Use the plot for good luck

conspiracy for good luck and good luck

If you ask any person: “Do you want to be lucky?” - everyone will undoubtedly answer: “Of course, I want!”. Any of us lacks something in life to be completely happy: money to someone, love to someone, glory to someone. There are individuals who absolutely want nothing more than what they have. But few people give up luck and success.

So many offers to choose?

Modern psychology, esoterics, Chinese geomancy Feng Shui offer mantras, prayers for all occasions. If you do not have enough family happiness, please - a conspiracy to attract love, if you want to become a successful person, please - a conspiracy to succeed in business and business. Of course, there are skeptics, not believers in anything, who doubt everything. We will not impose our opinion, but bring to your attention a few rituals and plots for those who want to finally catch luck by the tail.

Candle Magic

good luck plot

Take a candle in the palm of your hand, look at its flame and represent your dream. Breathe slowly and deeply.Your thoughts, a clearly formulated goal is nothing but your own plot for happiness and success in life. A burning candle, having received your mental message, transmits confidence in success in achieving a dream. Attributes of different colors will help, namely:

  • Yellow or blue candle, if health is somewhat shaken.
  • Dark blue wax for those who have enemies.
  • Green candle - to attract wealth.
  • Violet - for those who want to cultivate themselves in development, both spiritual and scientific.
  • The brown candle will suit those workers whose professional qualities have not yet been appreciated.
  • Red color speaks for itself: love and passion.
  • White will help recuperate to continue the work begun.

Ritual in chinese

Conducting such a conspiracy to attract good luck can be an infinite number of times both men and women. It is important to make it in high spirits.

  • Light 3 candles (three colors) and a fragrant lavender stick.
  • Take a wand and go around the room strictly clockwise, repeating “I opened the door and called good luck to my house. I will live now with good luck fun, beautiful, happy. "
  • Smoking wand itself must burn out.
  • Candles can be extinguished (do not blow out).
  • When the wand decays, the plot for good fortune will take effect and Her Majesty Fortune will come to your house.


Thoughts-statements out loud, which are aimed at working with their own subconscious, are called "affirmations". For example: "I am rich (a)!", "I am healthy (a)!", "I love (a)!" The most important thing is how to pronounce them. If, when pronouncing an affirmation, you experience a feeling of euphoria, ease, then the installation is accepted correctly.

Affirmations for good luck

conspiracy to attract good luckClearly but carefully chosen affirmation - there is a conspiracy for good luck, health, love, happiness, and all that you desire for yourself. The shorter the installation, the better. It is necessary to pronounce it regularly, only in a positive mood, only in an affirmative form. For example, a conspiracy for success and success in a career or business can be pronounced in the form of such affirmations:

  • I achieve everything I want!
  • I get all the best!
  • I do what I love and get good money!
  • I'm in all luck!

Let you always and in all luck!

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