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Traditional New Year's gifts

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Traditional New Year's gifts

10th place: You can offend the Japanese, if you give him flowers for the New Year. It is believed that only members of the imperial family have the right to give flowers. From a mere mortal Japanese will not accept the flower.
9th place: The Chinese, in turn, will not take the clock for the New Year, because the timing in his mind is associated with death.
8th place: A married French woman will not agree to take even a small bottle of perfume from a stranger: too intimate.
7th place: In Estonia, as well as in Austria and Scotland, does a chimney sweep on the street with craft tools meet happiness? a tall top hat and a weight on a rope with a brush. Therefore, there are often donated clay chimney sweeps soiled with soot. In Austria, they still give clover quatrefoil and piggy bank. By the way, Jesus himself brings gifts here, touring the houses on the Golden Horse.
6th place: Swedes traditionally give each other homemade candles. So it happened because in the winter at the Polar Circle early to darken, and the light symbolizes friendship, hospitality, fun.In the Swedish houses where there are children, the celebration of the New Year begins with the fact that the popes go out to take out the garbage, and come back in the form of Julia Tomten (Swedish Santa Claus). When the clock strikes midnight, the Swedes throw a streamer, play a pipe, and Jule Tomten starts to give presents.
By the way, in Scandinavia, gifts wrapped in elegant paper are necessarily sealed with red wax. However, if rhymes and sayings with instructions on how to use a gift are not attached to the gift, then Scandinavians will probably not know what to do with it.
5th place: In Germany there is a special gift exchange ceremony, Besherung. Previously, it was decided to donate to relatives der Lebekuchen? Christmas gingerbread. In the 16th century is it a miracle of flour, sugar and raisins? sometimes could reach the length of the whole bench.
4th place: The Greeks, in addition to traditional baskets of champagne and wine, are increasingly giving each other a new deck of cards lately.
3rd place: In Iceland, a naughty child can easily get a raw potato from Santa Claus. All Icelandic children know: Santa Claus can suddenly look to them on any day from December 1 to 24. If something is wrong? will have to blame yourself.
2nd place: In Russia, gifts for Christmas and New Year were prepared with special care. The children tried to please their parents with their own hand-made angel or watercolor God Savaof looking tenderly from the clouds. And adults gave toy houses in which wonderful porcelain dolls drank real tea from porcelain cups.
Especially in Russian families loved to give books? “Sacred history ?, fairy tales, Russian classics, children's stories of Charskaya and books on natural science (Brem).
There were usually so many gifts (from aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins, grandmothers, grandfathers and godparents) that we had to put special tables next to the Christmas tree.
1st place: The most unexpected gifts can be considered carved figures of walrus and polar bears, which are presented to each other by the Eskimos of Greenland.

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