Walnut: useful properties and application

All ingenious is simple. This also applies to walnuts. This fairly common and affordable product is a storehouse of incredibly useful and vital vitamins (group A, B, C, E), trace elements (zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium), omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Despite its calorie content (650 kcal), the properties of walnuts are appreciated by slimming people: they are recommended by trainers and nutritionists as a source of vegetable fats in diets. Also, nuts are not the last place in the diet of people involved in strength sports, increasing the mass. What gives the body a walnut? Useful properties are as follows:walnut useful properties

  1. Potassium improves brain, heart and liver function.

  2. Magnesium has a vasodilator and diuretic effect.

  3. Iodine is extremely useful for the endocrine system.

  4. Phosphorus is responsible for the skeleton and muscles.

A bit of history

As they say, in Greece there is everything, except walnuts.In fact, now they really are not there. Although many centuries ago they were brought to Europe from there, and the true homeland of nuts is Central Asia. The healing properties of these fruits were seen in past centuries. For example, King Mithridates in the morning on an empty stomach ate a mixture of two walnuts, salt and wine berries with leaves. It was a powerful remedy against any poisons. Later, the fruits began to be used to eliminate problems with the gastrointestinal tract: using crushed kernels mixed with honey, they treated gastritis and ulcers, relieved pain and heaviness in the stomach, and also used as an antihelminthic. Crushed leaves and peel contributed to the healing of wounds, removed the swelling with bruises.

When can I start using walnut?the benefits of walnuts with honey

Useful properties of a walnut are shown already at the stage of ripening. When it is still “milky,” it contains a large percentage of vitamin C. It is in this condition that the fruits are harvested for the production of vitamin preparations. At the same time, the green peel is intensively used: on its basis a slurry, alcoholic tinctures and decoctions are prepared, which help with stomach pains, gum inflammations, rheumatism.

Walnut: useful properties of the oil

All nuts, like their oils, have healing properties. Oil made from walnut kernels, for example, is indispensable for the prevention and treatment of sclerosis, is an auxiliary tool in the treatment of diabetes, improves the condition of blood vessels, reduces blood cholesterol levels, promotes healing of wounds.

Walnut: useful properties of partitions and leaves

Walnut partitions are also used in traditional medicine. On the basis of their preparing decoctions and tinctures. This is the most effective raw material in the fight against male prostatitis and cystic neoplasms in women. The recipe for this wonderful potion is quite simple: 2 tbsp. spoons partitions pour 0.3 liter of boiling water and cook over low heat for 20 minutes. The broth should be cooled and insisted, then take half a cup 3 times a day. Unusually useful alcoholic tincture of partitions, made on vodka (1:10). It is infused for 30 days and consumed 3 drops 3 times a day. Tincture is a preventive and therapeutic agent for colitis, hypertension and diabetes. Walnut leaves have a pronounced antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.Therefore, they have long been milled into mush, which was applied to boils and poorly healing wounds. Today, this recipe can be improved and get the opportunity to independently prepare an ointment of leaves, which is stored for a long time and will always be at hand:

walnut propertiesThe leaves are filled with oil and insist for a week, then, without straining, the mixture is boiled on the steam bath for an hour. Strained several times the liquid is mixed with wax. Walnut leaves help perfectly with hemorrhoids: by steaming and making lotions, pain and external inflammation can be alleviated - symptoms that often accompany this ailment. In fact, the properties of the nut have been confirmed to remove unwanted body hair: the area in unwanted vegetation is wiped with juice of milk nut, cut in half.

The benefits of walnuts with honey

Both honey and nuts are a powerful natural energy tool for improving immunity, restoring the body after past illness and overwork. Much is said about the benefits of this mixture to increase male potency. It is recommended to take 1 hour.spoon of this nut-honey mixture (1: 1) after meals for at least a month. Often raisins, figs, dried apricots and dates are added to the nut-honey mixture. In this case, it also has a cleansing effect: removes slags and excess liquid. And to raise the tone, you can add lemon and orange.

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