Tomahawk, steak: recipes for juicy meat

Want to surprise your family with unusual meatdish? We recommend an excellent option - "Tomahawk" (steak with an appetizing crust). The article presents several ways to prepare it. Good luck in the culinary field!Ribeye steak

general information

Tomahawk is a ribbon steak on the bone. Why this name? A long costal bone is cleaned of fat and excess meat. As a result, it becomes similar to the handle of the Indian battle ax - Tamagawa. It should be noted that this steak has a high degree of marbling and a high calorie content. The size of Tomahawk depends on the thickness of the bone. And its weight can reach 1.5 kg.How to cook a pork steak in a frying pan

How to cook a pork steak in a frying panand in the oven

Grocery set:

  • black pepper in ground form - 2 tsp;
  • ribeye steak (pork steak on the bone) - 2-3 pcs .;
  • salt - enough ½ tsp.

detailed instructions

Step number 1.It should be thawed a day before the steak is cooked. Another 30-60 minutes they should lie at room temperature.

Step number 2.In a flat plate pour black pepper in the right amount. While we put aside.

Step number 3.Take the grill pan, put it on the fire and heat it (the recommended temperature is 200 ° C). Immediately turn on the oven. We will need it, too.

Step # 4.Two steaks ribay on the bone put in a frying pan. How many it is necessary to fry them? It all depends on your personal preferences. Do you like steak medium roast? Then you will have 10 minutes. But here there are nuances. Fry for 2.5 minutes with each side, turn over. And so 4 times. Fans of full-roasted steaks should keep meat in a frying pan for at least 15 minutes.

Step number 5.What's next? Transfer the steaks from the frying pan into the oven. The time for baking them (at 200 ° C) on the grill is 3-5 minutes. We take the pork from the oven. Let it remain for 5 more minutes in a deep container and under a lid. During this time, the pieces will rest and the juice in them will be evenly distributed.

Step number 6.We lay meat on plates. So, we got a juicy and aromatic steak "Tomahawk". The recipe allows it to be served along with the garnish. It can be grilled vegetables, mashed potatoes, corn, boiled asparagus or beans. The choice is yours.Tomahawk steak

Tomahawk (steak): recipe for a picnic or summer cottage

Necessary ingredients:

  • Shallot bulbs - 2-3 pcs .;
  • slightly wine vinegar;
  • garlic - a pair of heads;
  • red wine - to taste;
  • fresh champignons - 5-7 pieces;
  • 400 gram steak riba on the bone;
  • 15-20 ml of whiskey;
  • butter;
  • cherry tomatoes on twigs - 2 pcs .;
  • sea ​​salt,
  • pepper in the form of peas, sugar - to taste.

Cooking process

  1. Where do we start? Take Tomahawk. Steak well rubbed with salt. Sprinkle with pepper.
  2. You should prepare brazier with coals in advance. We put the meat on a special grill for grilling. We proceed to its frying. And, again, there is a question with time. Do you prefer a steak with blood? Then fry it for 2-3 minutes on each side. Need to get pink meat with blood inside? It is fried for 10 minutes (5 minutes per side). Would you like to make a baked brown-and-brown steak? The time of its roasting will be 14 minutes (7 on each side).
  3. We put the meat in a picnic plate. It should lie down a little, cool down. And for now, we'll take care of the other ingredients.
  4. At the heads of garlic we cut off the tops. Remove the husks and grind the pulp is not necessary. We will completely bake garlic on the grill.
  5. Cherry tomatoes are kept above the coals, sprinkled with sugar and salt.
  6. Mushrooms washed, cut into quarters. We transfer it to a small frying pan, fry it with shallot on butter (cream). Sprinkle with pepper. Solim. When the mushrooms give juice, we remove from the pan. And then we pour vinegar and red wine. We keep the sauce on fire until it thickens.
  7. On a slightly cooled steak lay fried mushrooms with onions. On the sides of the dish place garlic (do not need to clean) and twigs with cherry tomatoes.
  8. Why in this recipe whiskey? This alcoholic beverage is needed to serve meals to surprise family members and friends. When there is a ruddy piece of meat in each plate (Tomahawk steak), pour a little whiskey around it and set it on fire. Alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving a subtle subtle fragrance behind it. The taste of the dish will also change - and for the better. This trick is actively used by many chefs of France.Tomahawk steak recipe

Marinade for steak

Want to get more tender and juicy meat on the bone? Then we advise you to make a spicy pickle for him.

Grocery list:

  • one lime;
  • steak riba on the bone - 0.4 kg;
  • olive oil - 2 tbsp is enough. l .;
  • chili sauce;
  • favorite spices;
  • 1 tbsp. l. soy sauce;
  • laurel - 1-2 sheets.


In a bowl we connect two sauces - chili and soy. Then squeeze the juice from the lime. We add oil in the right amount. Stirring. Solim. Sprinkle with your favorite spices. Pre-thawed pork steak on the bone pour the resulting marinade. We turn it from side to side. After a couple of hours, we extract the steak from the marinade. Fry in a frying pan or electric grill. We serve to the table with any vegetables - fresh, stewed, fried.


We talked about how to cook a steak frompork in a frying pan and grill. In order not to spoil the meat, but to get a fragrant and delicious dish, you just have to adhere to the instructions placed in the article. The steak on the bone "Tomahawk" is able to decorate your table, covered for any occasion.

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