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Going to the cinema, shopping in shopping centers, ice skating rinks, parks, museums and exhibitions - anyone can spend the weekend fun and informative. However, sometimes you want exotic entertainment, among which is just a visit to the water park.

Even in the warm season in Moscow there are not so many places where you can splash in the water. A visit to a fitness club with a pool is possible only with the purchase of an expensive subscription, and besides the sauna and a few tracks there is nothing interesting. Another thing - the Moreon water park. Reviews tell us about the huge slides, attractions, spa, restaurants and other attributes of the entertainment center.

About the complex

The opening of the new water complex was held in early April 2013. The largest water park in Moscow “Moreon” is ready to receive up to 4,000 guests daily. On an area of ​​55 thousand square meters. meters is a water park, fitness, bowling, attractions, spa and baths, as well as several restaurants.

On weekdays, the entertainment complex is open from 10 to 22 hours, on Saturday and Sunday - from 9 to 22 hours. The cost of the visit can be specified on the official website. Waterpark "Moreon", whose address - st. Golubinskaya, 16, offers special rates for pensioners, children, students and large families.

The cleanliness of the water and the safety of the slides traditionally cause concern to the guests of the complex. It is worth noting that the ventilation equipment, specially designed for areas with high humidity, helps to maintain comfortable temperatures in the steam rooms and pools. Disinfection and water purification are carried out continuously. The system skips the total volume of pools in one hour. Water retains a neutral smell due to a special ozonation technology.

Travel to summer

In the winter months, we are madly missing the sea, but not everyone has the opportunity to travel. A trip to the water park will refresh your memories and bring a lot of joy not only to kids, but also to adults.

The youngest guests waiting for a pirate adventure. A game town with masts, slides and ladders will be interesting to explore and just splash around in warm water.“Lazy” rest and relaxation promise a complex of hydromassage pools, geysers, waterfalls and a river with a reverse flow.waterpark moreon reviews

Close your eyes for a moment, and the pleasant noise of the wave pool will take you to hot countries, and a sandy beach will add certainty to the sensations.

Regular guests know that you can get your portion of adrenaline on one of six exciting slides:

  1. "Space plate" - a huge colorful bowl and a deep pool.
  2. "Black Hole" - a high swirling hill, where everything happens in total darkness.
  3. "Innertuyslide" - a tangled yellow maze where you can ride on inflatable rafts.
  4. "Body Slide" - a red track 120 meters long.
  5. "Family" - a wide cascade slide.
  6. "Wing" - an exciting flight on the edge of a cliff.

What you need to take with you to the Moreon water park? Visitor reviews are advised to pay attention to the list of required things:

  • bathing suit;
  • towel;
  • Beach shoes;
  • means for a shower.

The sleeves, bathrobe, cap and glasses are at your discretion. Swimming vests are provided free of charge. Rent a bathrobe and towels will cost 800 rubles.

Fast food

Grab a snack on the beach area in a two-level cafe. The menu consists mainly of fast food, hot dogs, sandwiches, french fries, burgers, pizza, salads, rolls, as well as beer and soft drinks.

Some visitors note that prices in cafes are quite high. Such a complaint is quite common - people spend in the complex all day, and there is no alternative to food, which means that the administration can set prices at its discretion. A lot of complaints are caused by the quality and taste of food, but nothing is known about the cases of poisoning.

In a healthy body

Recently, fitness centers are opening more often than new restaurants and cafes. A healthy lifestyle and excellent physical form attract more and more Muscovites, and it is much more effective to relieve stress on the simulators or in the pool after hard working days.

how to get to the water park Moreon

Residents of the Yasenevo district enjoy visiting the Moreon water park, where there is a huge fitness complex. Avid athletes will certainly please the gym with modern equipment. In the pool you can do water aerobics or diving school, as well as attend individual swimming lessons.

For group classes, there are five spacious halls, where they teach many fitness areas: dancing, Pilates, Eastern practices and much more. Small visitors will be interested in an entertaining town, and at meetings with professional teachers you can not only develop fine motor skills, but also learn tai chi techniques.

Lose weight correctly

As you know, the key to successful weight loss is not only the right attitude, but also the help of a professional. In the study of wellness diagnostics, a full body analysis is carried out, on the basis of which a weight loss program is drawn up. Such monitoring reduces the risk of development:

  • type 2 diabetes;
  • hypertension;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • high cholesterol.

In addition, using the device "Demiskrin" guests who visited the water park "Moreon" (metro "Yasenevo"), can assess the condition of the spine.

To purchase club cards, please contact our sales department. As for the opinions of the athletes about the fitness center, they are generally satisfied with the space and the simulators. But today, there are more and more complaints to the staff.Low-skilled coaches, the “routine” of managers and lack of attention to the requests of visitors - in general, the quality of services leaves much to be desired.

Thermal complex

Relax away from the noisy entertainment offers a water park in Moscow “Moreon”. Photos of the thermal complex attract at first sight. Antique design with columns and mosaics in combination with the latest technology promises a pleasant pastime.

address of the water park Moreon in Moscow

So, on the territory of the term are located:

  1. Aromatherapy baths - accelerate metabolic processes in the body and strengthen the immune system. A session in a fragrant steam room will help to cope with overwork and stress, as well as prepare the body for further SPA treatments.
  2. Tepidarium - here warm air (35-45 degrees, humidity - 30%) normalizes the condition of the respiratory tract. Improved mood, restoration of energy and strength guaranteed.
  3. Laconium - temperature 40-60 degrees. Depending on the individual tolerance, the duration of the procedure is from 15 to 30 minutes. Without a special load on the circulatory system and heart, a visit to Laconium helps to strengthen the immune system and speed up the metabolic processes.
  4. Frigidarium - room for cooling.
  5. Aero-hydro-pool - improves well-being, relieves stress and enriches the skin with oxygen.
  6. The classic “Kneipp path” is alternating tanks with cold and warm water. The procedure speeds up blood circulation and strengthens the blood vessels and the heart.
  7. The sauna complex includes saunas with different temperature conditions, a Turkish hammam, a Russian bath with sooty soaring and a font with the purest water.
  8. Body care - here you can do popular seaweed and mud wraps, swaddling with sea salt and other procedures useful for the body.

Of the entire complex, such as the Moreon water park in Moscow, guest reviews are more praised by the thermal block, because even kids are not bored here.

aquapark moreon metro


Always dreamed of visiting the Mediterranean? We will tell you how to get to the Moreon water park, because it was here that a unique spa resort appeared two years ago.

Azure water, fancy bridges and decorative elements in blue and white shades will remind you of the romantic island of Santorini. Enjoy the view of the birch grove from the private jacuzzi.Hot Roman bath, aroma sauna and much more are at the disposal of the spa guests.

A colored shower, or chromotherapy, will relieve emotional stress. This procedure is known for a long time - color was treated in China, Persia, India and Egypt.

Cosmetic and therapeutic effect promises infrared sauna. A session at a temperature of 37-47 degrees increases the overall resistance of the body, restores muscles during sports, reduces weight and normalizes metabolic processes.

On the sea

The salt cave recreates a unique microclimate, which favorably affects the skin, and the sea air restores respiratory and bronchial functions. In addition, after a session there is an improvement in well-being and sleep.

water park in Moscow Moreon

Waterpark in Moscow “Moreon” also offers another “sea” procedure - floating. For 45 minutes the body is immersed in a bath with a dense salt solution, which by its consistency resembles the structure of water in the Dead Sea. Harmony, relaxation, clarity of thought and enjoyment of life are just some of the “consequences” of flotation. Agree, not every water park in Moscow provides such services.“Moreon”, the photo of which is in our article, is a pleasant exception in this respect.

For girls and women

It is impossible to imagine a spa complex without massage, peeling and wraps. Up to fifteen types of procedures are offered by the Moreon water park. Reviews especially highlight the following:

  1. Anti-cellulite honey massage. The magic properties of honey in combination with massage can make stretching less noticeable, remove cellulite, reduce body volume up to 4 cm and give the skin a healthy look.
  2. Ten varieties of Thai massage. For example, the program “Healing Herbs” is carried out with the help of special herbal bags. Effective with muscle pain, depression, migraines and sports injuries.
  3. SPA-wrapping MAXI includes four stages: warming up the body, peeling, anti-cellulite wrapping and modeling massage.
  4. Cosmetologist's services: anti-aging program, express care “Oily skin”, antioxidant programs for the skin with signs of photoaging and others.

Bowling and rides

More active entertainment recently offers water park “Moreon”. Photos on the official website show an amusement complex for children and a bowling alley for adults.

Twelve polished tracks and modern equipment from Brunswick - the famous industry leader - bowling works non-stop. Nearby there is a bar where you can share your impressions of the game and have a snack before the next batch. On the menu you will find traditional sandwiches, soups, salads and other snacks.

water park in Moscow Moreon photo

In addition, in the “Moreon” there is a children's bowling section. You can start classes at the age of six.

On the third floor of the entertainment complex is “NEW Orange Park”. The four-level labyrinth, various simulators, a colorful carousel, air hockey and other types of slot machines will not let young visitors get bored.

EXO-skelet will allow to visit in virtual reality. Magnificent special effects, a movable platform and plot control - the Moreon Waterpark gives fantastic emotions.

Reviews tell about the high level of organization of children's holidays in the complex. The participation of animators in the role of popular characters of cartoons and fairy tales will make the birthday even more fun and exciting. Contests, prizes, games and, of course,children's menu - the staff of “Moreon” will provide everything to the smallest detail.


In addition to the "beach" cafe on the territory, two more restaurants are open: "Oranzhi" and "Bai Chayhona".

“Orangi” is a huge banquet room, designed for one thousand people. Buffets, corporate events, fashion shows, anniversaries and weddings - any event of your choice can be held here. Live music, artists, entertainment shows and professional presenters will leave pleasant memories of the evening.

aquapark moreon where is

You can plunge into the atmosphere of the East and taste the best dishes of the Uzbek cuisine in “Bai Chayhon”, the schedule of which is daily from 10 am until the last client.

Interestingly, both restaurants are located next to “NEW Orange Park”. This means that while adults are having a good time, children will be busy with slot machines offered by the Moreon water park.

How to get there?

The entertainment complex is located in the South-West district. The nearest metro station - "Yasenevo" - is within walking distance - 7-10 minutes on foot. On public transport - stop "Trans Agency-Dentistry":

  • Trolleybuses 72, 85.
  • Buses 642, 961, 651, 281.
  • Route Taxi 85m, 592.

Special promotions and offers

Many visitors complain that the water park has a rather complicated grid of tariffs. Indeed, it can be difficult to understand from the first time, but managers representing the Moreon water park are always ready to answer questions.

Photos of huge slides and pools, fitness center, thermal complex, spa, city attractions and restaurants are presented on the official portal. You can also easily find amateur photos and real reviews of visitors.

The water park constantly holds all sorts of promotions, and special prices are available in honor of public holidays. Permanent discount for birthday - 10%.

Summer all year

Summer in the metropolis we are not often happy with good weather. The city has beautiful beaches, but at a temperature of plus 15 degrees there is absolutely nothing to do there. At least for a while you can indulge yourself with a beach holiday in the water park. This day will be remembered by children and adults, and a visit to the entertainment complex will be a must-have for your family.

The address of the Moreon water park in Moscow: ul. Golubinskaya, house 16. Enjoy your holidays and good mood!

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