Vera Maretskaya: biography, children, photo of the actress

Sixty years ago it was most likely the first in the USSR by star names - Faina Ranevskaya, Rostislav Plyatt, Lyubov Orlova and, of course,Vera Maretskaya. All of them were bright and unique.

When the theater was on tour in Paris, We-Pe (Marecka) sat in the dressing room of Sarah Bernard. Before the performance, her heart caught. She lay down on the couch, having had time to think: “It would be great to die on the couch of Bernard herself.” But this time, doctors saved her ...

The childhood of the great actress

One of the best actresses of the Soviet Union was born in Barvikha with parents who had nothing to do with the world of cinema. Perhaps only a very fine thread makes such a connection. Her father, Peter G., six years after the birth of his daughter began to rent a buffet in the Nikitinsky Circus. And after the end of the revolution, he decided to stay there to work as a salesman. All the children - Vera, her two brothers and sister - constantly helped her father.

Vera loved to go to the circus, she was fascinated by the world of art.She often stood backstage, carefully watching the performance. And having closed her eyes, the girl imagined herself an aerial gymnast, now a bold rider ...

Mareckian faith

Parents wanted for their daughter a completely different future, they were not sure that the girl’s dreams would make her happy. Parents wanted their children to receive a serious education, therefore, having obeyed their urgent persuasion, the young Vera Maretskaya, whose photos were soon in almost every Soviet journal, began to take exams for the Faculty of Philosophy at Moscow University. But the world of art did not leave her captivating and admiring. Therefore, without saying anything to her parents, the girl submits documents simultaneously to three theater studios. I was able to enter into two of which she chose a studio school at the Vakhtangov Theater because he was a student of Stanislavsky himself. Philosophy has been forgotten forever.

Her pre-war work in the theater

After graduating from the Studio School in 1924, Vera Maretskaya, supporting Yuri Zavadsky, who decided to create his theatrical studio, became one of his first actresses. She, in spite of her youth, began with characteristic roles.She managed (and very talented) to transform into strange and ridiculous old women - Frau Snyutchen, Madame Sokovitina and others.

The choice of the repertoire of the actress was greatly influenced by her amazing sense of humor and irrepressible fantasy. She had a chance to play the hypocrite Glafira, the homeless girl Stepka, the prostitute Betty Dordange (one of her best roles). Zavadsky wrote about Maretskaya that she is very clever, always knows what she does, why and why, but the main thing is how.

Maretsky faith life

Their relationship was not easy. It was Zavadsky who became for Maretskaya a true teacher, who discovered her as an actress. Gradually, the working relationship became personal. They got married, their son Zhenya was born. Everything was good, but then Zavadsky experienced a feeling of all-consuming love for Galina Ulanova and left the family. Another woman would leave the theater in protest. Another, but not Vera Petrovna. She, despite the fact that she was invited by many directors, did not leave her now ex-husband and worked there all her life, remaining the leading actress of his theater.

Cinema of her life

Although she had continued success in the theater, it was Maretskaya’s cinema that brought nation-wide love and recognition.Her debut took place when she was 19 years old. It was a small role in the drama “His Call.” In the same, in 1925, the same director - Yakov Protazanov - again invited the young beauty in his new film - to the comedy “The Cutter from Torzhok”, wheree Vera Maretskaya, movieswhich entered the golden fund of the Soviet cinema, embodied the role of the worker Kati. This image is remembered by all viewers.

Her partner in the film, Igor Ilinsky, spoke about her work, that the main charm of the young actress was her naturalness and simplicity.

Faith Marecka photo

Gradually began to receive offers from different directors. For three years she has played in five wonderful films, where she was able to demonstrate both real sincerity and lyricism, as well as bright specificity.

Living image in ideological falsehood

Beginning a creative career with the actress was very stormy, but then there was some lull. She was very busy in the theater. Her next role only happened in 1935. The character was an active miner Vera, who managed to incite women to fight in battle against whites. From this picture it is the female character, its formation became the defining core of her further work in the cinema.

Almost all of her screen works were imbued with the ideology of communism. But in those years this ideology was in any kind of art, in the minds and hearts of people. But even in such a situation, Vera Maretskaya managed to create real, very sincere and real images of women, simple Russian women. Critics said that every time the Maretskaya peasant woman, who uttered fiery words, wanted to look at every minute, she was so wise and truly popular.

The personal life of the glorified actress

She had everything: favorable attitude of the official authorities, people's love. And yet almost no one knew that behind all this extravaganza remains a huge tragedy. Both of her brothers were party leaders, almost right-handed to Bukharin, which was the reason for their death — they were shot in the 30s.

Her younger sister disappeared a day after the start of the war. First, Vera Pavlovna phoned her acquaintances, then hospitals and morgues. Then she realized contacting the relevant authorities ... No popularity helped her to pull her sister out of prison: Tanya came out only two years later, until the 60s she was forbidden to live in the capital.

faith maretskaya movies

The personal life of Vera Maretskaya turned out to be striped: then there were happy highs, sometimes sad falls. After her divorce from Zavadsky, she again created a family - with actor Georgy Troitsky.They had a daughter, Masha. Trosha mainly engaged in household chores and daughter. And all the creative questions Maretskaya, as before, solved in tandem with Zavadsky.

The children of Maretskaya Vera Petrovna were always with her, and not only in childhood. Much later, when she was in the hospital for long weeks, they were there, the son even recorded the verses she read on the tape recorder.

A third of a century - a whole epoch

The forties were the best for Maretskaya, the theater actress, and for Maretskaya, the film actress. It was at this time that her best films were shot (“The Wedding”, “The Rural Teacher”) and the best performances were staged (“The Innkeeper”, “Masha”, “They Don't Make Love with Joy”). Only one thing darkened these years: at the very beginning of the war, her second husband, who had volunteered for the front, died. More Vera Maretskaya did not marry.

In the 50s – 60s, filming was much less. Interesting works were in the films "Mother", "Easy Life". There were much more plays and roles in the Theater of the Moscow Council - “Enemies”, “Theft” and others. She loved the theater very much and always worked with particular dedication.

Until the end of her life, Maretskaya was actress number one for her first husband.But he also had to carefully maneuver between Orlova and Ranevskaya, who shared the same scene. And it was not easy.

children of the maretsk faith Petrovna

Maretskaya continued to play. Her daughter Masha got married, but a few years later her husband hanged himself. The actress supported her daughter with all her might, despite the headache that almost always tormented her. Rostislav Plyatt and Yuri Zavadsky almost by force forced her to undergo an examination, the result of which was disappointing: brain cancer.

After scoring the diagnosis, Zavadsky decided to give her the role of Mrs. Savage, who had previously been played by Ranevskaya and then by Orlova. But it so happened that Orlova was also sick then, so she fought for this role.

Maretskaya now spent part of the time in the theater, and part in the hospital - treatment, surgery ... Soon Orlova was there. Vera Petrovna wrote small notes to her in another room, but Orlova, still offended at her because of the role of Mrs. Savage, answered with silence.

She died first, in January of the 75th. Maretskaya was at the funeral service. Later, being almost exhausted from the disease, she continued to work in the hospital. Soon Zavadsky found himself in the same walls.As before, they exchanged notes with the ex-wife, greetings and drawings. He died in 1977. Maretskaya reported this first. She survived it all for a year, having left life on August 17, 1978.

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Vera Maretskaya: biography, children, photo of the actress 98

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