The "Vermox" remedy. Reviews of doctors. Instructions

The drug "Vermox" refers to anthelmintic drugs. The drug has a wide range of effects. Experts note the maximum efficiency for trichocephalosis and enterobiosis.

The "Vermox" remedy. Description. PharmacokineticsVermox Description

The drug provokes irreversible disorders inprocess of utilization of glucose. As a result of its action in the tissues of helminths glycogen stores are depleted, the synthesis of cellular tubulin and adenosine triphosphate is inhibited. The drug contains mebendazole as an active ingredient. The agent is almost not absorbed in the intestine. After penetration there is a non-uniform distribution of tissues and organs. The medication is found in the larvae of parasites (helminths), liver, adipose tissue. Virtually the entire preparation is excreted with feces unchanged. About 5-10% of the absorbed product is excreted by the kidneys.

Indicationsvermox reviews of doctors

The medicine "Vermox" (reviews of doctors indicateit) is effective for ascariasis, trichinosis, strongyloidiasis, enterobiasis. Indications include trichocephalosis, ankylostomiasis, teniosis, gnathostomosis, alveococcosis. The drug is prescribed for capillarial and echinococcosis, as well as for mixed helminthic invasions.

Dosing regimen

The medication is taken orally with a small volumeliquid. The "Vermox" tablet for children is allowed to dissolve in water and give in the form of a suspension. When enterobiosis, patients with 10 years of age are prescribed 100 mg once, from two to five years - 25-50 mg once. With an increased likelihood of recurrence of infection, the therapy is repeated after two to four weeks at the same dose. It is necessary to appoint treatment to all members of the family. Dosage in mixed invasions, strongyloidiasis, teniosis, ankylostomiasis, trichocephaliasis and ascariasis - one hundred milligrams per day for three days. Treatment of echinococcosis with Vermox (the doctors' testimonies confirm this) should be carried out according to the following scheme: from the first to the third day, 500 mg twice a day is prescribed, and the number of receptions is increased three times over the next three days. Further, the dosage is gradually increased to a maximum (25-30 mg / kg of body weight per day), dividing it into three or four doses.Vermox for childrenWhen trichinosis is prescribed for 200-400 mg three times a day for three days, from the fourth to the tenth day - 400-500 mg 3 r / d.

Adverse Reactions

"Vermox" remedy (doctors' reviews warn about this) can provoke abdominal pain, nausea, and dizziness.


Not recommended for pregnancy, childrenat the age of up to two years, with nonspecific ulcerative colitis, insufficiency of hepatic function. To the contraindications to taking the drug "Vermox" (reviews of doctors confirm this) include Crohn's disease, hypersensitivity to the components.

additional information

During the day after applying the medication,it is allowed to eat fatty foods, alcohol-containing foods, laxatives. After completion of therapy, laboratory feces should be performed.

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