Valery Gergiev: biography and creativity

Valery Gergiev - an outstanding conductormodernity. He is the artistic director of the Mariinsky Theater. He is also the chief conductor of the London Symphony and Munich Philharmonic Orchestras.


Valery Gergiev was born in Moscow in 1953. The future conductor in North Ossetia has grown. There he graduated from the music school. From 1972 to 1977 Valery Abisalovich studied at the Leningrad Conservatory in the class of Ilya Musin. In his student years he took part in the prestigious International Competition among conductors and won the second prize. After graduating from the conservatory V. Gergiev began his career at the Kirov Theater as an assistant to the main conductor, whose post at that time was occupied by the famous Yu. Temirkanov. In 1981 he headed the Armenian Symphony Orchestra, which he directed for 4 years. In 1988, Yu. Temirkanov joined the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra, and Valery Abisalovich took his place in the Kirov Theater.

Valery Gergiev with his wife

Under the leadership of V. Gergiev there are festivals: PI Tchaikovsky, Paschal, MP Mussorgsky, R. Wagner, NA Rimsky-Korsakov, SS Prokofiev.

In the 90s of the 20th century Valery Abisalovich becameoften to speak abroad. From 1995 to 2008 he was the main guest conductor of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Rotterdam. He performed a lot at the Metropolitan Opera. In 2007, V. Gergiev took the post of chief conductor of the famous London Symphony Orchestra.

Valery Abisalovich conducts opera performances, concert and symphonic works.

Since April 2010, V. Gergiev is the dean of the Faculty of Arts at St. Petersburg State University. Since 2013, the conductor holds the post of chairman of the All-Russian Choral Society.

Valery Gergiev is a member of the Presidential Council for Culture and Art in Russia.

A family

The father of the maestro - Abisal Zaurbekovich Gergiev -veteran of the Great Patriotic War, battalion commander. Mother - Tamara Timofeevna Lagkueva. Sisters - Larissa and Tamara, the first of whom is People's Artist of Russia and Ukraine.

Gergiev Valeriy Abisalovich and his wife NataliaDziebisova founded the family in 1999. The maestro's wife also has something to do with beauty: she is a graduate of the School of Arts in the city of Vladikavkaz. The couple have three children. The eldest son, Abisal, is named after the father of V. Gergiev. The boy was born in 2000. The middle son - Valery - is named after the maestro himself. The year of his birth is 2001. And the youngest daughter is Tamara. The year of her birth is 2003. Also, Valery Abisalovich has an illegitimate daughter, Natalia, who was born in 1985.

In the photo presented in this article, Valery Gergiev with his wife and children.

valerius gergiev


Valery Gergiev Mariinsky Theater headed in 1996year. To date, the company gives 760 performances per year. The Mariinsky Theater is the most actively touring in the world. Now the troupe works on three stages. This is: the historical, the Concert Hall and the Mariinsky-2 complex.

Valery Gergiev Mariinsky Theater

Thanks B. Gergiev, the theater carefully preserves and restores the traditions of the past, and also actively develops new horizons. Valery Abisalovich raised a whole galaxy of singers who reached the world level. He contributed to the repertoire of the theater expanded and enriched. V. Gergiev also gives young composers-contemporaries the opportunity to realize themselves on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater. Another merit of Valery Abisalovich is that today the troupe performs all the operas in the original language. The orchestra of Valery Gergiev enriched his repertoire. Now, in addition to operas and ballets, musicians perform works of other genres.

The Munich Orchestra

In 2013 Valery Gergiev decreeThe Munich authorities were appointed head of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the city. In 2015, he took up his duties. The initiative to appoint V.Gergiev as the main conductor came from musicians of the orchestra. With the maestro a five-year contract is concluded. The general director of collective Paul Muller speaks about Valery Abisalovich as one of the most charismatic conductors of the present. He believes that the gift of V. Gergiev to seek from musicians of magical sound will provide the Munich orchestra with a wonderful future. P. Muller also hopes that the skill of Valery Abisalovich will affect not only the musicians, but also the audience, and the whole musical life of the city of Munich as a whole.

orchestra of Valery Gergiev

The first concerts of the conductor together withPhilharmonic Orchestra of Müchen, opening the season 2015-2016, took place on the 17, 18, 20, 22, 23 and 24 September. The musicians performed the following works: PI Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6, Mahler's Symphony No. 2, A. Bruckner's Symphony No. 4, J. Brahms's violin and orchestra concerto, Richard Strauss's "Don Juan" ballets and "Romeo and Juliet "by Sergei Prokofiev. The concerts were attended by Mariinsky Theater soloist Olga Borodina and violinist from Holland Yanin Jansen.

Tour Schedule

gergiev valerii abisalovich and his wife

Valery Gergiev is performing around the world with his orchestras. Concerts with participation of the conductor in the season 2015-2016:

  • Austria, Linz. With the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra.
  • Germany. Frankfurt. With the Philharmonic Orchestra of Munich.
  • Austria. St. Florian. With the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra.
  • Germany. Essen. With the Philharmonic Orchestra of Munich.
  • Switzerland. Lugano. With the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra.
  • The capital of Great Britain. With the London Symphony Orchestra.
  • Russia. St. Petersburg. Mariinskii Opera House.
  • Austria. Vein. London Symphony Orchestra.
  • United Kingdom. London. With laureates of the International Competition of Musicians named after Peter Tchaikovsky.
  • Luxembourg. London Symphony Orchestra.
  • United Kingdom. Birmingham. With laureates of the International Competition of Musicians named after Peter Tchaikovsky.
  • France. Paris. London Symphony Orchestra.
  • Germany. Munich. With the Philharmonic Orchestra of the city.
  • America. New York. London Symphony Orchestra.
  • Switzerland. Basel. With the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra.
  • America. New York. With the laureates of the competition named after Pyotr Tchaikovsky.
  • The capital of France. With the orchestra of Paris.
  • Spain. Barcelona. With the Philharmonic Orchestra of Munich.
  • America. New York. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Netherlands. Amsterdam. With the Royal Orchestra Concertgebau.
  • America. Naples. Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Charitable Foundation

Conductor Valery Gergiev is the foundercharitable foundation. The Director is Sergey Vladimirovich Mazanov. There is the Valery Gergiev Foundation since 2003. His main task is the promotion of the concert hall of the Mariinsky Theater, on the stage of which for 10 years of its existence such world celebrities as Y. Bashmet, P. Domingo, R. Fleming, A. Netrebko, D. Matsuev and others performed. Thanks to the foundation, it is planned to build new buildings of the theater building, expand the functionality of existing premises. The funds will be equipped in the future with new artistic, swimming pool, spa, conference rooms, a cafe, a music store and rehearsal rooms. On the fund's money, the Mariinsky Theater's tours around the world are organized. Also, V.Gergiev's fund renders huge support to young talented musicians and artists, organizes free actions, promotes the receipt of professional education in the field of art.

Competition named after P. Tchaikovsky

head of the Mariinsky Theater of Valery Gergiev

Valery Gergiev heads the organizing committeeInternational competition of musicians named after Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Frequency - once in 4 years. The goal of the competition is to identify new talents. Creative competitions are held in the following specialties: "solo singing", "violin", "piano" and "cello". For more than 50 years of existence, the Tchaikovsky Competition has opened a huge number of talented performers. For many, these creative competitions have become a successful start, have allowed to receive recognition of professionals, the love of viewers and to make a brilliant career.

Easter Festival

conductor of gerhies

It was established by Valery Gergiev insupport of the mayor of Moscow Yu. Luzhkov. Every time the festival attracts a huge audience of listeners. Here you can hear all the well-known classical opuses, as well as rare works of contemporary composers. Within the framework of the festival charitable concerts are held. He sets himself the tasks of education and enlightenment. World famous figures take part in the concerts: Y. Bashmet, A. Netrebko, S. Roldugin, V. Feltsman, D. Matsuev, L. Kavakos, M. Pletnev and others.

Ranks and awards

Head of the Mariinsky Theater Valery Gergievawarded a huge number of awards and titles for achievements in art. He is a laureate of state prizes of Russia. Has government awards in Italy, Germany, Japan, France, the Netherlands. In 1996 he received the title of People's Artist of Russia. Awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Valery Abisalovich is a laureate of the European award for the support of young talents. The Russian president was awarded the title of Hero of Labor. And also awarded two orders "For Services to the Fatherland". The conductor holds the title of president of the Edinburgh International Festival and an honorary professor at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. And many more titles, orders, medals, prizes and awards.

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