Travel to Armenia May 16-22

Armenia- The oldest country - has always been at the crossroads of paths connecting Europe and Asia. This is not only the first Christian state in the world and one of the earliest countries on Earth. Already in the IX-VI centuries. BC er on the territory of Armenia there was a powerful state of Urartu. Since then, all the epochs that swept over this ancient land have left their traces on it. Therefore, by the number of historical and cultural monuments, this country can be considered one of the most interesting in the Old World. No wonder Armenia is called an "open-air museum."
We invite you to join the journey to this amazing country!

1 day. (16th of May). Arrival in Yerevan, accommodation at the hotel. Acquaintance with the group (if there is time, the first introductory lesson on photography will be held, for those who are interested)
2 day. (May 17). Yerevan city tour - Echmiadzin - meeting of sunset in Zvartnots - Yerevan
Let's start the study of Armenia from Yerevan - almost 3000-year-old capital of Armenia. We will see Republican Square,The Opera House, the State University, the Parliament building, the Presidential residence and the Cascade complex, from where you can enjoy the view of the city against the background of Mount Ararat. Cozy open-air cafes, beautiful sculptures, flowers, brightly shining with the magical flowers of the Armenian sun, leave unforgettable impressions. In the evenings, this place is full of tourists from all over the world and locals who enjoy the wonders and warmth of the capital. We will also visit the Sports and Concert Complex and the memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide.
Afterwards we will go to Echmiadzin, the spiritual and administrative center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Here we will visit Echmiadzin Cathedral - the throne of the Supreme Patriarch of the Catholicos of All Armenians, which is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world. We will also visit the churches of St. Hripsime and St. Gayane.
On the way to Yerevan, we are waiting for one of the unique examples of medieval Armenian architecture - the Zvartnots temple (7th century), which is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. Panoramic view of the ruins of the temple against the background of Mount Ararat is a spectacular sight.
3 day(May 18) Wonder Cave - Geghard - sunset in Garni - Yerevan
Today we are waiting for a trip to the temple of Garni (1st century), the only surviving pagan temple in Armenia, dedicated to the ancient Armenian god of the sun, heavenly light and justice Mihr. It is located in the valley of the Azat River, near the village of Garni in Kotayk region, 28 km from Yerevan. Near the temple there are remains of an ancient fortress and the royal palace, as well as the building of a bath with a unique Hellenistic mosaic.
5 km from Garni, in the gorge of the Azat River, there is an outstanding monument of medieval Armenian architecture - the Monastery of Geghard (4-12th century), included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The name of the monastery complex (literally - "spear") comes from Longin's spear, which pierced the body of Jesus Christ on the Cross, and, allegedly, brought to Armenia by the Apostle Faddey, among many other relics. Now the spear is exposed in the Echmiadzin Museum.
The following is a trip to the Miracle Cave. The cave-museum with a depth of 21 m. Has seven rooms that are interconnected by a maze of corridors. The museum was created by Levon Arakelyan using primitive tools for many years (1985-2007).
The area of ​​the cave is 280 square meters and is located under the courtyard of a two-story house. The cave is decorated with stone carvings made by Levon Arakelyan. The underground museum is lit with electric lights. Located about 12 km from the city center of Yerevan.
Day 4 (May 19) Khor Virap - Areni - Noravank - Goris
A trip to the monastery of Khor Virap (Armenian. Deep dungeon), which is located in the Ararat valley, near the border with Turkey, at the foot of Mount Ararat. The monastery is known for its location, it is from its place that one of the most wonderful views of the biblical Mount Ararat opens, on which, according to legend, Noah found himself on the ark after the Flood. Located about 45 km from Yerevan.
Visit to the Areni cave complex located in Vayots Dzor region, 70 km from Yerevan. In 2010, the oldest shoes known to mankind were found here. In 2011, an ancient winery was discovered, also a reed skirt - one of the samples of the most ancient clothing.
We will also visit the 13th century monastery of Noravank, located on the ledge of a narrow winding gorge of the Arpa River. On the territory of the monastery there is a two-story Surb Astvatsatsin church with narrow cantilever stairs leading to the second floor. Approximately 11 km from Areni. Arrival in Goris, accommodation at the hotel.
Day 5 (May 20).Khndzoresk - Tatev Monastery - Karahunj - Yerevan
Trip to the cave city Khndzoresk. Centuries ago, caves, many of which were carved by man, were used not only as housing, but also as a refuge (military fortification). Today, visitors from all over the world can get acquainted with the cave city, beautiful churches, old tombstones, as well as two springs of monuments and the cemetery of Mkhitar Sparapet - the supreme commander of the 18th century Syunik armed forces. The “swinging bridge” connects the two banks of the Old Khndzoresk with each other. From here you have a beautiful view.
Tatev Monastery, founded in the 9th century, is one of the most remarkable places in Armenia. Included in a large tourist complex, which also includes the hermitage of hermits Tatevi Anapat, the Wings of Tatev cable car, the natural bridge of Satani Kamurj, the cave of Satani Kamurdzh and many other attractions. Located on a wide basalt plateau on the edge of the deep gorge of the Vorotan River, the Tatev Monastery forms an incredible harmony with the picturesque landscapes. The monastery was one of the intellectual centers of medieval Armenia.In the 14th-15th centuries, science and philosophy developed at the University of Tatev, here they taught the art of miniature and wall painting, the basics of painting and the technique of book design. The monastery lived philosophers, musicians, writers and artists.
We will visit Karahunj - an ancient megalithic complex located in the Syunik region. The structure consists of 223 basalt stones. The most interesting part of the structure are through holes in the upper part of 80 stones. Currently there are 37 stones with 47 holes. It is believed that the complex is an ancient observatory.
Day 6 (May 21st).Yerevan - Tsakhkadzor - Dilijan - sunset on Lake Sevan
A trip to Lake Sevan is one of the largest alpine freshwater lakes in Eurasia. The turquoise waves playing with the wind and the reflection of the mountains in the water are a fascinating collage. Visit to Sevanavank Monastery.
Dilijan, which is one of the most important resorts in Armenia, is located in Dilijan National Park and is famous for its amazing nature. This small town, lost in forests and mountains with alpine meadows, is the home of numerous Armenian artists, composers and cinematographers.
Tsakhkadzor is a famous ski resort in Armenia. Here we will visit the Kecharis Monastery, founded in the 11th century. In the 12th and 13th centuries, Kecharis was a major religious and educational center in Armenia. About 65 km from Yerevan.
7th day. (22nd of May). Eviction from the hotel. Free time. Departure home.
Tour price - 46 000 rubles per person.
Participation and booking conditions on our website
Included in cost:
- accommodation in hotels
- breakfasts
- transport throughout the route
- tickets to museums and cable car (Tatev)
- medical insurance
- guide
- photoguide services
Not included in the price:
- air flight to Yerevan and back
- Lunches and dinners (cost from $ 5)











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