What is a protege? Meaning, origin and genus

Today we have a wonderful and at the same time sad topic. Let's go wild about pets. It all starts almost from kindergarten, when the teacher allocates some children to others, and does it right in the classroom. Here it is - the first psychological trauma. Then there is a school, where such a vicious system is preserved, and further down the list until retirement. In other words, we are talking about the question: “What is a protege?”.


Man protects a family of cardboard

Already according to the preface one can understand the meaning of the noun being analyzed. In general, much can be understood by reconstructing the noun content from the context. But this is not our goal. Our goal is volumetric knowledge, so we start from the basics, from the beginning.

Oddly enough, but borrowing is relatively recent. He gave us the twentieth century. The word came to us from French, where protégé is a derivative of protéger. If you look in the dictionary, then we find out that the last word means "to protect." There was an even more ancient Latin ancestor, the protegere (literally “cover”).

Thus, one can easily ascertain what a protege is. This is the one who patronized.Of course, one could say “cover”, but the verb has a double meaning, so it is better to leave it aside for the time being. Although sometimes the protégé allows himself something that others do not allow, including actions contrary to the law.


The person who received sponsorship. Money pours on him

We consolidate the success of our understanding, combine historical background and today. Yes, the reader understands everything correctly: the time has come for the explanatory dictionary. So, the meaning of the word "protege": "A person who uses someone's protection." Since the last noun hasn’t been discussed in detail here, it’s worth giving him a definition: “Patronage in the device somewhere, in promotion”. Of course, the meaning is obvious, but it is better to be convinced once again and to have a written confirmation.

Russian experience suggests that they usually promote their relatives or friends. And therefore skepticism towards this method. But it also happens (even in Russia) that a person is promoted not because he is someone’s friend or son, but because he is talented. And then there are sponsors and patrons that, with some stretch of stretch, the same can be considered a special case of patronage.Therefore, sometimes the question of what a protege is, suggests a simple answer: this is a person in need of help.

Genus - common

Both male and female as a symbol of the noun

There are words in Russian that do not have a clearly defined kind. They can be interpreted in both female and male key. It is these nouns that have the “common” genus. That is, their gender is dictated by context. In other words, the question of what kind of word protege suggests options. If the protégé is female, then she is “mine,” if masculine is “mine.” The word is wonderful, it is possible both. The confusion may come out if you call the boy “my protégé” and the girl “my protégé”, but it’s difficult to make such a mistake. The language itself will rise against such a perversion.

In conclusion, let us give words of a general kind (not all, of course), so that the reader has a presentation:

  • bully;
  • bore;
  • Sonya;
  • bungler;
  • wide open

Let's look at the number "5". If the reader is interested in the topic, he can search for information himself. We considered the question: “What is a protege?”, And our mission is completed.

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