What is an oxidizer and how is it used?

Many women like to regularly update the colorhair. In addition to the classic paint, it is necessary to use an oxidizer. This will give a rich tint. What is an oxidizer? It is necessary that the paint act on the hair and they acquire the desired tone. Without the use of an oxidizing agent, an excellent result will not be obtained.

what is an oxidizer

The most important substance is peroxidehydrogen, the content of which in the oxidizer may be different. Usually this figure is 1.8-12%. If the component is in the amount of up to 2%, then the makeup is gentle. The paint will not perform a long stain.

Types of oxidants

Several oxidants are added, containing 3, 6 and 9%. The funds are classified as classic:

  • With 3% it will turn out to dye hair in a natural shade, slightly to clarify or darken.
  • 6% peroxide will change the hair color to 2 tones, as well as color the gray hair, red tone.
  • What is an oxidizer with 9%? With the product you can paint over your hard hair, gray hair, you get a rich color.

Each package shows how much peroxidehydrogen. But do not absolutely rely on this data, because the effect can be different. Oxidizing agent is also used for flushing the paint, if the shade turned out to be unattractive.

Paint remover

What is an oxidizer for flushing? This is the same tool, only allows you to remove the ugly color. The concentration of the wash composition is greater than 12%. The product is applied to the curls of the comb, and after a certain time, you can wash them with shampoo.

oxidizer estelle

Often such a procedure should not be performed toDo not damage your hair. Oxidizing agent for paint is able to make strands dry. After staining, you need to use a balm that has a softening effect.


It is important to know not only what is an oxidizing agent,but also how it is used. Usually on the paint package it is indicated, in what proportions should the components be mixed. If the oxidizer for the hair is sold separately, then the tuba will indicate the rules of use. If you need a bright color, you need mixing in the same proportions. The number of components depends on the type of facility.

oxidizer for hair dye

Do not break proportions, otherwise it maylead to a negative result. When the oxidizer is contained in a smaller amount, the color does not turn out to be saturated. This will not hide the gray hair. A lot of paint leads to the fact that the hair becomes stiff. And the restoration lasts long enough. Without an oxidizing agent, it is also not worth using paint, since it does not work.

Rules of breeding

During the procedure, it is important not to harm the curls. And if they have been weakened before, then many recovery sessions are needed. To do everything right, it is necessary to competently interfere with the developer and paint. Please read the attached instructions first.

If there are oil components in the paint, then it is importantConsider that such products can not be used with peroxide. With the use of professional paints, it is necessary to check the skin for allergies. The finished product should be applied to the wrist, and then look at the reaction. In the case of folding, this composition is not suitable.

Oxidizer "Estel" has in the complete set ofinstructions, so you get a quality tool. To mix the components, it is advisable to use a plastic, ceramic or glass container. First add an oxidizer, and then paint. The components must be mixed thoroughly in order to obtain a homogeneous mass. It is better to use a special brush.

To get a quality mass forcoloring, you need to use the funds of one firm. If everything is done correctly, you will get a rich color. Adding other components is also not worth it, because the result is unpredictable.

Oxidizing agent for hair dye is desirable to takewith a peroxide content of 6-7.5%. You should choose 2 packs of paint, if the curls are long. Do not be sorry, because only then will a rich tone. But the brightest color will be if the composition contains an oxidizer and ammonia.

Features of choice

It is necessary to purchase the funds of one firm,because this will result in a qualitative result. Correctly calculated proportions, you will guess, and hair will find the desired shade. Means of different manufacturers can bring an unexpected result. You can purchase the components in the kit or separately.

hair oxidizer

It is necessary to check whether the color is suitable. It may differ slightly from the one on the packaging. It is important to find out the expiration date, because the expired product will not bring the desired result. As he can damage hair.

It is advisable to take funds of proven brands,which are used repeatedly. For the procedure, you need to purchase special tools, if they are not included. The integrity of the package must be maintained.

Cost and types of firms

The price of components is in the range 300-500rubles. Manufacturers who produce paint in the kit, sell components and separately. Some women find this convenient. One tool is often enough for 2 procedures.

oxidizer for paint

On sale there is a paint without ammonia "Matrix". With this tool will not get a rich tone, so it is used to maintain the hue. Matrix is ​​not suitable for painting gray hair. There is a professional paint "Selective", which has a rich palette. Paint "Estelle" also refers to a number of quality.

It is advisable to buy professional productsbrands. In this case, the hair retains a natural structure, and therefore they are damaged a little. Oxidizer "Matrix" costs about 700 rubles, and "Koutrin" - 500. Correctly chosen means will perfectly restore the hair color.

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