly win a mission, and with the help of the Motherland reader you can choose any level in the game. Only for this you will need after this code to write the race from whose campaign you want to choose a mission, and then indicate its sequence number.

Times of Day

Well, the last thing you should pay attention to is the time of day. This game was one of the first to introduce the effect of time of day on the abilities of your units, so the change of day and night here is of great importance. And you can influence it with cheats. The RiseAndShine and LightsOut codes allow you to set an eternal day or an eternal night, respectively, and the DayLightSavings cheat allows you to specify a specific time that you need to enter after the code in the hour: minute format.

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