Use of the drug "Klayra". Reviews of doctors and patients about him

The drug "Klayra" refers to the group of combined oral contraceptives. Its release is made in tablets of five types which become covered by a cover. Some of the tablets are biconvex, round-shaped, with DD engraved in a regular hexagon shape on one side. If you cut a pill, it will have a white or almost white core, and its shell is dark yellow. In the blister there are two such pills.

The second type of pills

claira reviewsPink-coated tablets are also present in the package. They are round, biconvex, like the previous variety, with a DJ engraving, which is located in the regular shape of a hexagon on one side. When cut, the tablets have a white or almost white core, which is covered with a pink shell, there are five of them in the blister.

What other pills are in the package?

You will also see tablets with a pale yellow shell, round, biconvex, DH symbols are located in the right hexagon. There are already seventeen such dosage forms in the blister, and on the section they are white or almost white, and their shell, respectively, is pale yellow. There are also red-colored tablets here, their shape is the same as the previous ones, but they have the DN marking in the right hexagon. There are 2 of them in the blister. For control, there are pills called “Placebo”, they are the same shape, in the hexagon they have the DT marking, and the coating is white. There are two such tablets in the blister. In total, the drug is represented by 28 tablets, which have a reception calendar for convenience.

The effect of the drug

claira reviewsBefore taking the drug "Klaira", reviews of patients who were prescribed it, it will be useful to study and consult a specialist. The effect of the combined oral contraceptive is based on the coordinated action of several factors. The most important of these is the ability not only to suppress ovulation, but also to alter the properties of mucus secreted by the cervical canal along with it.The effect that occurs on the body can be both positive and negative, therefore, before taking the drug “Klayra”, gynecologists will not be well aware of the reviews about it, because there are a number of contraindications in which taking the combined oral contraceptive is highly undesirable. Women who take this group of drugs, note that they have decreased pain of menstruation, as well as the intensity of bleeding, due to this, the risk of developing iron deficiency anemia has decreased. Along with this, scientists have data that when taking the risk of developing endometrial and ovarian cancer also decreases. The main active ingredient of the drug, estradiol valerate, is an analogue of estrogen.

What are the advantages of taking the drug "Klayra"?

drug clare reviewsKleir pills have a minimal effect on the liver; reviews of patients who had previously taken other contraceptives confirm this. Along with this, the level of total cholesterol is also reduced, as evidenced by an increased indicator of high-density anti-atherogenic lipoproteins (HDL).Anti-estrogenic and androgenic properties of the drug are minimal compared to other oral contraceptives. The risks of use in humans are minimized, so do not be afraid of the negative effects on genes, the risk of developing cancer and toxic effects on the reproductive system. But not everything is so harmless: in the presence of hormone-dependent tumors in a woman’s body, the sex hormones that she takes can only accelerate their growth. If you use the drug "Klayra" on a schedule painted by a doctor, then an unwanted pregnancy will not occur.

Pharmacokinetic action

After the drug enters the body, absorption occurs completely, and estradiol valerate metabolism occurs as it absorbs the mucous membrane of the alimentary canal and further transformation in the liver, the final substances are estriol and estrone. The maximum concentration of the drug is observed in a period of time from one and a half to twelve hours after the tablet has been ingested, on the first day of administration. Eating has no effect on the absorption of the drug.

Further metabolism

Metabolism occurs quickly and in an accessible form exerts its effect on the body. Communication occurs with blood proteins and depends on the day of taking the drug, as well as the phase of the monthly cycle. The drug is displayed in the form of metabolites, it happens in a period of from thirteen to twenty hours. 90% of the drug is excreted by the kidneys and about 10% eliminates the intestines.


drug clare reviewsWhen determining the dose for taking the drug "Klayra" reviews have a minimum value, because each person has an individual organism. Only a doctor can properly weigh all indications and contraindications. The pill is taken orally, and the consumption of food in no way affects their absorbability and bioavailability. The order of admission is carried out according to the schedule, which is indicated on the package every day If necessary, the drug "Klayra" can be washed with water or any other liquid. Take the pill is, without interrupting the course, one tablet per day for 28 days. A new package should be started only after the last pill in the previous package has been taken. Bleeding, like menstrual bleeding, may begin at the stage of taking the last pills from the previous calendar package and may last until the start of taking the pills from the next box.While taking Clayra, reviews of some women indicate this, bleeding can also occur when using each new package at the stage of consuming the first pills. The drug is started on the first day of the cycle.

After pregnancy and in case of a pass

claire tablets reviewsIn the first trimester after an abortion, the drug should be started immediately. After childbirth or abortion in the second trimester, the drug is taken from 21 to 28 days. If a woman for one reason or another missed the intake of white pills, then it does not bear anything terrible, they can even be thrown away so as not to get confused. With active pills, everything is much more difficult, you shouldn’t survive until 12 o'clock, everything is fine, but after that you should take one or two pills immediately (the doctor will tell you the details) and then continue using them as usual. Patients who are in the period of menopause, the drug is not shown.

Overdose and contraindications

claire tablets reviewsOn the possibility of an overdose of the drug "Klayra" reviews of doctors and patients do not give any information. In rare cases, there may be nausea and vomiting, and possible bleeding, but these findings are based on the general use of combined oral contraceptives.Taking the drug should be avoided for patients with severe liver disease, also need to be alert in the presence of disorders of the kidneys. Particularly noteworthy are vascular diseases and conditions accompanied by increased blood clotting. Contraindications are diabetes mellitus and pancreatitis, vaginal bleeding, pregnancy or suspicion of it. Oncology, including hormone-dependent, are also an obstacle to reception. It is not recommended to use the tool "Klayra" in the presence of migraine, especially in the acute stage and with frequent attacks.

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