Turkish delight - a piece of pleasure

Turkish delight of all oriental sweets is the most famous among us. In the East, it is usually referred to as simply Lukum or Locum. Translated from the Turkish "rahat" means "pleasure", and "Turkish delight" - "piece". This sweetness is not only a national delicacy of the East, it is also popular in Western countries, for example, in Greece.

Some historical information

Turkish DelightIt is known that a delicacy based on starch, sugar and water was prepared more than five hundred years ago. It is believed that in its present form the Turkish Delight appeared in the 18th century in Turkey. By the end of the 19th century, the European public learned about it. He received his first gold medal at an exhibition in Brussels. Since then, he won the love of the inhabitants of almost all countries and continues the "sweet procession" around the world.


There are many varieties of this sweet, they differ in the composition of the product. According to the classic recipe, they include starch, molasses or sugar, water and nuts. Also in Turkish delight include various additives to impart flavors and flavors: juices, saffron, zest, raisins, turmeric, etc. Types of sweet treats differ in two ways: in form and composition.The most common in form cubes, shapes, rolls, two-layer and solid. The composition is particularly popular nut, fruit, flower, white without additives, delicious "Vizier" and honey rahat Turkish delight. Calorie sweetness depends on the composition. On average, this figure is 300 kcal / 100g. It can change both up and down.


caloric content Turkish DelightDespite the fact that it is a sweetness that, it would seem, cannot bring anything except extra calories, Turkish delight is useful because of its high glucose content. It is a useful substance of natural origin, necessary for normal functioning of the heart and brain. It is believed that the consumption of this delicacy contributes to the prevention of depressive states and neuroses, diseases of the digestive organs, as well as a positive effect on the condition of hair, skin and well supports immunity.


Rakhat lokum is quite calories, it has a lot of sugar, so they do not need to be abused. People suffering from overweight, this product from the diet will have to be eliminated so as not to gain a few extra pounds and not to bring down the processes of metabolism and digestion.

How to choose

High-quality Turkish delight should contain molasses, juices, fruit puree, pure starch and nuts.Turkish Delight CalorieThe transparency of the delicacy indicates the quality of the starch used for cooking. Sweets are sprinkled with powder or coconut chips (the latter is more useful). If the lokum stretches tightly, then the manufacturer has broken the technology. The correct consistency is jelly-like tender and stretching only slightly.

How to store

It is recommended to do this so that there is no contact with the air. To do this, lokum can be wrapped in parchment and placed in a cool place.


Dissolve 500 g of sugar in 100 g of water, bring to a boil. Dilute 100 g of starch with 100 g of water and pour a thin stream into the syrup, stirring well. Add a few grams of citric acid, a little vanilla, kernels of nuts, mix, pour into forms. After cooling, cut into pieces. Calorie Turkish Delight will be lower, the smaller the ingredients.

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