Can not connect to the camera - what to do? Solution

Anyone can buy a smartphone with a good camera. Currently, it is no longer necessary to pay big money for it. Budget copies are equipped with photomodules, which are comparable to the characteristics of "soap dishes". Now, for sure, not a single memorable moment will pass by, but will be immortalized with the help of a camera on a smartphone. The developers have provided users with various applications with which you can edit images, apply effects to them. Taking in hands such a smartphone, you can immediately see how progress has progressed.

However, the more functions assigned to the phones, the more often the system malfunctions. It happens that for no apparent reason you can not connect to the camera. This problem may be faced by the owner of a smartphone of any brand. What to do in this situation? Let's figure it out.unable to connect to camera

Main camera problems during operation

A modern smartphone is a storehouse of various elements. The camera can be attributed to the most vulnerable. Any careless action increases the likelihood that the message “could not connect to the camera.” Appears on the screen. Camera error makes the user nervous. Surprisingly, it can arise spontaneously. Problems with the performance of the module manifest themselves in the absence of clarity in the pictures or display of defects (light spots, stripes). In case of a more serious malfunction, the smartphone may prohibit access to the application or simply freeze. Some users in the reviews write that their gadgets are turned off altogether. And, worst of all, when the device writes “it was not possible to connect to the camera,” and the owner still tries again, this can lead not only to blocking the application, but also to a black screen. If the phone was in this condition, then the chances of rehabilitating it are quite small. It is advisable to immediately contact the service center. There, with the help of special equipment, they will diagnose and accurately determine the cause of the malfunction.could not connect to the android camera

Could not connect to camera: reasons

Each user must understand that any problem of the camera's performance does not appear without any reason. Why the device does not allow to activate the application? Let's look at the most common reasons.

  • Firmware.If the user has independently updated the system by downloading the file from the Internet, then there is a high probability that important settings will be affected, and this will lead to incorrect operation.
  • Infection with viruses.The wide capabilities of smartphones have made them quite vulnerable. If you do not install a special program for protection in a timely manner, then infection with viruses cannot be avoided.
  • Damage to the gadget.If the device falls from a height or falls into the water, then there is a possibility of damage to the module. If it is in an idle state, then the user will see “could not connect to the camera” on the screen. “Android” devices are all equipped with the option of self-diagnosis of the system, so the user sees this inscription in the event of a fault.
  • Pollution.All devices camera is located on the back of the case. As a rule, it does not cover the shutter.For this reason, dirt may accumulate on the lens, which also leads to incorrect operation.

camera error failed to connect to camera

Software crashes

The system of smartphones may fail, so the root cause when the camera is not working will look exactly in it.

  • Settings.If the parameters are set incorrectly, the application may not function correctly. For example, in the settings for saving photos, external memory is selected. But it was subsequently removed. This may cause a crash. To fix the problem, simply restart the device.
  • Memory is full.In phones that do not have free space for saving pictures, the camera will not start. In order to solve the problem, it is enough to clear the memory or install a medium with a larger capacity.
  • Viruses.As mentioned above, this reason is the most common. Having hooked a malicious code, the device may interrupt the operation of the application or prevent it from being launched. It is easy to return the initial state by downloading a good antivirus. After checking, delete the affected files and restart the phone.
  • Cache memoryWhen using applications on a smartphone, the system automatically sets temporary folders that speed up their work. However, over time, when they accumulate, failures appear in the system of the telephone itself. In order to eliminate the probable cause of problems with the camera, it is recommended to clear all temporary files.

unable to connect to camera what to do

First diagnosis

If you could not connect to the camera on the "Android", you should not rush to the service center. Sometimes the problem can be so trivial that the user can handle it. The first thing you need is to check the memory card. Sometimes it may not be read by the device, therefore, an application error gets out. First you need to check whether the information on the media. If not, the problem is with the card itself. You can try to format it. If the media is working, then just reinstall it. Then open the application.

If this does not help, then continue the diagnosis. Now check the settings. In the menu we go to the appropriate item and select the correct parameters, following the sequence of the algorithm of actions.

In order to eliminate all banal causes of camera breakage, you need to check the lens for contamination or damage. In the first version, it is simply wiped, and in the second, it needs to be replaced.

Can not connect to the camera - what to do?

After the user has done all the above manipulations, but the camera still does not have access, then, most likely, it will be necessary to seek qualified assistance. Although before that you can try another way - reset the settings to factory settings. Before activating this action, it is recommended to make a backup. With it, the user does not have to configure the phone again.

In most cases, returning to the factory settings helps to get rid of problems that prevent the camera application from starting. But if this does not happen, you will still have to contact the service center.Writing failed to connect to camera

Reboot in safe mode

Some advanced users, if they cannot connect to the camera, may try to restore the functionality of the application by restarting in safe mode. This option is great when you need to find the cause of the fault.The fact is that in this mode, the device starts only the main applications, limiting the functions to a minimum.

Algorithm of actions:

  • Turn off the gadget.
  • Hold down the power key until the shutdown menu appears.
  • Select safe mode and confirm.
  • Activate the camera application and view snapshots.
  • Repeat the action again to make sure it works.

If the application is functioning correctly in safe mode, the range of possible causes has significantly narrowed. The problem must be sought in the conflict of third-party applications.smartphone with a good camera

What do experts say?

In a situation where you can not connect to the camera, experts recommend checking the application for compatibility. Some utilities may conflict with each other, resulting in frequent crashes. The user needs to remove all third-party applications that are able to take snapshots in the active state. It is about Whatsapp, Snapchat and others.

The removal must be done sequentially, after each checking the operation of the camera. If the error has disappeared, the system software is cleared from the conflicting utility.During testing of the camera application, it is necessary to switch between all modes, this will allow to carry out a detailed diagnosis and, as a result, to restore the work in full.

It also does not hurt to make sure the installed updates. This is often the cause of the error. If the program allows, then it is advisable to remove them and reinstall them.

Access rights

Can't connect to camera? It is necessary to check the access rights. As a rule, such an error appears in the Marshmallow version of the Android operating system. The factory firmware provides a personalized system that provides access to the main application. The user needs to confirm that the installed application is allowed to access the camera.

Authorization check:

  • Through the main screen enter the menu.
  • Go to the "Settings".
  • After that, through the "Applications" open the "Cameras" tab.
  • Click on the link "Permissions".
  • Move the slider to the right (position on).

could not connect to the camera of reason


If all the above methods did not help to correct the error, then, most likely, the problem is hidden in the hardware "stuffing".Without special knowledge and equipment, the owner will not be able to fix it. In this case, you will have to contact the repair shop or service center if the device is still under warranty.

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