What are the portals in MeinKraft and how do they do?

Your journey to "Maynkraft" you start inrandom point of a randomly generated world that resembles an ordinary Earth. Naturally, there are mobs that do not really exist, plants that you are unlikely to find, but on the whole they are about the same. And quite a large number of players spend all their time there, not knowing that "Meincraft" is more than just one virtual world. In fact, there are several, between them you can travel with the help of portals. Some of them are provided by the developers, some are added with the help of special modifications, so you definitely will not get bored while you research them. But, as it was said earlier, you need portals to travel to any of the additional worlds. Through them you will go to new locations, through them and return. Therefore, everyone should know what portals are in Meincraft, how to do them and where they lead.

Portals in "Maincrafter"

what are the portals in maynkraft

To date, the portal is justA science-fiction concept that has not yet been realized in life. This is a kind of gate that instantly transfers a person from one world to another and back. They are represented very differently - someone sees them as blurred discontinuities in space, someone, on the contrary, believes that they should have a clear framework. If you are wondering what portals are in Meincraft, then you should know that they relate more to the second option. In the game it is a frame of certain blocks, the passage in which is activated in one way or another. Naturally, for each species there are both their materials and activation items. So you need to know what portals are in Meincraft and what you need to do with them to get into any of the worlds.

Journey to the Lower World

maincraft portal to the city

One of the first worlds that a player learns about isLower. This is a kind of analogue of Hell, stylized in the same theme. And if you want to know what portals are in Meincraft, then you should start with it. It can not be said that it is very easy to make it - you will need material that is not so easy to find, and even harder to do by yourself. It's obsidian. This material is not generated on the map when creating the world, it can not be scrambled or knocked out of the mobs. How can you get it then? Quite a cunning way: you will need lava and water. It does not matter, in nature this will happen either from your message - only order is important here. The lava must flow into standing water, and then in the place of their connection a block of obsidian will form. If the lava is static and the water is dynamic - you will get a stone, in any other case, different from the first, you will remain only with cobblestone blocks, so be extremely careful. Having made a frame out of the obsidian, set fire to the space inside it with the help of a cigarette lighter - and your gates to the Lower World are ready. Do not neglect them, because, in addition to a huge amount of fun and pleasure, you will find there materials for the construction of other teleports. In the "Maincraft" portal to the city and the Lower World does not require complicated materials, in other cases you will have to try.

Portal to paradise

portals in maincraft without mods

After visiting Hell, you can go to Paradise. Many portals in "Maincraft" without mods can not be done, and this is the first of them. Therefore, take care in advance to download the necessary modification and install it on your computer, and then start your journey. As already mentioned earlier, materials for the construction of the framework for other portals, including this one, should be sought in the Lower World. The frame of the gates to Paradise should consist of a gloustone, which can only be found in the "Meincraft" Hell. Having typed the right amount, start building, and then dial into a bucket of water and fill the space that you set on fire in the case of creating a portal to the Lower World. That's all, you can go on a trip that will bring you even more fun than before. It should be borne in mind that most of the instructions are built on the basis of "Minecraft" 1.5.2. How to make a portal in other versions? Here you have nothing to worry about. Since in this case there is no difference which version of the game you have installed.

End of the game

how to make a portal city

Everyone knows that "Maynkraft" issandbox game. In such projects, you can build anything, do everything that comes to your mind, explore, interact with the game world, but you have no specific tasks, no final goal. So it was in the case of "Maynkraft", while the developers did not decide to make a splash - they introduced a new world, which was called Kray (or End, to whom it is more convenient). He is the final one, the main boss lives there, so if you are tired of your adventures, you better not go there. If you are already ready for the last battle, then you will need to acquire twelve eyes of the Edge, then go in search of fortresses, in which you will find the necessary portal. You can not create it, so you can not even try - it's better to start searching right away. When you find it, place the eyes of the Edge in the cells of the frame, and when the last eye comes to its place, the portal is activated.

A space flight

how to make a portal

Another mod adds to the game a new world thatis a cosmic space. Make a portal for travel there is quite simple - you will need to change the recipes to the Hell in obsidian Hell for iron, but at the same time to go to a new world you need with proper preparation. Mod adds the craft of the spacesuit and other space supplies that you need to acquire.

Portal between cities

A teleport betweenthere are two locations in one world, "Maincrafter." How to make a portal "city"? You need to install one teleport unit in one location, another in the location you need, connect them with red dust, and a short route between the two points is ready.

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