The Phulin Resort 3 * (Phuket, Karon, Thailand): hotel description, service, reviews

Phuket is a charming island where incredibly colorful nature blends perfectly with modern comfort and first-class service. And Thai culture and traditions make you feel like a completely different person. That is why the island's hotels annually take a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

If you are considering a holiday on the paradise island of Phuket, then the hotel complex The Phulin Resort should be considered as an option. This hotel has already managed to earn a good reputation, and the prices for accommodation are attractive for tourists. So what can a hotel offer and what do former guests say about it?

Description of location

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Of course, when choosing a stopping place, it is worth paying attention to its location. Hotel The Phulin Resort is located almost in the center of the popular resort area of ​​Karon, in the western part of the island.This is a place where young people flock to fully indulge in entertainment.

By the way, Karon Beach is located just 500 meters from the hotel area. Not less famous place Patong Beach is 5 km away, and the distance to the center of the island, the city of Phuket, is about 10 km. But the airport is a little further - 45 km, although the road still does not take much time. By the way, the hotel was built in a relatively calm and quiet area. Around you there will be only hotels, shops and cozy cafes.

Hotel The Phulin Resort (Karon, Phuket): what does the area look like?

The hotel complex consists of several buildings in three or four floors. Not so long ago there was a reconstruction, so guests can enjoy clean, fresh repair and the availability of modern equipment. It is worth noting that there are no elevators in the buildings, which nevertheless does not interfere with comfortable rest.

Hotel The Phulin Resort has a large courtyard, part of which is reserved for a large, decorated with mosaic pool. In the reviews, travelers admire the local beauty and purity. Everywhere the eye is pleased with lush greenery and exotic plants, between which walking paths are laid.

Photos and information about living rooms

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The Phulin Resort is a medium size hotel. It consists of 79 rooms. There are standard double rooms and suites, many of which have direct access to the pool. There are more spacious studios. By the way, all the rooms are divided into a cozy bedroom and a small living room with soft furnishings. There is a private terrace or balcony, as well as a kitchen corner with a set of dishes and cooking equipment (microwave, electric kettle, small stove, refrigerator).

Guests can use the air conditioning or watch satellite channels on the TV. There is also a safe and telephone. Minibar is refilled free of charge only with drinking water (other drinks and snacks are charged separately). The bathroom is equipped with a modern shower. There is a private toilet, sink, large mirror. Towels, soaps and shampoos are also provided. In the reviews, tourists praise the work of the maids who regularly clean and change the laundry - they cope perfectly with their tasks, so you always want to return to the room.

Can I count on food?

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When planning a vacation you can not ignore the issue of nutrition, because it is an important part of the rest. Moreover, it is simply impossible to immerse yourself in Thai culture without testing all the delights of local cuisine. The hotel complex The Phulin Resort Hotel offers its guests a scheme to choose from - you can pay in advance for breakfast or full meals.

Most often, tourists attend only breakfast, not wanting to become attached to the hotel for the whole day. The menu here is not bad, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. Visitors are offered both standard European and local dishes, snacks and, of course, a large selection of exotic fruits.

Of course, you can eat outside the hotel. There are many cafes in the city, and you can always have a delicious lunch on the beach. And next to the hotel there are grocery stores and even a small market.

Beach vacation: what does the hotel offer?

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What in terms of beach holiday can offer The Phulin Resort? Phuket has become so popular precisely because of the picturesque coast. Just 500 meters from the hotel is the huge public beach Karon. You can get to it through the territory of a nearby hotel or walk around a public street.In any case, the walk will take a few minutes.

The seashore is very beautiful here, and the water is clean and warm. Cleaners regularly clear the coastal strip, so it is always nice to relax on the beach. If desired, tourists can always rent a sun lounger or umbrella, and also take a large beach towel at the reception desk at the hotel.

Active travelers here also do not have to be bored, because there are many ways to diversify leisure. Tourists love boating, boat and water skiing. You will even be offered to take a romantic boat trip. Many beginners here are trained in diving and windsurfing, as experienced instructors are constantly working on the shore, and equipment can also be rented here.

The main service in the hotel area

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The owners of the hotel complex have tried to create the most comfortable conditions for their guests. Throughout the territory there is Internet access - you can connect for free. There is also a business center where business people can use computers, printers and other office equipment. The local conference room is often used for various business events or even organizing banquets.

Clothes for a small fee, you can always give laundry and ironing staff. There is no medical office, but you can always call the doctor directly to the hotel. At the reception, guests change currency at a reasonable rate. Tourists use the local parking and here, in the hotel, rent mopeds and other transport.

Entertainment in the hotel: how to diversify leisure?

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It should immediately say that entertainment at the hotel The Phulin Resort is not so much. This is not strange, because travelers spend days in the city or on the beach. But in the yard for them is equipped with a large swimming pool with levels of different depths. The water here is fresh, and change it regularly.

A sufficient number of sun loungers are set on the stone terrace - here the guests relax after a swim and take a sun bath. This is a kind of public hotel center, where tourists can meet and chat with new, interesting people.

From morning until late evening, massage rooms are available. Here, professionals offer their services, and at reasonable prices. Thai massage is something that you should try on yourself at least once in your life.

And, of course, do not forget about excursions, because the island of Phuket, as well as Karon himself,can show the traveler many miracles. Interesting tours can be purchased directly at the hotel.

Conditions for children

Of course, parents who travel with a child, first of all, pay attention to the amenities that are simply necessary for children's activities. In reviews, many guests say that it is quite comfortable for the whole family to live in spacious rooms with extra beds or folding beds.

The local restaurant has enough dishes that will suit even little tourists, and attentive waiters are always ready to offer a comfortable high chair. In the courtyard of The Phulin Resort 3 * there is a special pool with shallow depth. Water here, by the way, change regularly. And little travelers have a great time on Karon Beach, enjoying swimming and playing on the soft sand.

Hotel The Phulin Resort: reviews and opinions of former guests

the phulin resort hotel

When choosing a hotel, the key point is to familiarize yourself with the information shared by former guests. About The Phulin Resort 3 * tourists leave positive feedback. There is really a large territory, the rooms are clean, there are no problems with water in the shower.No one complains about food in a local restaurant, although travelers advise to book only breakfasts in advance. And, of course, service is an undeniable advantage. The workers here are polite and attentive, ready to help. Thailand is a land of smiles and hospitality.

There are, of course, minuses, but they are not so significant. In some rooms, not all the furniture was updated during the renovation, but everything works well. It is not always possible to reach the beach directly through a nearby hotel, and the road by roundabout sometimes takes about 15 minutes. On the other hand, travelers walking through an interesting city with boiling life rarely become a burden. Former guests recommend this hotel to people who are going to spend only nights here, spending the rest of the day exploring the island.

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