What is drift?

So, first, let's define what isdrift. This word (English drift) is also called drifting - in other words, it is a controlled drift of a car at a very high speed with the demolition of the rear axle of the wheels. Most fans of drifting can be found in Japan.

A little bit about drifting

Drift is also a type of carSports, which consists in a special technique of passing corners. Similar turns are made at significant speeds, but this is not so fast, as an entertaining way of passing them. The driver rides with the car's front wheels constantly turned to the trajectory of motion, thus, when turning, the skid is divided into two parts: radial and tangential.

  • The first (radial) helps to hold the auto on the curve and is parallel to it.
  • The second (tangential) performs the motion due to the fact that it is tangent to the trajectory.

Other examples of using the word drift

Drift is a noun, in translation fromEnglish can mean "flow, direction, travel, moving somewhere." In English, this concept often accompanies other words. For example, cloud-drift - floating clouds, snow-drift - snow drift.

Now you know what drift is, and we also recommend reading the article How to learn how to drift. It describes in detail the technique of passing corners and gives recommendations to beginner drifters.

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