The stupid death of Bonaparte

Eugène Napoleon IV Bonaparte, although he was young, was the head of the dynasty and a very real contender for the French throne. He came to Great Britain at the age of 14, after in 1870 another empire in France was deposed and a republican system was introduced instead (oh, it was not worth Napoleon III to start a war with Prussia). In the UK, Eugene received a good education and lived in general very well.
At the same time, the title of prince and claimant to the throne was not at all an empty sound, since in France there were strong monarchical sentiments, and not just monarchical, but Bonapartist. The return of the throne to the challenger looked very real. So Eugene could live quite well in London, enjoy an interesting life and, quite possibly, become one day, the ruler of France.
But the prince dreamed of exploits and adventures. Therefore, when the Anglo-Zulu war began, he joined the army and went with the rank of lieutenant to fight. Of course, the command was not at all enthusiastic about such a “replenishment”, if something happens, they will be asked in full. As the water looked ...
In general, the command tried not to allow Eugene Bonaparte to a real war, but, as we know, you cannot escape the fate.
June 1, 1879 Eugene in the composition of a small cavalry detachment went to the patrol. The young lieutenant was sent to him, because the command was confident that there were no Zulus nearby. The patrol stopped for a halt, without setting a watch. Whoever does this in a war is bound to pay, the Zulus were near.
The Zulu detachment slowly approached the careless English and attacked them. Proud Britons, of course, did the right thing - jumped on horses and rushed to hell. And Eugen hesitated and fell behind. As a result, the Zulus caught him up and showered him with spears.
In general, the death of a young prince was frankly absurd and accidental. Yes, and the circumstances of his death did not paint him at all on his fellow soldiers who had abandoned their military friend. So Eugen may not have accomplished his exploits, but his death made a very strong impression. Both in England and in France, which in the end remained a republic.

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