What is the Bonjour program, what is it for, how to remove?

Quite often, users of Windows systems find on their computers a small utility called Bonjour. What kind of Bonjour program, in principle, many people guess, especially those who are trying to remove it through the standard section of programs and components. It clearly states that the developer is Apple. But how so? After all, most of this application is not specifically installed on their terminals? About what this applet is, what it is for and how to get rid of it, then it will be discussed.

What is the Bonjour program?

Based on the fact that the developer is still a respected company in the world, for a start we will consider what this applet was created for. The program itself is a kind of universal bridge for providing communication between “apple” devices, for example, when computers or mobile devices are connected to television panels (a kind of bridge).

AirPort Express Console

Its main purpose is to timely identify all connected network devices using AirPort Express or Time Capsule wireless technologies.In addition, it provides the ability to use voice and video chats, not to mention the general access, say, to the music store. On what makes the program Bonjour in Windows-systems, let us dwell a little more. But first, let's consider the most important question that interests all users, without exception, related to how the application is installed in the system, because many people have no idea about this.

How does the application penetrate Windows?

It is clear that none of the Windows users specifically installs this applet into the system. And why on the computer with the Microsoft system to keep the "apple" software product? No sense from him.

It turns out that there is a sense, but more on that later. What is the Bonjour program in terms of the installation process? As it turns out, the actual installation of the application is activated at the moment when other Apple software is installed on the Windows terminals. This can be explained with the simplest example. Let's say you have a computer or laptop with Windows on board, and a mobile device of the brand iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is clear that if you connect any of them via USB or via Wi-Fi in terms of device recognition, there will be no result.In this case, you need to install the latest version of the software iTunes, and it is adapted specifically for Windows. You start the installation process and wait for completion.

Install iTunes

In the background, more programs are being installed, including Bonjour. Why do you need a program on Windows-based devices? It’s quite simple to understand if you look at its main capabilities in terms of ensuring synchronization between devices and hosts.

Quicktime platform

Here is another point. The fact is that some software packages, especially virtual and recording studios or sequencers, not to mention VST, RTAS, DX or AU plug-in formats, require the QuickTime platform installed in the system, which includes the same-name player and is Apple . The same Avid Pro Tools studio, originally designed to work exclusively on Mac OS X, is easily installed on Windows today, but with the condition of having the specified bridge.

What is the program for?

The fact that the application synchronizes all wireless devices is understandable. However, its purpose is to fully automate such processes.

AppleTV Prefix

For example, if you use the AppleTV console and try to connect to it from a mobile device (or Windows computer), and also transfer the image to the TV panel,you do not need to go into any additional settings, search for and identify available devices, etc. This applet will do everything on its own, and you will only need to activate the connection.

What is Bonjour still for? In addition, the application supports Ethernet networks based on TCP / IP protocols, which is the key to compatibility of different devices with different operating systems (Internet access protocols may differ in different systems, but DNS names remain the same).

Bonjour: what is this program, can I delete it or not?

In principle, the original application occupies not so much space on the hard disk. The question of whether to remove the Bonjour program has a dual solution. If you do not use Apple devices for wireless connections, then why not?

In this case, the application at least turns out to be not only useless, but also completely undesirable. The same, by the way, applies to situations with music studios and editors. Here it is not absolutely necessary, since in this case we are not talking about any synchronization at all.Therefore, uninstalling the program, at least for Windows-based systems, can be completely painless (this will not affect their performance in any way).

But when using the same mobile devices that are meant to transmit an image or establish communication with smart panels, which in a sense can be called incompatible devices, it is better not to touch the program.

How to make removal in the standard way?

What a program Bonjour, sorted out. Now a few words about the practical methods of removing this application.

Uninstall bonjour

The easiest way is to use the standard program and component section, which can be accessed from the “Control Panel”. From the list, select the application you are looking for and perform a standard uninstall procedure.

Removing remnants in the registry or in the "Explorer" is recommended only by a method that involves searching by the name of the original applet, and not by the developer (as well as other programs can be demolished). However, you can use a simpler method.

Alternative method

An alternative way is to use uninstallers like iObit Uninstaller.

IObit Uninstaller

That's just unlike typical situations, here you need to take into account one main nuance: from the list of installed software, you need to select the Bonjour application and just delete it, then, if a powerful scan is launched, get rid of only those registry keys, files and folders that directly contains the name of the removed applet. Otherwise, you risk even demolishing iTunes, not to mention the studios and plugins described above.

The consequences of removal: is it all bad?

In principle, there is nothing wrong with removing this applet, especially if its capabilities are simply unclaimed. Whether the Bonjour program is needed is another question. It all depends on whether the user uses devices that are incompatible with each other and running under different operating systems. And by and large, the application can not touch.

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