What are estrogens? These are guardians of beauty!

what are estrogensWhat are estrogens?These are hormones that are often called "female" hormones. They are really produced in large numbers in the ovaries of women and partly in the adrenal cortex, but the male body also produces hormones, although in much smaller quantities. Estrogens in men are formed in the adrenal cortex. What are estrogens? This is the common name for a number of hormones responsible for secondary sexual characteristics and the menstrual cycle in women. The lack of estrogen is immediately noticeable: a cycle can break down, early aging will begin. If estrogen is not enough from childhood, then girls grow extremely slowly chest, late months come, the skeleton grows poorly. In the older adolescence, with hormonal failures, the monthly cycle can go down, and the chest can decrease.estrogen deficiencyWomen with a normal amount of estrogensbeautiful, they have a thin waist, rounded hips, elastic skin. To old age, when the female body stops producing enough estrogens, the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles are formed. Modern medicine has learned to deal with them: the fading skin becomes taut once again, if all the same estrogen is injected into the problem areas with injections. So on the question of what is estrogens, you can answer this: they are guardians of female beauty and health. However, do not forget: the overabundance of estrogens, like their deficiency, is very harmful. In women with excess estrogen, hair falls out, irregular periods come, starts swelling, dizziness, vomiting and a strong increase in blood pressure. But why do men need estrogens? And do they need men in general? Let's understand.

Boys and estrogens

What are estrogens for men? First of all, they are helpers who destroy harmful cholesterol and are responsible for the normal functioning of the nervous system.estrogen in beerIf the estrogen level is normal, then ymen will grow muscle, not stomach. And estrogens support the libido. When a man grows old, he has less testosterone, and more estrogen. A vicious circle can arise here. With the loss of testosterone in men, the stomach begins to grow, in which fat is deposited (and by the female type). The larger the belly, the greater the amount of estrogen produced. Their overabundance leads to a decrease in testosterone, gynecomastia (inflammation of the mammary glands in men), obesity, a complete breakdown in sexual life and depression.estrogen in beerHowever, old age is not the only threatincreased estrogen. Much more strongly affects their amount of soy, which is found in many semi-finished products, excessive use of coffee, alcohol. But beer is especially dangerous for men. Estrogen in beer very quickly breaks the hormonal balance, which is immediately apparent: all beer lovers have a special form of stomach, which even got the name "beer". Beer lovers can be sure: impotence will come to them very early, and along with it - obesity, depression, high blood pressure, strokes or heart attacks, premature aging.

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