Traditional pancakes: recipe

Pancakes are national, originally Russiandish. In recent years, many new recipes for their preparation have appeared, now it is very difficult to calculate them, it is almost impossible. This dish is also made on fermented milk, sour cream and kefir, and from vegetables, also with the addition of juice, mineral water, fruit or vegetable purees, cocoa and fruit. We will consider traditional pancakes, the recipe for their preparation. We will tell about their variety, about the longest Russian holiday - Shrovetide.

The most common recipe for pancakes

Five servings will be needed: three glasses of milk, two glasses of wheat flour, three tablespoons of sugar sand, one spoonful (tea) of salt, half a glass of vegetable oil, three chicken eggs. All this we will need to make traditional pancakes, the recipe of which is very simple. In principle, any man can master it. We take all the products and mix them, then, so that there are no lumps, you can use a mixer.pancakes traditional recipe It turns out enough liquid dough. Now fry, always on both sides. And we put a plate on the plate. Everything, our dish is ready, it should be served with butter, jam, honey or sour cream. You can make these pancakes stuffed - with fillings, preferably sweet.

Classic recipe

This method of preparation passes from onegeneration in another, which means that he is the most successful and the best. Such handsome people are obtained from the very first. They are never a lump, and this is especially pleasing. They can be served with sauces, stuffed, made from them pancake pies and cakes.delicious pancakes on carnival Regardless of the option, they are interesting and tasty. In order to make traditional Russian pancakes, we need such ingredients: a small pinch of salt, 100 grams of flour, two tablespoons of sugar, two eggs, 300 ml of milk and one tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Preparation of traditional pancakes

Flour with salt sift into a large bowl and doa deepening into which we introduce eggs. Take the warmed milk and pour it a little. Add sugar sand. We beat them with whisk, gradually grabbing flour and pouring out a little milk. It turns out, like sour cream, thick dough. We stop beating when it is completely homogeneous. Then we pour in vegetable oil. Now we send the rest of the milk, while not stopping whipping. Dough in density should resemble low-fat cream.traditional Russian pancakes It seems that traditional pancakes(the recipe of which is presented above) are very complex. But this is not so, cover the bowl with a ready-made dough, a lid, you can film food and leave the minutes for 30. It remains only to fry. Lubricate the hot frying pan with a piece of fat or vegetable oil and pour a little dough. We bend it in different directions for distribution on the bottom of the whole mass. Then put on the fire and about a minute bake a pancake. On the other side we turn the spatula and fry until golden. Repeat until all the dough is finished.

Cooking delicious pancakes on Pancake week

With the winter in Russia, the whole week is forgiven, withcheerful and mischievous mood. It's clear that fairs and festivities can not do without food, primarily with pancakes, which were given to us by distant ancestors. You can not eat anything for seven days, but you can, how much you master, eat fish, milk, eggs, cheese, butter and pancakes. They are baked in every house, they treat their guests all week. We will tell you a few recipes, how delicious pancakes are prepared for Maslenitsa. For the most common we will need: two glasses of flour, milk - four glasses, eggs - two pieces, yeast - one tablespoon, sugar-sugar - as much, vegetable oil - two table spoons, salt. Too much of the recipe will not be told.recipe pancakes thin sweet Not allowing the smallest lumps, we knead the doughand bake in a preheated frying pan, watering with vegetable oil. For pancakes on sour milk, the following ingredients will be needed: two glasses of flour, eggs - four pieces, margarine or butter - 100 grams, sugar - one tablespoon, sour milk - two glasses, vegetable oil - four tablespoons, salt. This recipe differs from the others only in that the proteins are introduced into this dough necessarily whipped and after the mixture is mixed.

We continue to prepare pancakes for Shrovetide

Pancakes are sweet, Slavic. They need: flour - four glasses, sour cream - one glass, eggs - ten pieces, salt. The recipe is quite simple: with sour cream mix flour, salt, stir. Gradually drive the yolks - ten pieces, then add all the proteins to the foam and very carefully, but carefully, mix, Lubricate the pan and bake pancakes. Serve them with sugar, jelly and jam sand.pancakes milk flourWe continue to prepare traditional pancakes (recipeclassical). Products: milk - one liter, two tablespoons, table, sugar, three eggs, 250 grams of flour, half a tablespoon of flour, 100 grams of vegetable oil and 100 grams of butter in the dough. First, we prepare the dough in order to make good, delicious pancakes. It should turn out as an average density of sour cream. Then we begin to fry. Do this in a hot skillet without vegetable oil, as it was added to the mixture. Rotate the pan in a circular motion until the dough spreads over the bottom. Then put on the stove and fry, turning over after a while, on the other side. The finished pancake should be light beige.

Cooking delicious pancakes from milk

Necessary ingredients: milk one liter, eggs - three pieces, two glasses of flour (maybe three), one teaspoon of sugar, salt - a pinch, on the tip of a knife - baking soda, three tablespoons vegetable oil, for lubricating the finished product - butter . Now the recipe for pancakes. Thin, sweet - this delicacy. Especially since they are obtained with holes. Before kneading the dough, we remove all the products from the refrigerator and allow it to reach room temperature.pancakes recipeThen do it without lumps, to the state of 10%sour cream. Continue to stir and pour three tablespoons of vegetable oil. But now we add half a glass of steep boiling water, so that there are holes in the test. In the standard way, we begin to fry pancakes. Milk, flour - almost all the ingredients of delicious food. Is it still possible to lubricate with butter and you can continue to fry on.

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