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Nowadays, almost every desktop user has a printer. Thanks to this device, people can save time. For example, if you previously had to write something by hand, then today you just need to type text on a computer or find a ready one, insert a piece of paper and press a button. In a few minutes you will see the finished printed text.

What is a printer

A printer is a device for displaying information. It is designed to output graphic and text data on paper. Modern man is hard to do without a printer. They come in different types. The most common of these is laser.

A laser printer is famous for its print speed and good quality printed data. Most often, this type of device can be found in the office or in places where people provide printing services. The principle of operation of the printer is easy. Thanks to lasers, it transfers the image to paper. Documents printed on a laser printer are not afraid of any moisture or fading. The ink with which the machine prints is in the cartridge.

Photo printer

What is a printer cartridge

Currently, the cartridge is most often found in the printer. What is a cartridge? This is a small device with a special compartment in which there is paint. The color printer has several such devices, each of which contains a different color of paint. Although initially the first cartridges were filled with ink of the same color, in addition, there was one compartment in the printer. A black cartridge was inserted into it.

Further technology has evolved, compartments have done more. Cartridges began to fill with different colors. But not all colors were in the compartments. For some shades, the printer mixes ink from different cartridges, and the desired color is already on paper.

printer cartridges

Cartridge operation

Above, we learned what a printer cartridge is and what it is for. Now consider how it works in a laser printer.

  • Thanks to the laser, the electrostatic image of the future image or text is applied on the photovaly.
  • The toner is attracted to the foto through a special small hole.
  • When rotating, the toner is applied to the paper in the form in which it was pulled.
  • After that, in order for the toner to lock onto the paper, it heats up.
  • To apply a color image on paper, this process is repeated four times.

We looked at how a laser printer cartridge works. We now turn to the jet.

ink cartridge

Work in inkjet printer

Text or image created on such a printer is applied in dots. Kohler puts dots micro droplets that go through the nozzles of the print head.

  • The most important participant in the process of applying the image is the print head. It can be a separate element or be on cartridges.
  • In any case, the ink enters the paper through the nozzles. There are special heaters in the nozzle, which at some point heat the ink. When the ink heats up, their volume increases, and they are thrown onto the paper.
  • Cartridges are installed only four colors: black, yellow, pink, blue. Therefore, to obtain a specific color or shade of paint mixed. Mixing occurs when the colors fall on the paper, and then other tones fall on top.

We considered the principle of operation of the cartridge for a printer with a print head and we can conclude that the quality of printed pictures or photographs will be better on an inkjet printer.Laser wins in print speed.

Laser cartridge

What are the cartridges

Cartridges for the printer are original, repaired and refilled. Consider the features of each species.

Original printer cartridges are often included. They are recommended by the manufacturer. They are usually expensive. And there are such cases that one such cartridge is more expensive than the actual device for which it is intended. It often happens that they come across not very good quality. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase HP LaserJet cartridges. Their production is the company Hewlett-Packard.

Refilled printer cartridges are parts that have already been used. After they run out of paint, the company refills the tank again. This process is quite complex, and not every company can handle it. Recovery is mainly engaged in large firms. The cost will be several times cheaper than the original.

Now we will consider what is the restored cartridges. They are tested over and find out if there are defects on them, and if so, which ones. Testing helps determine if a cartridge can be used or not.If it is unfit for use, it is disposed of. If valid, then clean, fill and replace components.


Today we examined what types of cartridges and toners are, how they work. They learned what a cartridge is, the difference in the operation of a laser and inkjet printer. We recommend that you buy only the equipment of proven and reliable manufacturers. This will help you work with the printer without problems and breakdowns.

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