Vitamins for kittens

The little fluffy kitten is completely defenseless, butSoon with your help he will grow up and become a best friend for many years. If at least once in your life you managed to be friends with a clever and faithful cat, you must for a long time retain memories of him. How to help a kitten grow should be known to everyone who decided to have this pet. First of all, you need to organize the right diet, and do not forget to give suitable age for vitamins for kittens. There are a lot of them in veterinary pharmacies, but you just have to pick and buy a quality product. Remember, if the kittens eat mother's milk, which is enough, then they are not needed. In rare cases, when there are deviations in development, prescribe vitamins in addition and at a time when the kitten is breastfed. When the mother cat stops feeding the family, then vitamins for kittens are needed.

When the kittens reach 1.5 months dailyit is necessary to give vitamins designed for this age. They include calcium, which is important for the formation of the skeleton and for growth. For example, it is good to feed a pet, adding to its diet vitamins for kittens "Doctor Zoo" with calcium and phosphorus.

It is also necessary to remember that vitamin Ait is necessary for normal growth, and D - is necessary as an effective prevention of rickets. The drug, which includes both these components in a balanced form, is vitamins for kittens "8 in 1". It also includes calcium and phosphorus, which together contribute to the correct and rapid formation of the skeleton.

A good result was noted when applying the agent«Canina Dog Immun Protect». It refers to proven vitamins for animals. The remedy is created specifically to enhance the immunity of domestic cats and dogs. This drug scientists have developed on the basis of natural immunoglobulins, it is the best protection for the immune system of animals. Kittens are recommended to give it already from 2 days of life. It is recommended to take it together with the drug "Wellpelmich" daily for 1 month.

Veterinarians recommend in case of bone fragilityand with weakened muscles give pets "Beafar Drukal". Also good is the drug "Biotactor Vitamix" (Nutrimix), which is created specifically for young and fast-growing pets. It consists of: milk, dairy products, minerals, herbs, rhubarb and algae. These are the best vitamins for cats. Do not forget that all drugs must be given strictly according to the instructions, then your pets will grow rapidly, and most importantly, they will be healthy.

In winter, small kittens can get infected infectiousdiseases, at this time we must take care to raise their immunity. In this case, pay attention to the vitamins "Calcidee" and the product "Biofactor Garlic tablets", which contain natural, dried garlic. It is he who is able to return to the active life of the baby, if he fell ill. In addition, this drug is also antihelminthic, has a bactericidal effect, increases appetite and promotes improved digestion.

Choose vitamins and supplements should be carefully. You should also know that white cats, for example, do not show vitamins with algae, since the incoming components affect the wool, and it can darken. In this case, vitamins for cats give an undesirable result, but sales consultants in pet stores usually know about it and warn buyers. All long-haired cats should be given a paste called "Malt-Soft", as it removes lumps of wool from the digestive tract. Vitamins for animals "Gimpet" - this is another great additive for kittens, which contains vital substances. It consists of: calcium, taurine, colostrum, minerals and L-carnitine.

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